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Weapon Issues for AI
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The AI was tested while it both inherits from DayZPlayerImplement and PlayerBase classes, neither worked for these two issues listed below. These Players do not have a PlayerIdentity assigned.

Issue 1: Any weapon fired using TryFireWeapon although played the animation and sounds, did not spawn the projectile in the world so no damage or effect is applied to anything it should hit.

issue 2: You can't modify the aim up/down or left/right angle using DayZPlayer::AimingModel or HumanInputController::OverrideAimChange[X/Y]. Tried enabling/disabling the input controller to no effect. Faking it by setting the aim angles in the anim graph leads to it snapping every frame to where the HumanCommandWeapons says the aim angles should be (0, 0).

Proposed fix for issue 2 is allow the HumanInputController work for Players that do are AI controlled on the server/singleplayer.

In single player, the AI spawns with the DayZPlayerInstanceType of INSTANCETYPE_AI_SINGLEPLAYER (5).

In multiplayer, the AI spawns with the DayZPlayerInstanceType of INSTANCETYPE_AI_SERVER (3).


Operating System
Windows 7
Additional Information

Marked as block for the Expansion Mod Soldier AI

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Hello Jacob_Mango.
This issue has been fixed internally and will appear in one of the upcoming patches. Please try this on the next experimental release.

komer added a subscriber: komer.Oct 23 2020, 1:12 PM

You would write that these functions still do not work. it looks like the topic has been created but you are not tracking
here is the news of patch 1.08
Added: Ability to set aimChange for non-player entities
Fixed: Spawning projectiles fired by non-player entities

but actually the functions still don't work