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Bullet-in-chamber accounting
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When you do a tactical reload (i.e. you reload before you shot out your last round), you are supposed to have a bullet left in the chamber.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Shoot a few rounds e.g. with the default rifle; note the initial rounds count, which is 30.
  • Reload before the mag is empty
  • Round count is 30 again, but should be 31 because a bullet remains in the chamber
Additional Information
NOTE: Remember that MGs do not expose this, since any bullets left are removed along with the bullet chain.

If this is implemented, please make it configurable. Not all weapons work the same way.

A reload/ejection movement (key binding) is also needed to eject the last bullet from the gun (e.g. SD ammo or tracers), which might be leftover from a different magazine after a tactical reload.

If you go even more realisic, include the requirement of pulling back the lever/carriage or to release it (depending on the weapon) after reloading when shot out, but this could be automatic (routine of the soldier).

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MaHuJa added a comment.Mar 6 2013, 2:34 AM

There's one additional problem to avoid; the chambered round should be of the type of the magazine it was loaded from. E.g. if you tactical reload from tracer rounds to normal rounds, the chambered round should not magically turn into a plain round.

And then you have the possibility that they didn't want to fire that type of round - that typically being the reason they switched.

Robot added a subscriber: Robot.May 7 2016, 10:43 AM
Robot added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 6:58 AM

It would be a shame if ArmA didn't have this feature. UPVOTE

I support this, but MeHuJa made a good point there. We also need a "eject bullet currently in chamber" mechanism (cannot be too hard to implement).

Jere added a subscriber: Jere.May 7 2016, 10:44 AM
Jere added a comment.Mar 9 2013, 7:19 AM

Also support this for more realistic feeling

This would be a great feature to have and for the "eject" feature something like double tap "Reload" would do a quick pull back to get bullet from old mag out and first from new mag in..

I agree, this NEEDS to be put into ArmA 3. Another thing to note, in addition to belt-fed machine guns, all open-bolt operated weapons will also not have a round in chamber, this mistake has been made in other games that have this feature.

must be a bug, was in the previous games... also are we missing a proper "put round in chamber" animation if magazine was empty?

SmallBlackSheep, you are mistaken. This has not been in any of the previous games.

oh ok, mustve been another game then :(

This sounds like an amazing idea. VOTE-UP.

It would be a bitch in some situations (the next round is a different time) and they would have to add additional config to all weapons but I guess it would be a cool, if almost unknown and unused feature.

GT500 added a subscriber: GT500.May 7 2016, 10:44 AM
GT500 added a comment.Apr 1 2013, 11:50 PM

This is something I liked about the original Call of Duty. Reload before emptying your magazine, and you don't lose the bullet that's still in the chamber, and the animation did not include pulling back the bolt on the weapon (there's no need to cycle the first round in the magazine into the firing chamber when there's already a round in there).

From i saw the rifle animations in MX are wrong for a bullet-in-chamber accounting,
only pistol animation its correct in a tactical reload

jovan added a subscriber: jovan.May 7 2016, 10:44 AM
jovan added a comment.Apr 14 2013, 4:37 AM

+1 for not only being a great idea, but it would make the game more realistic.

Updated ticket according to discussion.

Tall order but up voted because it would be even more realistic thus awesome. :)

Another duplicate of this is #2265

+1 to what meansoap said. That could be used for bolt action too..

Even BF3 has it and BF3 should be in no aspect more realistic than Arma, at least I think so...

Definitely one of the first things I noticed when playing the alpha. Their animations in general are pretty wrong. Strangely, even though Battlefield 3 is a very unrealistic game, their reload animations are spot on. They use some fairly advanced reload animations in that game. I'm 100% positive they hired someone with significant firearm knowledge to perform those animations because they use some methods some fairly experienced shooters don't even know about. I hate to say this since I know ARMA III is not anything like Battlefield, but in terms of reload animations every shooter needs to take a look at their animations and try to duplicate them because they actually got that aspect completely correct...

Just to clear some points up.

  1. Automatic weapons need an initial chambered round to be able to reload the contents of a magazine automatically.
  1. An expended magazine uses all of the rounds, so loading a new magazine means that a round must first be chambered (cocked) before firing.
  1. A tactical reload means changing the magazine before it is expended. Therefore satisfying number one, and avoiding the added cocking time of number two.
  1. No rounds are lost with the current system, they magically get removed from the weapon and reloaded into the magazine when it's removed.
  1. Because of number four, No round is left chambered, we are returned to to number two, and a longer time to reload is the result.
  1. Taking a 30 round magazine as an example, a combination of number one and number three means we should have a full magazine plus one chambered (31 rounds) and a weapon ready for firing immediately.

Animations have nothing to do with this issue apart from the complete magazine change and re-cocking is played every time which in itself increases the time before the weapon is ready to fire.


Well, to be more specific, for #1, that's only for closed bolt automatic weapons. For open bolt automatic weapons like most true machine guns, that isn't the case. Also, for #2, most modern weapons have a device called a bolt hold open that activates automatically after the last round is fired. The only company who cannot seem to figure this out is HK. Obviously their 416 is an exception, but that's based on the AR platform which already had that feature designed into it, so it's not like HK developed it... So for the most part, in the case of a reload after firing all of the ammo, you don't need to "cock" the weapon before firing it, you just need to drop the bolt after inserting a new magazine.

