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Stuck running
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It is possible to make your character lock himself in an automatic running movement that can only be cancelled by switching weapons or by using other actions.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Assume an upright standing stance.
  2. Lower your weapon.
  3. Move forwards at normal run/jog speed.
  4. Bring up your ironsights while running forward.
Additional Information

You can cancel the condition by hitting your vault key (default 'V').

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Same happens on walking speed, but it is "fixable" by bringing the sights up a couple of times while pressing S (back) to stop the movement.

Asaob added a subscriber: Asaob.May 7 2016, 10:48 AM
Asaob added a comment.Mar 6 2013, 10:02 PM

it happened me once, but i cant have the controll back. I tried the iron sight, so as tapping the s button without any effect. Also try to tapping ctrl twice so as c button.

I find it happens coming out of the map a lot. Weapon is auto lowered when in map then come back into the game and when you are moving forward hitting iron sights causes the auto run.

I've had this happen a few times. It's not entirely consistent when it happens, though.

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Happened with me also. Think it's when I press a button while running (forget which, though, maybe raise/lower weapon or something).

Alex72 added a subscriber: Alex72.May 7 2016, 10:48 AM

CTRLx2 to lower weapon wile walking can get you into this problem. Press "V" or right mouse to bring scope up or change weapons can fix it. Definitely an animation/controls bug atm.

I think it's not a bug.

iz71 added a comment.Mar 30 2013, 6:13 PM

I dont think so

It is a bug if it just happens by itself without you directly commanding that action to take place, it should be fixed.

This is some sort of "action backlog" that accumulates by rapidly lowering / raising your weapon. Even when you do it once while walking forward your character will continue a few paces before stopping.

Ruins the fluidity of movement.

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Confirmed. Can reproduce every time.

Same as DayGlow, Happens when I leave my Map. I fix this by Opening Action Menu (Middle Mouse) and Changing to my sidearm. This forces a stop animation and weapon change regaining control of the character.

Very similar to loosing a network connection on some other older multiplayer games. Packets would drop, causing the player to be stuck within whatever walk mode they were in before being dropped.

Similar to what Phalanx stated above, an "action backlog" takes place or whatever.

Anyways, based on age and irritating factor of this, would imagine this is fixed already, or will be within the future.

I can confirm this, happens to me mostly in multiplayer when I bring up than exit the map.

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Using the map does not cause this bug, it is just another means to take you to step 2 of the repro steps, as using the map automatically lowers the players weapon (#3893)

Found this last night: if you lower your weapon and walk forward, right-clicking to go to optics puts you into a permanent walking forward action that is difficult to get out of.

Yes. This happens to us ALL THE TIME!!

Nick75 added a subscriber: Nick75.May 7 2016, 10:48 AM

Same thing happens occasionally with me. This is definitely a bug.

puTuq added a subscriber: puTuq.May 7 2016, 10:48 AM

Very annoying and happens every time I aim down sights by accident, while running with my rifle pointing down. And since the only quick-fix I found for this is to sit down, or use that animation binded to V I'm forced to jog slowly while bullets are flying around my ear, or die trying to break this animation to sprint.

Please check whether this still exists. I was unable to address this issue.

I get some oddity when placing the weapon in the backpack, and continue playing throughout the game as a pilot. At times and upon hopping out of the aircraft while injured, the middle mouse menu disappears and I'm sometimes stuck in a walk/run mode.

Unknown if this has been addressed within the past week or so. Unknown if this is caused by additional modules being used on the servers running developer branch. :-/

Switching to your pistol was the fix for me.

it seems to happen only in Combat pace.

  1. Enable Combat pace (C)
  2. Lower weapon (2xCTRL)
  3. Press and hold W to move forward
  4. Press Optics while moving (RMB)

Yup. I usually see this with flying as pilot.

Do the above by putting the rifle in your backpack and getting into the aircraft at combat pace with weapon lowered or in backpack. Upon getting out of the aircraft, you'll find yourself within a glitching stuck in run or other oddity.

Another maybe related bug, enter the chopper as pilot while the map is open. Upon disabling the map, you'll find your view centered on your crotch. This latter bug is still persistent within the Beta version.

Cannot reproduce this bug. RMB has no visual effect while jogging however 2xctrl to bring weapon up results in immediate switch to ADS after.

Seems much of this might have been eleviated within the latest developer versions?

I didn't notice anything within the Change Logs. :-/

Vespa added a comment.Jul 30 2013, 1:32 PM

Couldn't reproduce anymore. If reappears, pls assign to me again.

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