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DayZ 1.23.156797 EXP failure to connect 0x00020009
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Uploaded new 1.23 exp & tried to log in to DayZ EU - DE 8350 (Exp)
DayZ failed to log in

tried other servers, including Livonia, same issue
Deleted exp & reloaded - same issue


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Goods added a comment.EditedOct 5 2023, 7:18 PM

Same issue here

Cannot join experimental servers, but 1.22 servers were fine

Also having the same issue, Tried to join both Community and official servers, same result

So I just watched someone change servers, instantly connected. Went back to the server they were playing, Connected..

Maybe an issue with profile cached locally??

Can’t log in to any of the servers on experimental.

Update: I was able to join a EU server (it moved my saved geared character to the coast) but still cannot join any US servers afterwards, I heard that might have been a quick fix, but no so for me, will try other EU servers to test!

Same, still no fix?? I've tried over 10 different Community and Official No luck, no updates?

Goods added a comment.Oct 5 2023, 9:56 PM

I spammed joined about 20-30 times and eventually mine worked. Haven't logged out yet to see if I can get straight back in

WeirdXone added a subscriber: WeirdXone.EditedOct 5 2023, 11:14 PM

restarted the PC and it worked.

EDIT: not working anymore. Yesterday, the only official server I could join had a red server icon for desync. Then I joined a community one. Now not even that one works. I can't join anything...

Happening on console community servers, not just exp. Ps5, community server. Have reset console and tried to switch to alt. Other community servers still work fine.

aux7 added a comment.Oct 6 2023, 7:32 AM

trying to connect this morning . . .going through my rpt & log files under local



Dont know if this helps .. .

Geez changed the task status from New to Acknowledged.Oct 6 2023, 9:58 AM
Geez added a subscriber: M1NDR.

I have this issue too as well as a number of players trying out Exp 1.23 (but don't use the tracker...) this is both official and community Exp servers

For me I tried reinstalling EXP, PC restart, router restart, clearing out the DayZ Exp profile files and Steam verify integrity including changing by Steam download region... none of that helped.

What did happen is after many many join attempts (i'd estimate 60-70) I did eventually join an official Exp 1.23 server and was able to play for 1hr+ when I left I tried to rejoin the same server within 1min and got the same error connection issue again.

Hopefully that helps a little..

I run Windows 10 (fully patched) with high PC hardware specs fyi, the usual Windows Defender AV nothing out of the ordinary

I tried joining de 3536 and got that error at first attempt, clicked on server's and found that server again and managed to join with no issues.
The official had only around 20-30 and seemed to be stuck at 32-34 pop.
During the 30 min I played there was orange and red server icon and gameplay seemed a bit laggy.
So I decided to try the community server's and they seemed to be doing better with no server icons and had over 40 player's on.
Never got the connection error on them either.

Later on I tried the de 3536 and got only the connection error, tried over 60 times, never managed to get into that server and the server pop showed 32 to 34 pop all the time.

Got into the official first-person Livonia on first go that had 0 pop at that moment and lower pop 3rd person as well.

Seemed to me for de 3536 official that when population was around 32-34 it was nearly impossible to join.

kinz added a subscriber: kinz.Oct 6 2023, 12:02 PM
Husky added a subscriber: Husky.Oct 6 2023, 1:38 PM

Same connection error as most people , in your dayz exp 1.23 tweet you mentioned full wipe across all exp servers , currently DE3536 1st person official exp has not recieved a wipe although im grateful for still having my loot im unsure if this is related to the connection issue .

Trucko added a subscriber: Trucko.Oct 7 2023, 12:31 AM
Reef_OR added a subscriber: Reef_OR.Oct 7 2023, 3:43 AM

Yep same here Sydney Chernarus server stuck at 2 or 3 pop but can't join.

jungle_dave added a subscriber: jungle_dave.EditedOct 7 2023, 5:31 AM

Having this same issue since yesterday when I first started trying to join EXP. Also tried on community servers with same result. Tried all official regions and various community servers with varying levels of ping

same issue on community server.

Beav added a subscriber: Beav.Oct 7 2023, 11:24 AM

Same on my end. Manage to occasionally get into Official servers, but there is a red server icon,

Can occasionally get into community servers

Not had any luck what so ever joining any EXP server (official or community) since 1.23 dropped. 0x00020009 error or 0x00010001 every time.

VidKo added a subscriber: VidKo.Oct 7 2023, 1:11 PM

Having the same issue.

It worked for my by joining through the In-game launcher. Try that.

I am having the same issue

It worked for my by joining through the In-game launcher. Try that.

Does not work for me. I can't join any servers in any way on current exp.

cannot join any official EXP servers. Of note, I created a local LAN server and connect to it on LAN, but not public IP. I've created many servers, so this should be no different.

Same issue as above posters. either 20009 or 10001. Community servers have not been a issue, just official. Can you kill my character and see if having a fresh homie solves it? i would rather play then not.

