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strang bug in sky
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Hi I just encountered a bug recently (several days before update 1.38) that seems a visual bug in sky as you see in these pictures:

Even reinstalling whole windows didn't fix it. {F25393} {F25394} {F25395} {F25396} {F25397} {F25398}


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please help I'm really weird nothing could fix it.

Can you take a screenshot with steam? By default it's F12, I think.

Thanks for reply mate unfortunaltely it's very weird and when I use steam or Fraps to take screen shot, the issue isn't visible in the image, so I had to tale it using my camera, can see a border around top of soldier in sky? that's what I'm saying about.

Hello, could you please upload your newest rpt file?
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Thank you very much.

thanks so much for help i just uploaded them. also removed an installed my video driver which is latest one, update windows, remove some dll files and verify using steam, really weird nothing could help.
just thanks for helping.

OK I just completely removed arma 3 and it's registry values and now downloading and installing it again from steam, I will notify you if it's fixed or not.

not fixed yet please help!!!!

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It's the intended vignette effect, pretty sure it gets more pronounced when you are fatigued. There is a mod that removes it.

thanks but not when I'm fatigued, the picture is just in start of each mission, I'm just waiting for BI reply as I provided what they wanted. also removed arma 3 completely and it's registry values, removed and reinstalled graphics driver and nothing could help.

Have you tried the mod that I've linked?

Ok I'll try that and thanks, also I switched to dev version but still same issue.

@FrankHH thanks for that mod which removed half of that visual bug! but still there is a large visual layer on sky, so still not fixed completely.
BI I'm just wait for hear from you.

Great, now we have the issue pinned down. Can you post another screenshot with the mod so it's easier to pin-point the problem?

here is it:

so if this mod can reduce space of this visual bug it means something is going wrong with game, I had no to use any mod before to fix issues such this as this issue was no before.

Weird. Try changing HDR settings.

changing any settings didn't help!

update: issue isn't exist when the sun is no in the sky, such nights and early mornings or near sundown.
so the sun is causing this issue.

not fixed yet even after 1.38 update.

No one else has seem to have gotten this issue before... makes it difficult.

new rpt files uploaded.

Dammit even formating drive and reinstalling whole windows didn't fix it.
please just do something about it. ;(

DxDiag uploaded.

Does it happen to you even if you insert a soldier to editor (with nothing else) and hit Preview?

Thanks for help yes this happene even with a simple soldier insertion on editor map, every much the sky is sunny, this issue shows it's self bigger.

This is a very strange problem - you're the only one who's ever reported it. I'm not sure but maybe it has to do with your hardware, or your monitor

thanks frank but this issue is only happening for arma 3 not other games and situations, nothing can wrong by hardware to produce only this specific issue.

So who else voted up? Are they having the problem to?

When you disable all mods and start only official data, does it happen to you?

Hi iceman I never use any mod it's vanilla and fresh downloaded data, no configure data in arma 3 folder, latest windows and driver updates.

(@TakeHomeTheCup not every arma 3 user know about this site, and about bug reporting, and maybe many users ignore this issue as not so important for them, also this page is between bug reporters and arma's developers and other users want to help, if you don't like number of added votes up here, you have no to come here and mention it.)

In your latest rpt there is PlayWithSix with couple of modes loaded, could you please try to create new ingame profile and disable all mods?

thanks, ok I removed all rpt files and started game in stratis map editor as a simple rifleman and this is rpt files created whci uploaded now.

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I would check your panel control of graphic software - check AA, Texture filtering, Vsync, etc - try to set it all of, inf still happen, try to set "aplication controlled", Also you have tried with all options you sayed - with disabling bloom, sharpnes filter, motion blur too? I recomend reinstall directX one more time, Its so strange, that fault must be clearly visible, on the hand.
PS what resolution do you using ? What res and what aspect ratio? I saw game have engine have some problems with that. If resolution is in 16:9 and you set aspect 5:4 there appear lots of bugs

thanks for reply mate, I just also reinstalled my while windows and updated it to latest so directx still can be the issue? I will upload my screen shots settings here just wait some seconds and thanks, also will try amd control panel options.

Here is my previous and default settings for all applications including arma 3:

and here is after changing some settings for arma 3:

the color and other visuals got much better thanks for tip! but the issue is still remain.

