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Ocean floor is clearly visible from just beneath the water surface.
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When in the ocean, you can see underwater, like you can see on land. There is 0 visibility loss. This happens when half of the camera was water, the other half outside of water.

Basically, your vision is in between the waves/ocean, and the upper environment (land, surface, etc). {F16908} {F16909} {F16910} {F16911} {F16912}


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  1. Get in water
  2. Get deep enough (just has to be so camera can be submerged enough)
  3. Move the camera so that half of the screen is water | Other half is surface
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           ABOVE WATER

LOOK HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<



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Probably the name is a bit misleading but the subjekt is really important so one up from me.

I have seen many game with underwater view got this kind of problem,even in ArmA and ArmA2.

Confirmed. Seems to be a problem with many other games as well.

This is rather annoying and ought to be fixed. It kills the otherwise very nice looking effects of swimming.

possibly a way to overcome this problem is by creating a transition as exists when enters inside a vehicle but I'm not a dev to say this will work.

the game endless ocean uses this method

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Edited title for clarity.

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BIS needs to up a height limit for when the new fog settings are getting applied so you get everything fogged when the water is at lower position on a screen.

Still an issue. After 5 months of having been reported. Yay.

Very immersion-breaking and also easy abusable in PVP.
I wouldn't call it "minor".

In picture 00003.jpg you can clearly see I am even under the water not in between.

any news on that one?

Unfortunately, many games have this, including the other armas, and battlefield 4. It would be nice to see it fixed, but if it is too formidable a bug to be fixed quickly, than I would much prefer if BI turned their attention to more important things.

Still exists in 1.48. :/

Has been fixed recently.

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