But anyway, yes, I understand where you're getting at with your points. I wish they fix this problem before the game is released...

Yeah it's more realistic, but by the sounds of it, this is pretty unimportant on the to-do list... but by all means, once other issues are sorted, implement this too.


In a game where realism is the focus and one shot can mean the difference between killing someone and not, yes, one bullet is VERY important. I load all my weapons with +1 in the chamber for this reason.

I'd love to sit there and eject all my cartridges with that key bind you talked about and if that was implemented, they could implement a simple weapon jamming system in which you have to press that key once or twice to unjam it!

I was genuinely amazed to find out Arma 3 didn't support this. This is something so critical to a game which emphasizes realistic gameplay. It's not even like it's a slightly minuscule element to weapons, it's huge and simply denying it like Arma 3 currently does is to deny the physics behind how weapons work.

Up-voted and hope to see this implemented before the game is released.

Up-voted. I think that ideally, this would be paired with making cocking the weapon a separate action, so that there's no problem when you want to reload a different kind of ammo.
Also, a different, faster animation should be substituted if you've got no rounds left in the mag. At least with an M-16-style mag release, you may push the mag release with your trigger finger while reaching for a new mag with your other hand. If you're discarding the mag, this makes things faster.

Bump, this simple thing STILL is not fixed in the beta... I thought this should be a simple fix...

Soon, dear Mustang... Soon...

I'd love to hear the reason for the 5 people who voted this down. Apparently they think there must be a magical way that the bullet disappears from the chamber when you load a new magazine...

Next thing I suppose you would want option to add that extra round that got left in the chamber back to magazine, since you will have many mags missing 1 round after tactical reloads. Useless feature tons of work. As for reloading animations, someone needs to slap bis devs hard. A bolt action rifle magically chambers another round? Just LOL!

Useless feature? Oh, look at the name, killzone kid. I guess if you get all that you know from a video game, it'll result in comments like these...

And it's such a difficult thing to do that many games already have this feature that don't even attempt to be realistic. Those devs must have magical powers I guess...

How is this NOT in the final game? One of the most voted features are never accepted. Before you say "it would be hard" it wouldn't at all. Just a single bullet in the chamber isn't hard.

DemonMustang/dovafox, well the problem is that the engine must be re-written at many sensitive points and lots will probably break first. There is probably simply not the time and personnel to do such a rewrite.

If BI had a green field (e.g. new engine) to begin with, then I would agree with you two.

And there's much more to it than just a single bullet, as I made clear in the original post.

It would require a taskforce of *dedictated* people such as:

  • One top encoder
  • One top programmer

Eventually they need assistance from:

  • One controls specialist
  • One animation specialist/artist (new animations)
  • One multiplayer coder
  • One AI coder

All would require QA to re-evaluate functions from every weapon affected in SP and in MP, when used by players and AI, iteratively.

This would just make the game more complicated than it already is.. :(

your proposal is good, but no more important than a bullet in a bedroom things, just give positive

At least, if all those high wished features wont be added by you, give Modders the Opportunity to.

Yup The modders will do it then they say they cant which is sad

upvoted, hope we will see it in future arma games.
Together with this, magazine repack could be implemented.
This feature is nothing that drives me crazy, but it would be nice to see :)

why it still don't have any progress while 'Marksman' DLC just came up already, really hate to playing with toy gun in realistic simulation game

They do actually separate when rounds complete and not complete if you complete the rounds the rifle like mx bolt charged back and the chamber is open just like any of AR15, if round is not complete the rifle chamber stay closed

however the point is they don't separate hand animation, they push bolt release button even rounds are not complete, this thing also need to fixed

I fully support!

I'm waiting for this 2 years not counting alpha and beta periods. I would understand if a similar situation was in some sort of child, low-budget, third-rate, shitty game from unknown novice developers. But for ARMA 3, serious military simulator, it's just a shame (especially when you consider that in this kind of game, the first thing that needs to be reconstituted with 100% certainty). If developers do not want to fix it, then at least added to the game this mod , pre-finish it. Sorry, boiling.

And please sorry for grammar, I used a translator.

BIS has commented on this in the past.

In the OPREP for the Marksmen DLC, they stated the following on bullet-in-chamber:

'This was another topic that we brought up in the pre-production of Marksmen DLC. However, there is one simple fact that we can't be oblivious to: weapons in Arma are merely 'shapes'. That means they contain no information about the magazine or ammunition in them. The implementation of such feature would require vast amount of time and effort and - since we already planned big features that you can enjoy (deployment, recoil overhaul, resting, audio overhaul and some basic changes to suppression) - we put the effort and gain to scales and decided to postpone this feature. Much like windage, it is not impossible to do, but again, the balance of effort to value was very disproportional - so we made a decision.'

I think it would be very nice to have this system, but I don't think it will be in Arma3.