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Killed-event handler can run twice for the same entity
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If setDamage 1 command is used inside a HandleDamage event handler, the Killed event may be raised twice.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Operating System Version
A3 v1.96.146114 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Add this to the editor init box of some AI:
this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {
    if (param [7] isEqualTo "hitface") then {
        param [0] setDamage 1;
    } else {0};

this addEventHandler ["Killed", {
    systemChat str ["Killed", _this];
  1. Preview the mission and shoot them in the head.

It will print in chat:

["Killed",[B Alpha 1-2:1,B Alpha 1-2:1,<NULL-object>,true]]
["Killed",[B Alpha 1-2:1,B Alpha 1-1:1 (OGefr. commy2),B Alpha 1-1:1 (OGefr. commy2),true]]

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You are lucky it only fires twice. Just check how many times the HandleDamage EH fires on a single bullet.

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