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[Feature Request] Optional bool flag for getVariable to set the default value
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Is it possible to have an optional bool flag for getVariable to set the variable automatically if it doesn't exist?

_obj getVariable ["var", default, setIfDoesntExist]

It would be very useful when working with array references, since you don't have to use setVariable anymore:

_arr = _obj getVariable ["my_array", [0, 0], true];
_arr set [1, _newValue];


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Leopard20 created this task.Feb 8 2023, 6:55 PM
MDCCLXXVI added a subscriber: MDCCLXXVI.EditedFeb 11 2023, 8:26 AM

a variable counterpart for "getOrDefaultCall" would be fantastic

_vehicle = createVehicle ['B_MRAP_01_F',[0,0,0]];

_displayname = _vehicle getVariableCall ['displayname',{(getText ((configOf _vehicle) >> 'simulation'))}];

systemchat str _displayname  // "Hunter"
systemchat str (_vehicle getvariable 'displayname')	// 	"Hunter"
SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.Jan 4 2024, 7:18 AM

Here is a suggestion on how getVariableCall can be incorporated into existing command with backwards capability and also address original ticket idea:

getVariable ["var", {123}] // Return {123} code if "var" is not found
getVariable ["var", {123}, false] // Call {123} if "var" is not found and just return it
getVariable ["var", {123}, true] // Call {123} if "var" is not found, write into "var" and return it

Perhaps it can also work with non-code 2nd argument and true 3rd argument. You'll need code returning code if you'll want to default set the code though.

POLPOX added a subscriber: POLPOX.Jan 4 2024, 7:39 AM