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Rahim ammo incompatible with Rahim rifle bug in 1.72
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While playing the "Scouting" mission on Altis in the official campaign (starting from "Gori" hub mission), I have come across some Rahim ammo that does not work with the Rahim rifle.

Ammo should work with the weapon the game says it works with.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
Steps To Reproduce

1.In Virtual Arsenal, import this loadout (note the two magazine classnames):

comment "Exported from Arsenal by ceeeb";

comment "Remove existing items";
removeAllWeapons this;
removeAllItems this;
removeAllAssignedItems this;
removeUniform this;
removeVest this;
removeBackpack this;
removeHeadgear this;
removeGoggles this;

comment "Add containers";
this forceAddUniform "U_I_Protagonist_VR";
for "_i" from 1 to 3 do {this addItemToUniform "10Rnd_762x54_Mag";};
for "_i" from 1 to 3 do {this addItemToUniform "10Rnd_762x51_Mag";};
this addGoggles "G_Goggles_VR";

comment "Add weapons";
this addWeapon "srifle_DMR_01_F";
this addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_KHS_blk";
this addPrimaryWeaponItem "bipod_02_F_blk";

comment "Add items";

comment "Set identity";
this setFace "WhiteHead_06";
this setSpeaker "male03gre";

  1. Click "Try". Preview starts.
  2. Open inventory. Note player is carrying 3 mags of 2 different types of Rahim magazine. Note only 3 are able to be used.
Additional Information

Related to resolved, closed bug T81946.

See wiki page:

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As thats even different calibre i think that that a typo in the localization and the wiki.
The wiki says its a 7.62x54 eventhough the config says 7.62x51

ceeeb added a comment.Jul 25 2017, 2:07 PM

It's a hangover from 2015. When introduced to the game, the Rahim was originally 7.62x51, then they changed it 7.62x54.

And Zafir had this problem in 2015 also. Red fish memory?

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