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[Request] Officially supported method of properly setting animations/ik instances.
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Currently, there is no 'right' way to register an animation setup for your modded items. Many of us are doing this currently, but it has a chance to crash the server when it runs:

modded class PlayerBase
    override void Init()
        DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg     fireArmsItemBehaviour = new DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg;        
        GetDayZPlayerType().AddItemInHandsProfileIK("MyModdedWeapon", "dz/anims/workspaces/player/player_main/weapons/player_main_cz527.asi", fireArmsItemBehaviour, "dz/anims/anm/player/ik/weapons/cz527.anm", "dz/anims/anm/player/reloads/cz527/w_CZ527_states.anm");        

We are 99% sure this is the cause for the crashes reported to happen on player respawn/creation on modded servers. We've tried to only set it once and not set again if already set, but it still seems to crash. Hopefully if an official way to set our animations up was in 1.08 it would eliminate a *lot* of server crashes for modded servers. I know something like this is probably coming when custom animation support arrives, but hopefully now we know this is causing crashes we can get the support to set .asi/ik early even if animation support is not ready.


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The current function of the game for registering items IK: DayZPlayerTypeRegisterItems(DayZPlayerType Type) is a global function.

And we can't mod this function, that's why modders can't easily add new IK animation. If this function would be inside a class, we could easily mod it.
So you just need to create a new class and move this function into it.
Don't forget we can't mod static function, so it's should not be a static function.

Thanks for the assignment.

As said in, went from over 24 crashes a day to one and after 18,5 hours of uptime, this is definitely what causes the crashes on player spawns events.

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Added a temporary feature into Community Framework, in 4_World use this for now. This should hopefully resolve issues until a proper and crash free solution is implemented.

Methods (don't forget to call super):

How to use:

modded class JMAnimRegister
  override void OnRegisterFireArms( DayZPlayerType pType, DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg pBehavior )
    super.OnRegisterFireArms( pType, pBehavior );
    pType..AddItemInHandsProfileIK("MyModdedWeapon", "dz/anims/workspaces/player/player_main/weapons/player_main_cz527.asi", pBehavior, "dz/anims/anm/player/ik/weapons/cz527.anm", "dz/anims/anm/player/reloads/cz527/w_CZ527_states.anm");    

This hasn't been tested to see if it does fix the crashes but we have used a similar solution in the Expansion mod with no problems yet.

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Hello Ficarra1002.
In 1.08 it is going to be possible to do this with the following class:

class ModItemRegisterCallbacksclass ModItemRegisterCallbacks

void RegisterEmptyHanded(DayZPlayerType pType, DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg pBehavior);
void RegisterOneHanded(DayZPlayerType pType, DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg pBehavior);
void RegisterTwoHanded(DayZPlayerType pType, DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg pBehavior);
void RegisterRestrained(DayZPlayerType pType, DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg pBehavior);
void RegisterSurrender(DayZPlayerType pType, DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg pBehavior);
void RegisterHeavy(DayZPlayerType pType, DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg pBehavior);
void RegisterPistol(DayZPlayerType pType, DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg pBehavior);
void RegisterFireArms(DayZPlayerType pType, DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg pBehavior);
void RegisterArcheryItem(DayZPlayerType pType, DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg pBehavior);
void RegisterLauncher(DayZPlayerType pType, DayzPlayerItemBehaviorCfg pBehavior);
void RegisterCustom(DayZPlayerType pType);
void CustomBoneRemapping(DayZPlayerType pType);



This is amazing news, thank's to everyone that probably worked hard and fast to get this in this fast !