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Getting stuck in rocks.
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Very easy to get stuck in rocks in the "steal the car mission". Pressing V will get me into the rocks and sometimes I will clip through them. This also happens in the infantry missions. Rocks/cliffs are not solid it would seem and I also run into invisible walls when scaling these "obstacles". A small jump key might be needed? I also got stuck in rocks in the infantry mission on one occasion. {F16826}


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Just walk around rocks and cliffs and you will get stuck soon enough.

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I experienced this with vehicles as well. The vehicles would ride over some boulders without touching their face. Others would allow the vehicle to sink into it. The area that I was messing around in was around the Spartan shield. The rock that allowed my vehicle to sink into it was close to the docks at the village near the Spartan shield.

I've also noticed this. In addition: I seem to get stuck regularly while using the "step-over" key around rocks.

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Inserted with scuba gear to shore, we decided to climb a small barrier of rocks andnin seconds we got sucked up into the rocks.

Spamming V for 5 min finally got me out

Looks like it. But frosty submitted his first.

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Worked well in the scuba mission, although character, stands even though crouched :(

This could be fixed by allowing he character to climb with control v or something! This is one of he first bugs i noticed and it still not considered high priority enough to the devs! Seriously a climb would be much better for obstacles. It would be nice to see a sand barrier and no be like oh dang i gotta go around to where people are firing at me. The step over only good for very small things before here is crazy clipping!

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

A great place to get stuck in the rocks is on the Agia Marina bay break wall!

It has some caverns underneath or within the large rip rap of the break wall!

Players can become trapped and killing themselves also becomes quite difficult due to graphics anomalies. (I was far out on the break wall near the tip where you can walk from the side walk onto the rocks. I've yet to experiment within other areas of the break wall, but would imagine divers may experience more difficulty within this area.)

this was a big issue in Arma 2 as well one that my friends and I got very turned off to the game by.

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There's also dangerous trap containers where you may get trapped inside by accident. Door is closed but you slip trough it.

this is why you need hop over default action

MP4-18: You can easily reproduce getting stuck within the shipping containers by parking a vehicle or aircraft next to one, and pressing the exit key, causing exiting into the inside of a shipping container. (I noticed the great efforts put forth for 3D detailing the inside of the shipping containers, even though they have no hinged doors!)

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Glitchy rocks have been fixed, broken, fixed, broken for years now.

This happen to me also in default BIS missions,Multiplayer,Singleplayer,custom missions,my missions, any missions.

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Agreed. Happened in Arma 2 also.
Really annoying - rocks are like jelly ?!
AI also cant interact with them if their walkable.

The most annoying thing about getting "stuck in rocks" is that, in a sequential tasks mission, one can be 90% complete with the mission and get stuck in a rock. Hours of game play end in failure because getting stuck means RESTARTING the mission from the beginning. THIS REALLY DOES SUCK.