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Throw equipment into the car.
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Before putting clothes and bags in the car, I need to empty them. This is unacceptable stupidity. If you want to build any dependencies of the investments of "nested dolls", then do it. But it is absurd to throw everything out of a backpack to put a backpack (jacket, pants or something else) in the car.
For example: Why count the slots of an empty backpack? This is its possible maximum volume. The backpack should not take up a lot of space empty, and should take up the full volume when filled with something. But he must lie in the car, without the need to empty it.
It seems logical when:

It is enough to realize the regular volume of empty folded clothes and a folded backpack. The same is done with tents. Rolled up empty clothes and backpacks should take up less space. A pattern should be built, for example - you cannot put a jacket in trousers. Assignments must be allocated to be able to place collapsed items in other unfolded items.
It seems logical when:
Tent for 200 occupies 32 places
Tent for 400 occupies 40 places
Tent for 200 occupies 50 places


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
OS 1909
Steps To Reproduce
  • Take any backpack
  • Put any object inside the backpack, for example a pack of 12 gauge cartridge
  • Try putting your backpack in the car

Empty things and bags should take up little space in the car, and take up more space as they fill their internal volume. I assume some difficulty in implementing such a dependency. But at least you need to make it possible to put things and backpacks in a machine with a filled volume, without having to empty the internal volume of the backpack, pants and jacket.

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Thank you for your feedback Lex.
We will see what can be done about this and if there are any possibilities to improve this system.

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