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Zombies are running too fast / teleport
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So i log on today on my old character who is very well geared.. 1 zombies attacks and its soo damn fast, it hits me 5-6 times in the matter of secs, ruined my smersh vest then it took me ages to get.. The zombies attacks so fast that by the time you swing once with your fire axe the zombie has hit you 3-4 times..Im fully geared, so its gonna be impossible to kill zombies as a new spawn with a bad melee weapon when a can hardy kill one with one of the best melee weapon.. besides they dont made any sounds anymore..


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Zombies are very to hardcore now..

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I agree that the power of the zombies is very high now

Zombies are indeed way to OP.. No chance of survival when you started as a new survivor.

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That's not true, you can survive it easily. Just hit em in the head.

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Zombie are too fast.
Is not how are zombies, zombies for me, are slow and are dangerous because of their numbers. It's no so hard to kill one of Those with something like an axe.
At the same time they are more dangerous sometimes. But it must be other ways to fight against, as attract them with meat.

In fact they are faster than the players because they can run just as fast uphill.

It´s quite challenging, right - but I don´t think it´s OP.
Just try to be stealthy.

Finally they are some kind of threat now. For the acutal zombie population they are good, but as Zombie pop. raises you should consider at least lower their "health"

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Hello equeone and thank you for the report.
The high zombie damage and overall increase in their toughness is intended. Players are supposed to rather avoid zombies in stealthy manner than fighting them as freshspawns. As for their speed, that is an issue we are aware of and it has been scheduled for a fix.

Even with an Axe or a gun, they are op. It's to a point of not engaging at all. That's not realistic.

Zombies can outrun you.

They take more damage from melee weapons that actual players.

They damage you even when they aren't attacking.

If that is on purpose, then you are failing at making this realistic in any sense whatsoever.

Make them a threat, yes. But don't make them to the point where it's not even worth engaging at all.

At this point, it's not even worth trying to kill zombies at all and that just makes no sense.

I agree completely, making them a challenge is ok if implemented well - but as things are they warp all around you while hitting at the same time, attacks not in sync with their movements. Also they land hits when they appear to be well out of reach.

That's not a "challenge," that's sloppy programming. Or unfinished programming pushed to stable all the same, which is in view beyond acceptable alpha stage issues.

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Hello LuisCyphre.
As I have mentioned in the previous post. The glitchy running and teleporting is an issue and we are working on getting it fixed.

"They damage you even when they aren't attacking.

If that is on purpose, then you are failing at making this realistic in any sense whatsoever.

Make them a threat, yes. But don't make them to the point where it's not even worth engaging at all. "


Zombies running around an entire house in a half a second without making a single footstep sound, then attacking you with kung-fu chain-punch assaults while falling backwards from your axe strike. Taking three magnum shots to the chest without ever bleeding out (guess they're undead after all). But being too dumb to smash in a window or door. No blocking, no horizontal strikes, no fluid combat motions, no dodging, nothing. Just the same old same old, but "harder".

A single infected shouldn't pose a challenge to a fully geared survivor with an axe at all. A group (three or four infected) should pose a serious danger. But if you wanted all of these actual gameplay mechanics, that would actually require some effort to develop, like a melee system....

I love this new patch and completely understand what is being done to fix them. You guys need to read what the zeds in this game were always meant to be and are becoming or go back to Call of Duty and Battlefield. This is a SURVIVAL game, not a PvP game. All the PvP interactions and lame zombies of earlier Alphas seem to have clouded all your outlooks on this. The zombies are GREAT devs, keep up the good work and ignore the whiners that just want to loot and PvP without dealing with zombies. Great job guys.

I also point out that if you CROUCH (It's called "Stealth" there Rambo) and LOOK AROUND you can loot plenty of towns without ever dealing with a single zombie. Stop blaming the game for your lazy habits of sprinting all over the place without looking around first.

It's so easy to do the update of the speed to get the fight with zombies not possible to win without damage, It is not that easy to get the previous zombies, change the numbers of them and group behaviour and get the game more difficult and yet satisfactory. I was actually nicely surprised to see the zombies inside of the buildings and I thought you've done good job... but fight with the zombies now is just show stopping for me. Suggestion - change zombies to dinosaurs or spider droids blowing up on impact.

Its not just that the Zeds are hard to kill. Even if you wanted to face on face to face. The New AI auto target your back so you can spin around without it going behind you. I thought the point of experimental was to find this stuff out before it is released.

It isn't even the fact that you have to stealth. you're bound to get into a confrontation with a zombie, its pretty much impossible not to at least once, but when you can, while completely geared, get killed in a matter of seconds it is pretty much impossible to play. Whatever the case you should still be able to fight a zombie without certain death. They completely nerfed every single weapon in the game. I was able to take out 4 or 5 zombies with a hatchet or a gun easily, but now it takes damn near 20+ swings to kill one zed.

The zombies also can hit you ONE time and you die..

They are def. way too OP, too fast and quiet.

Will you be changing how quickly the zombies can swing at/hit you? I typically only play first-person and they can hit me about 4-5 times before I can hit them twice.

I did see that you're fixing their overall speed, but I wasn't sure if that includes how quickly they can hit you. Thanks for the hard work devs, and loving the new state of DayZ!

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I agree. The attacks are definitely not in sync with the animations. This makes timing their attacks impossible, in addition to the fact that they "teleport" from side to side while attacking you.