Hmm, in video settings (in game) try to turn off Vsync and interface size to normal (!), cloud to low, particles and HDR to high, get higher resolution, disable FSAA (OFF), ATOC will automaticly off,. And now in Catylist control center delete A3 profile. You need to know that AA is worst setting. If you will higher resolution you will get same efect and will have more FPS by the way. Turn off AA in every setting. It very often cause graphic bugs, specially if you have seted in CC 16x and in game 4x. This should help

PS we all know what is wrongly displayed, but we dont know why. UI depends mainly from interface size. If AA settings are messed (i recomend to totally turn it off, then if problem disapear, slowly fit AA settings to your like)

Ok I did what you mentioned

turn off Vsync
interface size to normal
clouds to low
particles to high
HDR to standard (was highest available option)
resolution to 1360 * 1024
disable FSAA and ATOC
delete Catylist control center A3 profile and use default global settings

but still same.

I dont know what can help. There is last setting i remember - game settings>game> stream UI or something like that. BTW could you take a screenshot of that bug like you did on settings?

PS: From your rpt:
14:01:40 SimulWeather - Cloud Renderer - noise texture file is not specified!

BTW thanks for your help, but as I said in comments when I take shot in game by steam or fraps the shot doesn't show issue, it's another strange aspect of this issue! only me and anyone who is beside me on the chair can see this issue! maybe this can suspect my monitor, but as I said this issue only happens in arma 3 and also when I open arma video settings menu issue isn't visible, also at starting any mission such preview in editor, during fading from black screen, issue isn't visible and when black screen fade out, issue appears.

I would suspect some software. Steam manager, some recording files. Check resolution on desktop, in all aplication that can change that, color deph, and refresh rate. And about that in-game aplications - disable them all. Raptr, steam overlays, steam in-game, disable all that sh*t. I had very strange bugs on my old PC and i know how you feel being "the one". ;) We will solve your issue, dont worry
At last we will try to edit mem allocators but now i'm looking at arma launcher options...

It looks like it is caused by some third party software. Please disable all unnecessary software run alongside with Arma.

I was trying to reproduce that wit warious settings. It is making visible (but very low) on lower resolutions, low HDR, and caustics off/on, but its too weak to be visible on screen. This is around screen, like dirt on eye efect (dont know its name), most visible at 14 with sunny weather.

Your speech is so hopefully really thanks for that. I just already disabled all steam features like overlay, streaming, broadcasting and etc. no Raptr using, and changed monitor resolution to 1024*768 which allowed me to use higher rates such 75 HZ then changed game resolution to 1024*768 too, but still same, so backed it to same 1280*960. iceman thanks you for reply also these are my windows processes when playing arma 3:

yep exactly happens in day time not at dawn or night or early morning.

For make you smile i've got issue which everybody dont - same as you : and I'm totally mad at this game right now :(

I had an issue like that several days ago in our servers which caused all parked RHS vehicles sink to ground with about half of their wheels like photo you uploaded but not when driving.

REALLY!? So this is it! I've got its fault, writing in wrong feedback tracker.
Thanks, do you remember which mod you have been using instead RHS?

Try to add -winxp to commandline. it will force game to use DX9. What have you installed/updated? (C++, etc)

thanks surly I'll try that, I just installed game and it installed directx, c++ and frameworks required then used wnidows update which had some updates for them, nothing more.

I used that start up parameter but didn't fix issue.

I remember when i had exact issue on Arma I, but i was installing some software (maybe video drivers). You helped me, so i am looking fix for you ;)

Try to go to game video setting and select overall quality to low>aply> back in game, then on medium>aply>back in game, same with high very high, ultra. To do so use option marked in attached picture (settings screen, just uploaded), try to max, and minimalise settings marked on red. At last try autodetct. I remember A2 had some problem with rendering bushes,so player needed to set overal quality, or video memory to standard, rest of settings on high.
Remember to get back in game after smallest setting change to see resoult.
Did you tried to install other video drivers?

thanks for reply mate, no I didn't tried older video drivers, but first let me change your first tips. thanks

ok those overall settings didn't help, I'm now on amd site but I see two packages for download here"

one is AMD Catalyst Packages with 288 MB size and other tab called " Optional Downloads" has AMD Chipset Drivers with 48 MB, is that something separate from AMD Catalyst Packages? and I need to download that or just AMD Catalyst Packages is enough and have all required driver?

Donwload this 288 mb file, uninstal in controll panel old drivers, restart pC install new ones, restart PC again, this should help, otherwise we will install sweetFX mod.

But is this for your video card?

yes, I have that 14.9 driver now installed, I must try older one, ok I'm going to download and test that.

sorry I have 14.12, so I must try 14.9.

Does it helped?

Unfortunately no, thanks man but I think there is no more option from us as players, and we can't fix and are not responsible for such issue like this, even very rare issue, BI developers must find it and I hope they got some progress on it, I'm really weird with it and wasted my time and energy for something which is beyond my ability, hope they take care of it.
anyway arma 3 isn't currently enjoyable for me to play, I just wait for some answers and incoming updates which may change something although I don't think.

