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Backpacks and weapons clipping in vehicles
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One very annoying visual bug related to vehicles is that any equipment worn by characters entering a car will clip through car seats (backpacks) and the roof of the car (rifles, nightvision and other things protruding above the player's head. Long rifles (Mosin/SVD ) are especially notorious for this, but most weapons do it.)

I suggest doing one of two things:

  1. The complicated way - add attachment proxies in the boot of cars where up to four backpacks can be attached (=visually put in the boot) and make it impossible to enter a vehicle while wearing a backpack. Same with items worn in shoulder slots, it would be impossible to enter the car with items still in these slots. The items would need to be held in hands (one item) or put in the boot. This would be realistic and fit well in DayZ.
  2. The simple way - simply hide any piece of equipment worn by characters in the shoulder and backpack slots when sitting in a vehicle. This would of course be unrealistic and not very DayZ-ish (but so is backpacks and rifles protruding through car seats and roofs) but likely involve lesser development time. You already do this with items held in a character's hands so it should be simple enough.

And if attachment slots for backpacks is not something you want to do you HAVE to make it possible to put a loaded backpack in the inventory of a car (or tent). There must be better methods of preventing item stacking than this. In the real world you put your packed bags in the car, you don't empty their contents in the boot and then toss the bags on top...

Oh about that - please make it impossible to enter vehices (at the very least as driver!) with barrels, wheels or other bulky (the slow walk animation stuff) in hands. It is just too cheezy that a barrel can magically be sent into some parallell dimension when you get into a car...


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Beavis created this task.Apr 2 2020, 9:29 AM
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Beavis updated the task description. (Show Details)
NiiRoZz added a subscriber: NiiRoZz.Apr 2 2020, 9:59 AM

This issue needs to be looked at in some way. The way it currently looks in-game with backpacks and guns clipping through vehicles looks really bad. At least alternative 2 should be fairly straightforward to do, considering items held in the character's hands are already hidden when entering a vehicle.

Beavis updated the task description. (Show Details)Nov 9 2020, 11:23 AM
drzzzt added a subscriber: drzzzt.EditedNov 9 2020, 2:21 PM

At the moment, the way it works and looks is hilarious and does take away a lot of the general goal of realism in the game, visually and most important logically.
But not all is lost, the truck showed some improvements, that I think could be a solution for smaller cars as well.

For Backpacks or Items with storage like Barrels and Chests in general, I think that a gold standard for moving them into the car inventory should be, to be required to throw the item in the trunk before you enter, or to put it in a attachement slot in the foot area of each seat. In the car inventory ("trunk") it should take away slots according to the number of slots of the empty item.
It should be changed so that the storage item is able to hold the contents as well - like the way the sea chest already works, when put in the car trunk with items in it.

If that means that the hunting backpack takes up 63 Slots in the car inventory, because that´s how much slots it can hold as Items, that would be 63 Slots of Trunk-Inventory less that´s available..
You could adjust the total available slots in the car accordingly to fit the total size of the car trunk and juggle around the backpack sizes so it fits nicely with the Icons of the items.

Also I think, additional Slots only for certain items even in non-Truck cars make sense, just like the slots for building materials in the Truck.
Think of the space between your legs, while sitting in a car - a medium tent, a hunting backpack or a Rifle could easily fit upright in your "legspace". I´d limit that to one Item only and allow an assortment of different items according to their size and the size of the car. The question here should be "would it fit in reality?".

For the Drivers ´leg Slot, this one can be non-existent or allow only smaller items - after all he has to drive so he needs some legspace.
The Leg-Space Slots should only be visible and usable, once you open the corresponding door or adjust the seat accordingly to access it. Also, holding an Item in hand while not driving should be possible as long as it´s not very big - like a car tent or a barrel (please remove this!). If you are holding an Item in hand, as a penalty you shouldn´t be able to shoot out of the window before you toggle it with your leg item slot (or open the window and throw it out), but I get ahead of myself :D

I wish for a car attachement, to hold additional Items, like a roof rack for cars which you could loot off industrial areas and the merchant part of Car Shops. On this, you could store two car tents, maybe one barrel with lashing straps, and behold: ski-equipment in a top loading box, all adding to the weight of the car and influencing the steering and top speed, but that is a different story.

Beavis added a comment.EditedJun 23 2021, 12:17 PM

Still an issue in 1.13 experimental.

Really, with drzzzt post taken into account there are three options:

  1. Hide player's backpacks and shouldered rifles when seated in a car. Easy but unrealistic option, but an acceptable quick fix.
  2. Make backpacks with cargo possible to put in the boot - just make them take up as much space as their inventory space.
  3. Attachment proxies for as many bags as the car has seats.

(2 and 3 would of course also mean you can't enter a car with a backpack on your back.)

Also, please take away the possibility to get in and drive with a barrel or any other large item in hands.