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[Feature Request] New syntax for switchMove
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The switchMove command is extremely limited and was made very lazily. It's the only way for scripters to make animations without modifying the anim graph (i.e. creating new paths). So it should be more flexible.

I'd like to request more parameters that give better control to scripters that need this command:

unit switchMove [moveName, interpolationSpeed = 0, offset = 0, resetAim = true]

With the default values provided, the command should be similar to the current switchMove.

interpolationSpeed: allows for smooth transition from current anim. Similar to interpolationSpeed parameter in CfgMoves.
offset: play the move at the given time offset. this allows users to create a functional unitCapture for units (it has been requested many times, and VBS has it too). Plus you can only play a certain part of the animation that you need without modifying the rtm.
resetAim: right now switchMove resets the aim/head which causes a terrible camera jerk because aim is restored in the next frame. The aim should be restored in the current frame when resetAim is false.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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