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Storage Crates
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I am having major issues every time I craft and create storage crates. So basically I attempt to store my items in it and they will not place inside the crate. Some of them will, but only in certain places inside the allotted space. And it results in me not being able to properly organize my gear and I have random items spread out in the crates making it confusing to find things and very difficult and sometimes impossible to even put items in the crates. So I’m not sure what’s causing the issue or whether it will be easy to fix. But this is a serious thing that messes with my time when I’m playing and I really hope it can be fixed very soon so I can play this game at it’s fully potential. And this is a side note, but I cannot find pliers in any of the typical spawn spots where they would be. I’ve looked on multiple characters, multiple servers and still no luck. If y’all could, I would ask if you could at least slightly raise the chance of finding them because I have no way to get in and out of my storage areas. And when I use my axe on the walls I have it breaks it almost every time, the durability feels really low even after I repair it. But if you read this, looking into these things would be so much appreciated. Thank you guys! Keep it up!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Up to date base game (20191229)

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