Still getting this error on ALL Official AU and SG Experimental Servers.
Two Community servers are allowing me to load in intermittently but after a restart it may throw up the Connecting Failed 20009 error. Sometimes I'm able to switch between the two community servers from in game server browser, but then I cannot switch back to the previous one without the error.

Same issue been trying to connect all morning.
Multiple steam restarts
Multiple pc restarts
And verified files.
I tried using the game menu server browser that also didnt work.

same issue here. wasnt able to play on any server (official/community) on exp.

same...reinstalled, reset router, etc. 1.22 is ok though PHEW!

danyo_the_z added a subscriber: danyo_the_z.EditedOct 10 2023, 1:43 AM

did everything everyone could think of.
there's no way for me to connect to ANY of the exp servers, official, community etc.
0x00020009. It's what nightmares are made of.

Multiple steam restarts,
Multiple pc restarts,
verified files.
I tried the game server browser,
reinstalled, reset router,
tried different hard drive,
tried spamming different servers
tried joining all the servers,
community and offical.
Europe and US.
Tried deleting my custom user files in the my documents folder,
tried editing them.

what did i do to deserve this torture?
sentenced to live without dayz exp.
fix asap plz.

f3dm added a subscriber: f3dm.Oct 10 2023, 6:29 AM
f3dm removed a subscriber: f3dm.
dawud added a subscriber: dawud.Oct 10 2023, 5:55 PM

same here .. really annoying and super random

Hey bro, haha.
I also tried all the connections to the Experimental official servers.
I could only connect to the EU-UK01 server.
I had no problem with the community servers.
Of course, I have rebooted the router, reinstalled the game and deleted the cache.
From Japan.

iAndy added a subscriber: iAndy.Oct 11 2023, 12:58 PM

Same issue on PC, seems to be all (community and Official) servers I've tried.

When this happened to me, I "created a new character" and was then able to connect to the experimental server I am playing on.

Hellmaker2a added a subscriber: Hellmaker2a.EditedOct 11 2023, 10:25 PM

I was able to experiment this bug, however the solution I found to solve the problem was to :

  1. Delete the directories :
C:\Users\<user>AppDataLocalDayZ Exp
C:\Users\<user>d\AppData\LocalDayZ Exp Launcher
  1. When on the main menu switch to a new character with right arrow (see attached files)
  1. Click on the server browser and connect to the server that was refusing connection with error 0x00020009.

In my case, it worked 3/3.

I can connect to UK 0-3. i don't know what is different about that one but i go right in. Same character. Tried to go back to either LA server and back to errors.

Goods removed a subscriber: Goods.Oct 12 2023, 4:35 AM
aux7 added a comment.Oct 12 2023, 2:16 PM

I can now connect to the public exp server - DayZ EU DE 8350

Will try some private & other servers later


Only tried briefly since the update, looking better no connection issues so far

Can somebody else confirn that is is working when you create a new char?

No, I was mistaken about creating a new character. It was a coincidence.

aux7 added a comment.EditedOct 12 2023, 5:22 PM

I havent created an new profile or done any major changes/deletions to my profiles. I just logged in as per normal, and the system accepted & I was in game on this release.

my character is fuly loaded from 1.22 with no issues ...

so far everything is good. . .

Solution for me was now to delete everything in

"C:\Users\_username_\Documents\DayZ Exp"

and then I started the game and was able to connect!

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This comment was removed by Geez.
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LordJaws added a subscriber: Geez.Nov 15 2023, 3:07 PM

@Geez nother spammer ;)

gorji added a subscriber: gorji.Jan 22 2024, 5:42 PM

Same issue :(
I used to play it but now I can't play it, is a developer not solving these errors well?

wolcen added a subscriber: wolcen.Mar 11 2024, 9:39 PM

It may be important to note that I run on the game (normally, quite well) under Linux.

Ultimately, I found that specifically using the launcher fixed the issue for me. I had been using the launch arguments "-nosplash -skipintro -noLogs -nolauncher", which people often use under Linux to improve their experience/compatibility. I finally thought to remove those. Upon doing this, the launcher subsequently complained about having corrupt settings and having to restore them - sorry, really wish I saved the specific error there! In any case, whatever the launcher "repaired" fixed the issue for me. I was able to join an official server, and from that point I was able to stop using the launcher again. To me, it seems quite likely some initialization or validation problem is more to blame, that anyone's internet least in many situations. I'd say JappeHallunken's fix backs this up too.

Note that even a full removing all Steam workshop content and removing the game from my library then reinstalling it did NOT fix this for me, nor did validating files, and so on. The only thing that finally got me there was to use the launcher and let it do whatever it had determined was needed to get it working again.

IMHO, the connection initialization code seems to need a bit of TLC to better identify the underlying cause of the apparently varied problems that can cause a connection failure.