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Jun 25 2016

Mobile_Medic created T118718: Character Overheating on HOTF server.
Jun 25 2016, 2:16 AM · DayZ

May 10 2016

Mobile_Medic added a comment to T86078: Launcher settings no longer update.

Hello. I have arrived at a fix...

Basically, it involved making some 'hidden' folders, unhidden.

I noticed that my user folder is hidden with windows 10. I wasn't sure if that is default behavior that is different from windows 7 (or if I inadvertently did that somehow in the past).

App Data is hidden by default (same behavior as windows 7)

Inside of app data, only "local" is hidden. Not sure if that is the same as old windows 7 behavior or not.

Inside of local, some things are hidden, some are not. All folders Bohemia related were hidden.

I unhid the folder referenced in the logs, and that fixed the news issue. I then proceeded to unhide, other bohemia related folders within local, as well as local, and my user folder...

Then, everything in launcher was working again. Watched folders get remembered, news items that are read are remembered, launch parameters are remembered, and mods are no longer processing every single time...

From there, I re-hid my user folder, as well as the local folder (not sure if that was supposed to be default behavior or not with windows 10), and everything still worked in the launcher.

Lastly, I checked with a friend to confirm what he did/didn't have hidden. His user folder was not hidden, his local folder was not hidden, and it appeared that nothing in his local folder was hidden.

So, I just unhid my user folder, and the local folder (as well as all of its folders and subfolders) to mimic his behavior. Everything still working fine with the launcher now :)

So... It appears I must have inadvertently hidden everything within appData at some point in the past (as that is the default check box) after unhiding and re-hiding it... rather than ticking the box to only hide the folder and not the things within it.

That would explain why some things within were hidden and others were not.

Human error as it turns out. I appreciate your help though, as it helped me pinpoint the cause of the issue.

Thanks very much.

EDIT: I've removed the link to my zip file, so you can feel free to make this public again if you like... in case some other knucklehead encounters this or a similar issue in the future. The answer is, make sure the "Local" folder, and everything within it is *not* hidden.

May 10 2016, 12:56 PM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T86078: Launcher settings no longer update.

Thanks for the prompt response. That is strange. I am seeing that particular file (like everything else in the Local folder, is owned by my user, and that my user has "full control", along with system and administrators.

Under "permissions" it also shows the following as all checked "allow":
Full Control
Read & Execute

(and nothing is checked for: Special Permissions)

Any suggestions on how to resolve this permission issue?


(p.s. Am I able to make this ticket "private" and you still be able to access it?)

May 10 2016, 12:56 PM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic edited Steps To Reproduce on T86078: Launcher settings no longer update.
May 10 2016, 12:56 PM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic edited Steps To Reproduce on T83877: No longer able to letterbox 16:9 on 16:10 screen.
May 10 2016, 11:51 AM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T80654: strang bug in sky.

are you saying when you alt+tab out of the game and back in, the issue goes away?

If so, do you have vsync turned on?

I've never experienced that issue, but vsync has a bug where it will limit me to 30fps (if it was already enabled prior to launching the game), and the fix is to alt+tab out of the game and back in (after launching it) and then i get the proper cap at 60fps.

Just wondering if vsync was somehow causing this issue (since you said alt+tab fixes it for you)

May 10 2016, 10:00 AM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T69201: Game crashing after few minutes of playing.

Been having the same problem since I've been playing the beta. I didn't have too many problems with crashes in the alpha.

Happens at random times with no clear indicator. after 5 minutes, after 15 minutes. different every time... but, I haven't made it longer than maybe 30 minutes without the game freezing, minimizing to desktop, task manager to close the game and regain control. Happens in sp, and mp (coop 2, specifically)

May 10 2016, 4:27 AM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T66566: AI knows the enemy position at all times, no matter what.

i've been insta-killed through the walls of a hanger by an infrit before. Yes, it is likely he would have known I was in there. But, not where in it I was. Shot directly at me and dropped me with its first shots. AI can see through walls if they are aware of your presence.

May 10 2016, 2:46 AM · Arma 3

May 9 2016

Mobile_Medic added a comment to T60049: [Feature request] Seperate post-processing settings for motion blur, bloom, ambient occlusion etc..

yes, please. +100

May 9 2016, 9:24 PM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T59083: Low CPU/GPU Utilization.

lucky you...

May 9 2016, 5:33 PM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T59083: Low CPU/GPU Utilization.

olias11... you are getting 50-80 even on the helicopter showcase?

May 9 2016, 5:33 PM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T59083: Low CPU/GPU Utilization.

Me, either. No improvement on this issue in Beta when compared to Alpha. In fact, Beta performance is worse overall due to the introduction of slight stuttering that did not exist in the alpha. Others have reported having stuttering since Beta (only) as well as the persistence of the low cpu/gpu usage issue.

May 9 2016, 5:26 PM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T59083: Low CPU/GPU Utilization.