You can try this as last try
Use 1.5.1

thanks for help mate but I don't know how exactly use that and couldn't grasp what exactly was in installation instruction here:

Just extract all files to game folder (dll's .ini's etc and one folder). No commandline params just play. It ises other .dll files on direct build so there is a chance bug will be gone.

Thanks mate the ray of that dirt effect increased so this did a bit change! but not significant.
thanks anyway

new rpt file with different weather situations by using mcc mod uploaded.

I used zeus to change weather and time, still same, but when I used Mediterranean effect from post processes, I didn't see the issue in front view but when looked at sun, I figured that this dirt effect issue is spread out on whole sky except where sun is! just see photo it's a little hard to describe by words!

wrong photo link (with ... ), but i think i get it...

Hi mate sorry above links are now corrected, also one of BI friends could fix this issue for me by providing some files like those db effect files you showed me:

the issue is almost fixed by those files and instructions in above BI forum post, but this should get this ticket out of "need more info" stage and BI developers assign it for fix.

The problem is that we still cannot reproduce it, it does not happen to anyone else.

So some people described here how to reproduce it, and above link to BI forum, a friend linked some SFX files which almost solved issue, I don't know what more I must do, and I did everything you wanted from me.

Yep if sweetFX was fixed issue (As i supposed) its something wrong with directX.

Thanks vlad I'm sure now game's data is going wrong.

They are just trying to get where the problem is road of deduction, its very hard to help if you cant reproduce the problem. At least problem is gone. I would use directX libraries package - i will give you link if i find it ;)

here it is

And... its not game data actualy, but software. Game is using fx effects whcih you system cant support, its lack of some directX libraries, you can try install direct versions one-by one, but i'm giving you link to ~200mb of direct libraries. instalator is 280 kb, but it will download files in installation process

thanks I'm will check it soon, hope this can fix it.

^^link updated its 571 mb :)

here is 100 mb, good to have it too

So I finally found most strange solution way for most strange arma 3 bug!

when I suddenly hold alt+tab and switched to arma 3 app from menu, the visual bug gone! here is a video I provided how I did it:

anyway thanks to all you community friends specially @vlad_8011 & @LSD_Timewarp82 for your help but it seems the solution way was more strange than we all thought!

are you saying when you alt+tab out of the game and back in, the issue goes away?

If so, do you have vsync turned on?

I've never experienced that issue, but vsync has a bug where it will limit me to 30fps (if it was already enabled prior to launching the game), and the fix is to alt+tab out of the game and back in (after launching it) and then i get the proper cap at 60fps.

Just wondering if vsync was somehow causing this issue (since you said alt+tab fixes it for you)

no alt+tab and getting back to game didn't fix it, as I showed in video I hold alt then used tab to switch to arma 3 icon, then issue is gone.
and yes I have turned on vsync as without it there are many shaking lines in screen specially when move mouse, I usually use vsync in games, in LCD monitors that's really needed.

I think I had better FPS today after using this method, so maybe alt+tab like what I showed can break that fps limit.

OK after weeks of reporting here, I found that issue:

1-Happens when in display settings I have "full screen" set.
In other word, in "Arma3.cfg" file I have "displayMode=1".

2-Will be solved if I have "full screen winnowed" set.
Or in other word, in "Arma3.cfg" file I have "displayMode=2"

this is all I know and completely sure of it and reproduce able for me.

OK finally problem is gone after you "Fixed: Some issues with cloud rendering" which you reported in spotrep-00045.

Great to hear/ vlad_8011 (BI deleted my account)

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So this problem is backed again after last update! I'm sure it was gone in version of spotrep-00045.

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I have the same problem.

I plugged my monitor on a PC without this problem and the bug appears

Turns out to be an hardware issue. Try the several colours preset of your monitor or adjust your constrast / brightness by yourself.

I don't know why but, it looks like it's something about how our monitor renders the colours.

PS : I have two BenQ GL2460


The bug disappears when :

  1. I am in the graphical settings (when I play)
  2. Reduced when using SweetFX
  3. Changing my colours settings on the monitor

And If I recall correctly, that was not from the beginning, this bug appears after a patch (I don't know which one)

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Ive got it too. Only thing helped is HDR options in game settings, but not fully. Game have little problems with colors rendering, most notceable at night when looking at some textures (green color and grainy pattern). Also you can try reduce sharpen filter in game settings. Ive got Benq GL2240..... same issue, most noticeable on bigger contrast, sharpness and COLOR sensivity.

Thanks @FanBF2 and @TutSi for your tips I'll try them, and I'm glad that as other people have this issue too, so BI developers may attend to it.

Thanks alot guys, I have a BenQ FP202W monitor, and just played with color settings and issue is gone!
I think this ticket can assign as solved finally, at least for me.