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Unable to see long range shots landing or missing
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at longe ranges while we were using a mosin and a LRS, 600+ at the least, visual cues such as blood splatter and dust being kicked up on shot misses are not able to be seen by the shooter, issue started with lastest patch. shooter is now unable to make adjustments or know if he hit.


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can confirm.. was unable to see misses at long range, thus unable to adjust fire.

tried even firing at sides of large buildings at known ranges with spotter and a guy hiding behind a wall directly under said building.

shooter and spotter were unable to see hits on building, guy right underneath it could.

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experienced this by myself, can't see shots further than maybe 100m land. also no blood when i hit someone that far. pretty bad because i allways play as sniper but now i can't adjust a second shot.

same in experimental 0.45

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op, can u please add keywords like:

decal. bullet hit, etc. pp. so others can find this report easier

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confirmed. Really annoying if you are a sniper.

Upvote for visiblity and the hope it gets fixed quicker

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This issue requires more attention.

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This needs a fix asap.

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Confirmed. Unable to effectively play as a sniper due to this issue.

Please fix right away.

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definately the most annoying issue since the last update :(

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Confirm also.

There is no difference between 200 or 800 meter.
With the LR-Scope you are unable to see where you are shoting. You see no blood at the oppenents, durst on a wall... nothink.
please fix it... its like blind cow.
(Steam Version .44 stable)

confirmed. no sniping unless this is fixed :/

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Confirm. Extremely annoying

Additional: i'm unable to see People bleeding. So the landing as blood is invisible, also the complete bleeding

Confirmed. There is virtually no use for the Mosin in the current state of the game, as you can only "zero" your long range scope by taking an educated guess, or killing a zombie. Obviously if you've been to an area you shot at before, the ranges don't change but if you encounter a new area or are in a new firing position, you NEED to be able to see your shots in order to adjust.

Sticking with the M4 until this is fixed </3

Confirmed, this shit needs to get fixed this very moment. Not in the next update (which likely won't be out for another month or so).

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The bullet impact effect should get its own level of detail setting, so players can adjust to their liking on how far away hits should be rendered. Right now I believe the bullet impact is just grouped with all other effects in the game and fades at the same distance.

Confirmed. Waiting for fix.

Here's a video demonstration and explanation of said bug. It shows the difference between seeing all impact (smoke and particles) to seeing nothing. Please excuse me for the Twitch link however I don't think there's an example video on YouTube.

Edit: Forgot to post the link. Silly me.

Edit 2: Added extra information

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Confirmed. Fired 5 shots at a target standing still. He was panicking so I know the bullets were landing close by, but I didn't know where and therefore was unable to adjust my shots.

I would also like to add that the bug is still present in .45 experimental. My friend and I went to the NEAF and did some potshots at the buildings to try to get a sense of distance. Past about 300m the bullet impacts no longer render.

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Mosin is totally buged now.
Shaking accuracy (Bipod donth working)
Bullets goes left on long ranges
No bullet splash.

Yep i noticed this also - the issue is still there and is particularly annoying. Issue did not exist prior to .44.

Mosin LRS isn't playable at all atm. Totally useless.

Has this not been fixed for the .45 stable release either? WTF?!?

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all particle Effects are Broken... Smoke from a crash site.. particle effects only visible at close range... :(

"Has this not been fixed for the .45 stable release either? WTF?!?"

The changelog for 0.45 Stable is just a "lie".

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This could be because of the rubberbanding fix?
They also reduced the loot visibility. Maybe because of the same problem.

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It seems like those effects (bullet impacts in form of dust swirls up and bleeding etc.) is limited by the rendering distance of the grass. so you only can see these effects within the range of grass rendered.

"It seems like those effects (bullet impacts in form of dust swirls up and bleeding etc.) is limited by the rendering distance of the grass. so you only can see these effects within the range of grass rendered. "

This is very bad.
Like this, the game will never be get a good performance.

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Its funny how this issue still has the status 'new' but is apparently fixed in current version .46

fixed? can this be closed?

I think its been semi-fixed. You can see blood splatters again when firing the mosin up to 800m. However I tried a 950m shot and couldn't spot the impact at all.

Konseq added a subscriber: Konseq.May 8 2016, 5:59 PM

No, it's not fixed. I can still only see misses up to 400 m maximum. Shots/misses on longer ranges are still invisible making it impossible to adjust the aiming.

Hello folks,

I have just tested this on the latest experimental build. I blew up a gas station one kilometer away using a Mosin. I could clearly see the shots landing both on the ground and the gas stands, displaying the appropriate effect.

Closing as fixed.