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zombies run too fast
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Ok, I admit I'm a Walking Dead Addict, so forgive me that I want hordes of SLOW and STUPID zombies. They are too fast after the latest patch, too fast, too sharp eyes too sharp ears.. making them fast like this is a very cheap solution in trying to make them more dangerous.They have decaying bodies , you still should be able to sprint them out in open area's.

But more important: The real danger should come from their NUMBERS and their persistence. Their turbo speed is just silly now and not even a real danger when used to it.

Please adjust the WALKERS:)


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Just walk around and watch them comin in too fast.

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This is DayZ. Not The Walking Dead.
Survival in DayZ is not supposed to be a walk in the park.

Yes there are balancing issues but the zombie speed is not one of them. I find it to be much more exciting now that the zombies are an actual threat to your life.
How ever with that said, the two issues that MUST be changed are as follows:

  1. If we cannot run full sprint up hills, zombies shouldn't be able to either
  1. Their detection range is ABSURD! The fact that they can spot you from over a mile away is ridiculous, and yet sometimes you can literally stand in front of them for 10 seconds before they react. Obviously the devs will work on this later on so I don't expect it to be fixed yet...for now it is just a fact of life in DayZ.
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zombies are much better than before.

they are faster yes, but after 20 - 30 seconds or so they slow considerably down, what makes it easy to kill or escape them.

the spawn rate of zombies atm is more annoying, sometimes they just respawn right by your side after you killed 1.
(this issue appears in a great amount between the two towns "stary sobor" and "novy sobor" (if you want to reproduce it), this could be because of the zombies' spawn areas of both towns overlap and more zombies are spawned than expected)

Hello guys, in my honest opinion i think the zombies are running too fast. Zombies are dead people so they need to be like dead ou weak. Zombies spawn to fast too. They need some kind of spawn time like 5 minutes. When we kill a zombie, it spawn very quickly and its attack me again. This game mode arent very real. Thanks

Really? It's not very real?
Who are you to say what is realistic about zombies? Zombies don't exist so your point is null.

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Well they aren't really dead people but more like infected so I think its ok to assume that they could run pretty fast in the beginning of their infection. Its going to get balanced later on in development cycle and maybe they add different states for those infected beings and adjust the speed regarding that.

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Zombies must be deadly. You must be scared of troubeling them. Dangerous level is ok now. But respawn , detection range and their ability to go through the walls are need to be fixed.Dont forget its aplpha for now. As for me zombies can run even faster then player, so you cant run away in the open area. But only if no walk through the wall. Its not cool when you can easly loot around while couple of zombies walking around and cant hit you, and then you can just run away.

While I agree that the primary threat to your survival in this game should indeed be zombies, making them able to run faster than a living person, is ridiculous.

After all, these things are DEAD. Their musculature is decaying, so they should not have better strength or stamina, or agility than a living human survivor.

Also, since they are DEAD, and in my experience of dead people, their eyes cloud over as the cornea of the eyeball essentially degrades, decays and deteriorates. This would cause a zombie's visual acuity to DECREASE, not to increase. As a result, dead things should definitely NOT be able to see a survivor at the current distances that the can at present. I've seen what, in my estimation, amounts to a Zombie spotting a survivor at a range of about 500m and instantly aggro'ing on that person. Not only that, but the zombie chased them from Elektro, all the way to Cherno, and actually manages to outrun the survivor it latched onto, catching them up.

Also, Since we are on the subject of decaying corpse and withering senses, I'm fairly sure that their sense of hearing is a bit too good too. I understand that they would swarm towards a LOUD noise, such as a gunshot, but they react and swarm over tiny sounds, such as eating a banana, drinking a soda, or talking in direct chat to a friend who is just a few metres away. Time to slightly deaden their sense, don't you think?

Here's an idea for you... Zombies are dead. Dead things decay. Decay smells bad. While there is no way to have a sense of smell in the game, there should be some indication that a smelly, dead, decayed thing is nearby... Perhaps in a radius around a Zombie, the air could be a different hue, which only becomes visible if you are within that certain radius?

@ The author: I can understand that you'd prefer walker/slow zombies, I for one ceased to be a fan of those since 28 Days/Weeks later, slow zombies just don't seem threatening. Heh, I recall watching the Resident Evil movie and thinking to myself, "people, just run away from them, save your ammo!"

I mean, maybe they could throw in a slow zombie in there if their legs are damaged, but otherwise I really don't think they'd fit in this game. Now... IF they coudl make Zeds crawl if their legs are missing or broken THAT would be cool, even L4D2 doesn't do that.

Fast Zombies = Fear, concern, altertness at all times, even as a fresh spawn, even for decked out survior. These emotions are apart of the DayZ game, between the PvP AND the Zeds.

If anything, I'd be fine with this new speed adjustment if the Zeds didn't clip through solid objects, cause there's now more of them, and a variety (ie army-zeds.) So, I'd prefer to have this new feature disabled/turned off until their Clipping/collusion issues are solved.