This is not a single player only issue, nor an ai only issue (in my experience). I can make this issue occur just by walking around certain parts of the map in the editor with nothing else placed. gpu usage will drop into the 60's and fps will go from 50+ down into the 30's and sub 30's in those instances.

Other places, I can walk around the empty map and get 50-70fps with 99% gpu usage. Start introducing ai, etc, etc into the picture and gpu usage plummets. I have seen it as low as 30% and I have seen my fps as low as 12fps in relatively mild encounters.

May 9 2016, 5:25 PM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T59083: Low CPU/GPU Utilization.

Sorry, Matt, but we aren't talking about bug reports. we are talking about the forum. The one that contained the huge forum thread that is (now closed) stuck in the troubleshooting sub-forum that was the most visited and the place to *try* to discuss this issue (amid all the cover provided from the wealth of misinformation and confusion populating the thread due to lack of dev feedback on the issue).

This is the bug tracker. The original discussion thread for this issue (in the forum) has been closed, and anything remotely related (unless it is someone being told to buy a new computer that won't help) is also closed. All discussion about this issue has been banned from the forum, they have never put it in the "top known issues" list (even though it has been *the* top known issue for several years now), and the normally interactive dev team is apparently content to remain as silent as possible about this issue. They close down all the threads b/c they inevitably get out of hand with people's emotions (from both the disgruntled and the fan boys). Of course, they could alleviate much of that problem if they would just speak the fuck up. Their silence is out of character for them so, of course, people are very concerned and frustrated. The only thing left is this bug report in a bug tracker that requires a completely separate registration from the forum to even vote for the issue, and has no active forum thread that links to it.

There really isn't anything new that any of us can report anyway. Anyone having this problem and having done their research (since arma 2 for me) knows exactly the root cause of the issue. BIS knows what the problem is, and only they can solve it. But, they haven't even given an official nod to the issue to date.

Arma 4? pfff... No, thanks. Fool me once (arma 2), shame on you. Fool me twice (arma 3) shame on me. If (when) the game is released and this issue is still outstanding, this is the last Bohemia title I will ever buy. I don't care if Arma 4 runs at 100fps. My only consolation is that I didn't have to pay full price for this one since I bought it in Alpha after reading about the "brand new engine". I could never recommend a bohemia title to anyone after this fiasco.

I realize folks have to make business decisions, but it seems to me the wiser long-term business model would have been to update your engine so your future titles are built on a modern engine capable of taking advantage of today's (and tomorrow's hardware. As it stands, the engine can't even take advantage of yesterday's hardware). Especially after their nice payday from a zombie mod (created for an ARMA game) that brought them not only a nice influx of cash, but much a brand new set of eyeballs on their flagship title. Do they not think that a larger potential pool of customers resulting from a more efficient engine would be good for their bottom line, vs. the mass hysteria when this game is released and folks begin to realize that the ole "arma is a very demanding game" line is a rouse?

There is no reason for this game to perform as poorly as it does.

I ain't just trying to slam them. I want them to prove me wrong very badly. But, I don't operate on "faith". I operate on evidence. I can see that there is a lot of hard work that has gone into this title, and I appreciate that there is still an old-school pc dev out there. Unfortunately, none of this will ever be realized due to the "old-school" engine behind the shiny, purty new game.

May 9 2016, 5:24 PM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T59083: Low CPU/GPU Utilization.

After playing through the showcase missions a few times, and playing a friend's custom mission he has been working on pre and post patch, I would have to say that performance is slightly worse than before this patch... if anything.

May 9 2016, 5:13 PM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T59083: Low CPU/GPU Utilization.

No noticeable performance improvement with regards to this issue after latest stable alpha patch (.58)

May 9 2016, 5:12 PM · Arma 3
Mobile_Medic added a comment to T59083: Low CPU/GPU Utilization.

Thank you for the reply. This is the #1 issue for me, and is the thing that will decide whether this is the most epic game ever, or a mega-flop that I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending to my friends.

My specs:
i7 960 @ 3.9ghz
GTX 580 3GB
12GB RAM running @ 1266MHZ
Windows 7 64-bit

Basically, I get the low cpu/gpu usage, and terrible framerate that goes with it, on anything other than the following:
Small user-made missions with minimal AI, An empty map, and 3 out of 4 of the showcase missions.

The helicopter showcase, and anything else that introduces (something to do with ) AI (and, how it does/doesn't utilize our hw effectively) and my cpu and gpu usage drops terribly, as does my framerate.

When I am on an empty (or nearly empty) map with minimal AI, I see 90-99% GPU usage, and fps of around 50+ average with my current settings @ 2560x1600. I've seen it get as high as 87fps. But, when this problem kicks in, I am sub-30, and often sub-20fps. GPU usage is around 30% at these times. Any introduction of AI tends to carry the effect of lower cpu/gpu usage and a lower fps as a result.

The little bit of this game so far that runs well, and I can see it making full use of my GPU, I get absolutely fantastic performance. The problem is, I am relegated to only tiny missions or else the game becomes unplayable.

May 9 2016, 5:11 PM · Arma 3