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Models for female players
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It is 2013. The game should have female player models. It's just a reflection of reality. There are female soldiers and there are female players.


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Please go away. This is not a "Major" issue and if you can't read it says clearly states that not all the content is in the game. I personally don't think it's worth the extra time modeling rigging and adding new animations just for females when that could be time spent on other things. A reflection of reality is you would very rarely ever see a female on combat missions.

While I agree that this might not be a "Major" issue, I don't understand the argument saying that we would very rarely see a female in a combat situation. Not only this is not true as there are many examples of women taking part in battles throughout history, but women are now in the military. Futhermore, the game takes place in the future, I think it's therefore reasonable to imagine that women are now fully accepted in the military.

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Poor sexist, I'm agree with the vote, female model is necessary.

This is not a bug. You are in the wrong forum.

I don't think women are sent on combat missions, it's not really something necessary of even wanting since it's only a character model.

What would you gain which you wouldn't from the current characters?

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There should be a possibility to report "issues" like this. This is pure and simple trolling, start looking for real problems in the game or get lost.

This isn't a "Major" issue, its not game breaking and all the content hasn't been added. Period. Wrong forum, wrong severity category.

Can Bohemia please paste a huge honking message on their Mantis? Some people don't know what "bug database" means.

You are not here to suggest new content. You are here to test existing content. End of story. Stop with these. (This includes people who comment with "Oh it's alpha stop whining." Again, it's a BUG DATABASE.)

If I recall right, not many countries send women to the front lines. They mainly defend and upkeep the military bases.

Voting up as if it encourages more females to play then good. Not like women cant do things men cant anyhow.

Related to this one:

This website is not JUST for bugs, it is also for Feature Requests.

I love the idea of having females in the game. It would be nice to hear a female saying like "Enemy Sniper 100m South" or something like that.

There is a severity "feature", use it the next time.

I think it would be a good idea to have female models in the game because there is an increase of women in the military and there also more and more female gamers.


when you want female models, mod it into the game yourself or wait for an addon to come out.

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Wouldn't be suprised if the Female soldier models were brought back via modding such as in ArmA 2.

Yes there are female soldiers, they are just being allowed to enlist in combat here in the US, regardless it dosen't make a big difference to gameplay & in the overall sense with how immature the community can be, it'll be abused on a large scale. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

After reading some comments "Females are now in the military". They have been in the military for years.

On an end not, i'd rather not see people running around in multiplayer stripping as females, etc. Seen enough of that in MMOs.

So because it might be abused (abused how?), it shouldn't be in?

If some asshole wants to screw a game up he'll find a way, female models or not. And somehow you're fine if they're running around in underwear as males. Double standards much?

Posted in another female-model thread and I'll summarize it here:

99% of players are men. It's not worth the development time to add something so few would use. If you want it that badly then mod it in yourself.

If you're going to add women make them weaker and have them carry less gear. That way, nobody will want to play with women in battle, just like real life.

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Hope you guy understand that BI considered this before this issues was even posted and that one should not jump to a conclusion.

Below is me browsing the ArmA 3 config viewer and showing that women animations are in the game.

This is an Alpha which means that the developer is gonna have to start somewhere. They decided no to include women models and etc. That means that other content has take an more important stance in the development process. What you should get from reading this is that Women are gonna be in Arma 3. Weather BI adds them to the alpha asap is up to them. Let us please concentration on the important issues that are important to the core gameplay(weather its related to models or not).

Clark, I don't think anyone expects women not to be in the game, what people are asking is for them to be able to actually carry a weapon and be a regular soldier in MP unlike in arma 2.

Female soldiers would be nice, indeed.

Female models aren't really needed.
The time could be used on more important things.

And honestly, only 1-5% (maybe) are female that play this game.
The rest that would play female characters are people that just wants to watch "ass".
And the voices would sound horrible.