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Arma 3 Launcher Server browser unable to display required/optional mods after a certain limit
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Seems to be a limit to how many MODS+KEYS the Arma 3 launcher can receive / process / display.
I have 28 keys on my servers Keys Folder. Loading with 28 mods it fails to display any information about mods on the arma 3 launcher.

With same keys (28) and 27 mods the mods show up all fine, and the ones not loaded show as optional (AS INTENDED):

I ran 28 mods without any keys and the mods showed up:

Now I run the SAME EXACT MODS ( same parameters ), but this time with all the keys and the mods don't show up:

Now I remove ALL the mods and run the server with the SAME keys as previously:

I feel like the launcher runs into a stone wall and can't display anything if the amount of information about the server mods is too big.
A website (battlemetrics) is able to show the mods and signatures correctly. No matter how many there are.


Not Fixable
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run ~40 mods on a server with signaturechecking enabled and the keys correctly installed.
  2. User Arma 3 launchers server browser to see information about a server.
  3. The required / optional mods don't work
  4. remove keys
  5. The mods show up
  6. remove mods re-add keys
  7. all optional show up
  8. ONLY run 10 mods and half the keys
  9. ALL SHOW UP required and optional
Additional Information

Thanks for the help. I really hope this gets fixed, WORKSHOP can be our future!

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thank you for reporting the issue. We know about the issue, but unfortunately it can't be fixed. The issue is caused by a limit amount of data transferred from the server to clients, and as the data are transfer is handled by Steam libraries, we can't change it.

However, for the next release (1.68) we've fixed a bug if server protocol handling, that caused a) that all data were lost where there was an overflow and b) the data loss wasn't indicated correctly in the protocol and Launcher couldn't display the warning about missing data properly.

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nigel added a comment.Mar 24 2017, 3:10 PM

Just a small update on the issue and a fix for anyone with the same issue!

It can be bypassed by editing name in mod.cpp for every mod.
Steam seems to have a packet which will fail if it gets filled. By renamining
name = "Advanced Combat Environment 3.9.1";
name = "ace3";
etc. we were able to successfully run 30 mods and have the launcher display them correctly

I wonder if it would be possible for the devs to allow for a custom mod list to be added in the server config somewhere, which the launcher would be able to read and translate into mod lists? Possibly a link to a mod preset with steamIDs for the mods together with required / optional values.

For ex, you could name a server setting called launcherMods-""

renaming mods in "mod.cpp" worked for us just in some cases... we still got some missing or unkown addons in A3 launcher.

the SteamID is already listed in "meta.cpp". why the launcher doesnt catch this? and when the launcher cant find the ID, he can try to search the name then. would work much better i think.

Please BIS, dont give up so fast.

When the meta.cpp file is present in the mod on the server, the steam id is broadcasted together with the mod name and it is the primary method to match the mods in Launcher (actually we've created meta.cpp mechanism only because of Launcher), heuristic matching over mod name is one of the fallback solutions.
As I said before the real issue is the limitation of the amount of data that can be transferred from the server. Renaming the mod to a shorter name reduces the amount of data that has to be transferred from the server and that increases the chance that it will fit in the packet and get through the network from server to client.

Yes, my recommendation is an option to attach an xml link to your server which will allow the launcher to grab the list of mods from the .xml (website)

So I could save a preset with the launcher and have it grabbed from the server browser. is a lot less data than a list of mods. Then the browser would grab the link and convert it into understandable format for the launcher.

Good luck on the issue :)

xyaren added a subscriber: xyaren.Apr 28 2018, 6:19 PM

Will the name in the mod.cpp ord the meta.cpp be used ?

nigel added a comment.Apr 30 2018, 5:00 AM


just edit the names of all mods on the server to <5 letters and it will show them on server browser, but there's still a limit.

@BISWizard, is there no way to develop an in-house solution or nag at Valve to fix the issue?

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I would suggest the launcher query the server mod list on its own rather than the steam APIs, querying only once the "mods" button is pressed.

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As of 146434 (Performance/Profiling) there is a server.cfg option that can be used to alleviate the problem

Though as written on wiki, be aware of potential issues.

Great to see dedmen!

dedmen closed this task as Resolved.Jun 5 2020, 10:16 AM

Multiple reports of it working as it should. Glad I can help o7

nigel added a comment.Jun 5 2020, 1:47 PM

Blesseth thy be!