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Inventory and Stash items unresponsive, fail to move into some spots.
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Unfortunately this isn't going to be a high quality report, sorry about that, maybe it can be additional info to add to other reports.

Last night while on 1.06.152804 I noticed I was regularly getting items that would not move from my inventory to a barrel. It wasn't all items. One item would refuse to move while another one would move fine. It didn't seem to be specific items, one stack of planks would move and the next wouldn't. Also didn't seem to be a local state issue, logging off and back on didn't fix it or show any invisible/already moved items. Server (US 1pp exp) had about 10-15 players and looked to be running fine so didn't seem to be server performance unless item persistence is a separate overloaded thread.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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Hello five_seven_clown and thank you for the report.
Currently there are known issues related to inventory and item swapping, the occurrence you are describing may be related to these and they are already being worked on internally.

voudou added a subscriber: voudou.Dec 18 2019, 10:42 AM

In this version i have lot of similar problem with inventory manipulatiting. It looks like some desync between client and server because relogging very often solve the issue (as workaround). But this is very annoying.