Another issue I'm sure has been mentioned is sound. They are more stealthy than a PC now. It's a bit crazy.

Zombie spawning. I was in the middle of a field near Prud yesterday sprinting. I stopped, looked around me in a 360 and saw nothing, so got out my binoculars for a look, and next thing you know, I'm being assaulted from behind by a zombie that spawned in randomly. Same scenario, I'm driving in the woods near Gorka, stop at a deer stand to check out the loot. I was there for about 3 minutes, I started eating food right outside the stand and I get hit by a zombie in the back. Before I know it, three more spawn in. WHY are they spawning near us for no reason other than to be a nuisance, and to that end, WHY are they only spawning BEHIND US?

Last issue is the amount of attacks per our amount of attacks per second. As stated, they can attack almost 5-6 times before we get a 2nd hit on them. This is not realistic at all. I understand they need to be challenging, but we should be getting hit for hit if you're going to make it take 5-8 hits to kill a zombie with a fireaxe. Not all of us are masters of headshots, nor should we have to be. But if I try to kill a single zombie right now, by the time I do I've taken 10-15 hits from one, with massive bleeding and damage to my gear.

Final thought: I do agree that the old zombies were not even a challenge and shouldn't have been part of the game, but these "new" zombies are a bit over the top, and honestly it turns me away from playing unless I have a truck to hit them with. My supply of rags runs out fast. You can be stealthy all you want, but it's a mute point in places like Elektro, where there's so many places for zombies to wander (even in a building now), when they do see you, you won't know until they've hit you because you can't hear it. Now you have to run or die, which attracts even more zombies that you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Add the fact that FPS drops in cities are a major issue, and it's not even worth going to a large city. We don't all have major video cards. I have a GT650M. All of these issues combined with that make a game I'd very much rather not play, considering I get 8-12 FPS in a city vs. 20-30 in other areas. I play other in development just fine, with 60-100 FPS. If the rumors of a new engine are true, it can't get here fast enough.

I tried to strafe and hit the zombies from behind like in old good .54 times an my discoveries are so funny... I actually quite manage to do it but then the zombies glitched and hit me anyway (disappearing for split of second), and this is standard, not one off, thank you developers for screwing us out in such a nice way.
And the change in the game is so nice, now when I can find the machineguns and ton of magazines to them in almost every police stations I can feel like Rambo getting through the zombies with full auto...
It is not survival game I get used to love, please give me the old dayz back,
And can somebody tell me when I can find the netting now and what I should do with all the bloody vitamins? I need only 3 a day :)

At later note.. Watch out fighting zombies at hills, a zombie was in a hill and it did that super 3 hit arm swing and hit my friend in the head. instantly killing him and ruining his motorhelmet.

The only OP thing about zombies now is that they are deadly silent. If I'm on a 1st Person server and the zed aggroed on me from behind, I can only understand it after first blows come down on my back.
Funny thing is that zombies actually emit sounds while not aggroed - all that grunting, hissing and rattling from behind walls sometimes really scares me.
Please add sounds to aggroed zombies.
Please add more zombies, and maybe a bit more ammo :3

How to deal with OP zombies in a zombie survival game:
Run around till two or three are tailing you. Then run into a large warehouse and let them come in. Run around them and run out, closing the door on your way in = locked in.
Loot in peace.

Zombies are totally OP now they make no one sound when they see you and in the last Version (0.54) one or to swings with an axe and the Zombies are dead but in the latest stable (0.55) the Zombies survive 6 to 7 hits with an Firefighter Axe and thats definitely way too much. Please fix it or i will not longer play the Game.

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I don't mind them taking longer to kill, but I do mind that they still ruin pristine kit quickly. And as some people say even a well geared person has trouble let a lone a fresh spawn (no chance if they get aggroed). And its not just me then with zeds morfin in and out of the game. I was in a house, zed out side. I was going to head shot it to find my gun was out of ammo. In the time it took me to reload it had vanished. And I did look for it outside the building straight away and nothing. Also looked up a street and no zeds 5 seconds later there are 2 strolling around. As I had come from that direction they must have spawned in. And I was the only person on that server and I hadn't killed any at that point for them to spawn in.

fing24 added a comment.Apr 9 2015, 8:46 PM

I found a mace so thought I would try it out on a zed. What a mistake that was it was useless 6 blows to zed in head area and its still standing wtf. They wore suits of armour to protect them selves in the middle ages and a mace could still hurt you through that so unprotected it would do a lot of damage, but not in this game.

The attack of zombies seem legit.
The speed of a zombie seems unrealistic.
I feel there needs to be more hoards, once a person is seen by a zombie.

It would be good if zeds didn't ruin your kite as quickly. When they do damage to it they damage it hard. I have lost count of the items that have gone from pristine to ruined in 2 hits or less.

I hope this gets fixed until 0.56 because testing this stable branch like this is nearly not possible.

quoting amask "Is not how are zombies, zombies for me, are slow and are dangerous because of their numbers"

dude these are not zombies; they are INFECTED the devs have stated this too many times

Think the reason that items go from prestine to ruined in 1-2 hits.. is because the condition of the items is not updated after each hit. I played for several hours a few nights ago, i took soo many hit from zombies, but my gear was still prestine.. Then 1 zombie hits me, and suddenly my jacket is ruined, eventho it was prestine 1 hit ago. I think my jacket was badly damaged but it showed prestine instead..