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Larger compass
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The compass is too small to read/viably be used for reporting contact via degrees as is common practice.


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Play in any mode with a compass available, hold the compass button & attempt to read the numbers.

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Agreed, it's even harder to read the mils on the outer ring.

Yep stupidly small cant read it at all have to get close to screen to see any thing

I wholeheartedly agree, ACE 2 nailed the amount of zoom perfectly. But even better would be a keybind or slider in the options to set the compass size yourself to suit your needs.

As of now I can't give accurate bearings, I rely on using North, East, South and West to give an estiamte bearing which is less than ideal.

Playing 24in monitor and at 1080p the compass numbers are nigh impossible to read unless you stick your face near the monitor for a few secs to read them even then its hard.

A larger compass or a more zoomed in feature would be greatly appreciated please devs.

If a digital readout would be added i think that would be good for the numbers while the compass as is NESW would be adaquate to use for general direction without numbers which would be relied upon by digi reader.

Agreed, either that or make it zoomable.

Yep, I also thought ACE got it right.

You can almost gauge the bearing just by looking at where the compass is pointing, though, like if a target was WNW it might be at bearing 290. No use for accurate readings of course, just some workaround advice.

On a similar note, I loved the watch in Arma 2, and I have no idea why it was replaced with Arma 3's watch.

Indeed, we need an increased compass size. Degrees are really hard to see.
In the middle of a fight you shouldn't spend additional time trying to tell one digit from another.

Compass is tied to interface size.
Bigger interface = bigger compass.

Not a bug, just bad in-game settings

That is incorrect kid. I just went ingame went to sp infantry mission and looked at the compass with default small interface and then the largest interface size and the compass was the same size. Remember we are talking about the k key compass not the white circled NESW thing that pops up.

Did you restart ArmA3 ? In order to apply different interface sizes on every menu you need to restart the game (was the same in ArmA2)

+1 MulleDK19

That's exactly what happens after SkeeterUK restarts the game with a larger interface size :)

Well if that does work which i havent checked but ill go with it cos of the pic then perhaps we can encourage the devs to impliment that sized compass into the small (default) interface setting instead then?

I'm currently running on 1920x1080 with interface sized at small and i can read just fine the degrees on the compass.

Also make sure that both your resolution and rendering resolution is the same!

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That's really just a work around root, this is to get it to be larger by default.

IMO It shouldn't be tied to the user interface.

Maybe a separate size setting for _INGAME_ UI elements such as compass and watch would be a solution.

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What if you could just hold down the modify key (left ctrl) and scrolled while compass is toggled?

Would be better to just have a slider in the options to increase it's size or by default make it bigger & accessible by the player.

Then again there's also the option of instead of it appearing on my screen like magic animating it on the player. ie. My character holds it up to look at it.

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I personally think the compass needs an animation. Where you look at it in your hand.

Also would really like a DIFFERENT compass. This compass takes up to much of the screen as it is.

The numbers are too small, and hard to read. I need to lean in to my monitor to see it.

So I think the best thing would be, a new compass with bigger numbers, that doesn't take up as much space with an animation that you actually LOOK at a compass, like you use binoculars.

Feel free to make another ticket for crisper/clearer compass with animations.

For crying out loud, yes, make it happen, can't see my baring or degrees!

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fixed in the Dev Version

Fixed? Are you kidding me? Now it's impossible to see anything BUT the compass, regardless of settings <.<

Would be nice to have a compass like in ACE Mod

That's the idea space...

"Fixed? Are you kidding me? Now it's impossible to see anything BUT the compass, regardless of settings <.< "(MulleDK19)

It's better than bevor, but the size is now a little bit to large.

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How about a zoom option, like the way hold right-mouse-button works (minus breath holding). It will keep the compass realistically away from your face, but allow you to take a closer look when you wish.

Just tested the dev:

The new size is perfect - thats exactly what you wanna see when you wanna look at the compass.

You can aim it and read the numbers without a problem :)

Now we need the map tools

They need to make it smaller and move it out of the way of your fucking aim.

aim while looking at the compass? (insert genius meme)

No offense but its much important to be able to easilly see the bearing than anything else. You should only look briefly at the compass, and as in real life, while you are looking at your compass ... why would you need to aim your weapon? lulz.

Maybe the perfect solution an scale slider/selector just as you can choose the GUI size. But as i said i would never see a problem having the compass to big, its never big enough! :)

You don't put it back in your pocket all the time in real life when you need to navigate.

well it pops up immediatly when you press the compass key, thats not much of putting something back in a pocket. it's more like not looking at it and looking at it - like you wanna have.

Last I checked you'd never try to hold up a compass and read it while shooting at someone.

Compass has been resized in the latest DEV build.
This issue will then be solved as soon as default branch update will be released

Thank you. I Definitely vote this up. We have complained about the compass size frequently.

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Kid18120: Is there any screenshot available of that?

I can take a ss as soon as i'm back home tonight. I'll post it in this issue

As promised in the previous comment, here's the screenshot with the new compass (resized) from DEV build. I'm not sure if this tweak went live with yesterday default branch patch.

[Posting link because of max files size limit]

The SS has been taken on a 1920x1080 resolution, all settings on ULTRA (except ATOC and Antialiasing that are diabled) with interface size: Small

That's an improvement I suppose.

Would be great if they made the numbers light up at night & a little more clear, unless that's just the lighting.

I'm not 100% sure but i think the numbers are bright at night time like it was in ArmA2.

In my screenshot there's too much light to "trigger" the bright night version and too dark (it's the sunrise and i'm facing the sun) to read them like in plain daylight.

Anyways you just need to look a bit down so the sunlight hits your compass and it's lighten up by the sun itself (how it was in A2!)

I think this is fixed now.

Wouldn't know till I can run the game myself.

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Not so much. It's hard to read the numbers. Most of the time when they aren't in the light, which is a lot of the time for me.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

You can monitor this issue's progress here #462