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Full-auto gun shot audio NOT registering | (BUG w/ EDEN sound engine!)
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Refer to the Additional Information section for the video clips!!!
@Geez Big issue with the EDEN sound tech, currently. As full-auto sprays are being heard as single shot taps :/

You could spray through a whole magazine, and in the distance, it would sound like one shot + delay of receiving it 2-5 seconds after, depending on your distance from the source gunshot location.

It may be because of the delay in between the gunshot(s) being fired, and sound being heard to another player in the distance may be causing this.

You could hear multiple gunshot sounds being squished into one sound interval, while the shots were fired within seconds from each other.**

Pay attention to the Hotbar ammo count, and when you hear the gunshot sounds @Geez

What I noticed is that the more bullets you fire within that initial delay of the gunfire to where the recipient can hear those distant gunshots, the delay between shooting v.s hearing the distant gunshot becomes exponentially longer.

Thus, causing the issues where we only hear one gunshot sound instead of multiple in a gun spray (or hearing the sounds just squished together)

TLDR (brief description);
Shooting more shots in one interval = bigger delay to receive the audio in the distance
it will sound like all the sounds got squished together into 1 gunshot sound (or just sound like 1 single gun shot)


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Spray gunfire, and record the audio from different distance intervals (100m, then 300m, then 600m, then 1000m, etc.)

Notice how the gunfire will sound like just one shot at the end of the spray (or sound like the gunfire, has been squished into a single gunshot sound)

Notice the delay the further the distance you go, between the shooting the gun, and receiving the audio from a distance.

If at 1000-2000m, try using a big magazine, and tap 1-2 seconds between shots to see how long the delay will be, before you even hear a single gunshot!

You could hear gunfire that abrupted minutes ago! in extreme circumstances due to this bug!

Additional Information

(Refer to the hotbar, and check the ammo counts of the magazines relative to the firearm being shot!)

#1 clip:
Full auto sprays. The sound of the gunfire ONLY comes after the spray is finished, not whilst the magazine is being sprayed, leaving you with a 2-5 second delay (depending on distance) until you hear the gunfire audio which will turn out to hear like one shot. (or sound like a bunch of shots squished into one)

#2 clip: Single tap gunshot audio register and sound just fine (although, with longer distances, there's quite a 1-3 seconds delay between when you fire the shot, and when you hear it in the distance. Sound travels faster than that.

sorry for the low resolution

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jamielou.007 updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 28 2019, 8:27 AM

this bug has been in the game since stress test #50 or #51. AKA the "Experimental BETA" patch

Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Jan 28 2019, 10:09 AM
Geez changed the task status from Assigned to Acknowledged.Jan 28 2019, 10:33 AM

Hello jamielou.007 and thank you for the report.
We have confirmed the issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

Any progress on a fix, or has a fix already been implemented? I think the bug is still present within 1.02 Experimental now.

Geez added a comment.Mar 28 2019, 3:17 PM

Hello jamielou.007.
Unfortunately there is no new information I could share about the progress of the issue. It is still being worked on.