I mean, as it is, Zeds can hit you 10-15ft away while running, hit you when their back is turned to you, kill you with one hit, hit you through solid objects (walls, stairs,) and they spawn out of thin air (often when your bandaging yourself up. Right now, the Zeds have an enviable amount of power, and most of it is attributed to their issues, giving them more speed compounds the issue exponentially.

Keep the speed adjustment, just turn it off and revert to the old setting for now until the main Zed issues are solved =)

In addition, I do agree with Termin8rSmurfs logic, though to make a counter-argument, since we're dealing with the re-animated/un-dead (lawl, whatever you wanna call it) perhaps some of this decay to the senses and muscles aren't decaying at the usual rate. Certainly, after you killed them they'd decay rapidly.

They should fix that glitch where zombies walk through walls, then i will not say anything about zombie speed.

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Speaking as a software architect I wonder where the hell their priorities are making the zombies faster instead of fixing the fact they are immune to any kind of wall or barrier... 150 hours of dayz since alpha came out and I must say I'm pretty disappointed and irritated because this game was tons of fun and stuff like this ruins it for me. I logged on for the first time in a few weeks and couldn't stand it, tried twice now and had to ragequit - I didn't even die. I don't mind fast zombies but if you're going to make them fast you better fix all the other issues with them before making them fast.. I'm considering saying I got my 30 bucks worth and not playing anymore, it's a shame because I was having a lot of fun. Now it just seems like the game is heading quickly to nowhere if they're going to be making decisions like this.

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they dont have superpowers, they ARE JUST DMAN HUNGRY

so like you said, the "Logic" and "realism" with zombs is a thing to discuss, or not.. i like them how they are, and slow zombs are ALWAYS easy to handle, so they are no problem and then you could delete them completely..

and dont forget, in movies its somethig other, in a game the zombs have to be different - think about it

when you can handle the zombs better, in the way they are now - its perfect

maybe they should be even more and just die with hits/shots on head..that would be great and very very difficult, many pople would scream and hate it, but this would be "realistic" ;) .. lame zombs are just for people who casnt handle them - like woman

Make zombies dangerous in a creative way, not by giving them SUPERPOWERS. If a zombie runs this fast it should at least loose its decaying head on the way.
Add SUPRISE, NUMBERS, locked-in zombies in houses and barns.Of course fixing the walking through walls should be fixed right away to do this.

About zombies being "real"or not: all good games,films and dreams have their own built-in logic. That makes the diffence between interesting or boring. I like the zombies in 28 days, but like the slow persisting ones in the good old Night of the Living Dead better.
It sets a tradition wich inspired filmmakers for decades.
It forces devs too think of creative ways to make them DEADLY.

e_xil added a comment.Apr 7 2014, 11:15 AM

@goblox: you are so right, they made this huge amount of money in so short time! and they are not able to fix these glitches and bugs, where your char slips into wall or "Neverland" areas, and the zombs going through everything.

i alos know good porgramming and developing, i ask myself, where the money goes, they should fix THAT before we get the 5th handgun in the game.. or "Making pork" and "bowing"

its really a shame, because its the biggest problem and STILL it is there, and it CANT be this problematic to make a solution here! or is the code totally sh*t?

whos is testing?! how is the bugreport and how is the administration of all this?`!

e_xil added a comment.Apr 7 2014, 11:17 AM

i also think some of the zombs should run fast, but not for too long (they should lame then) - and not all zombs should run this fast

but its not priority, first the bad bad bad glitching should get SOLVED

Yeah I don't mind them deadly or fast or inside buildings but we should be able to shut doors in front of them or use fences/gates to block them. I will say I formatted a while back and I needed to re-edit my config files. Once I did that the faster zombies were more manageable but still really hard as a fresh spawn and going a good hour without a single weapon. Granted I eventually got an axe and a rifle but it took me 2 1/2 hours of avoiding and running from zombies. I am enjoying the new melee animations it's a little bit better than it used to be. Still though, I really am irritated they'd buff up the zombies without fixing their no-clip abilities I can't think of a legit justification for doing that. Maybe they think we're too bored trying not to get ambushed by all the other people on servers?

Reading is an art

You do realize the zombies in Dayz are not undead? Rocket models them after the type of maddened disease infected found in movies like 28 Days Later and Shawn of the Dead, not like the Walking Dead type zombies.

e_xil added a comment.Apr 9 2014, 11:20 AM

using mind should not be art -.-

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No one is saying they shouldn't be fast or hard to deal with... What we are saying is common sense - don't buff them up before solving their OP bugs it's really that simple. Whoever is running their team needs to get their priorities straight. Last I checked zombie != ghost

Foxtails, thats true but he also stated the devs where interested in the community's reactions to this new speeds, wich implements an open mind (wich is also an art) to feedback. I guess its just about personal preferences. I wouldnt mind a few fast (just turned) zombies, but i still prefer slow and many walkers, wich in my opinion would lead to more surprises and danger then the solitary Usain Bolt zombies but its probably harder to create this .

The zomies are only too fast if your pc is too slow :S
Yes, if your pc is not good enough the zombies are faster then you.
Its depants on the issue:

e_xil added a comment.Apr 15 2014, 9:57 AM

at this point its not possible to make more zombs at the server, so the fast zombs are really a good idea, but they should not go thru walls.. never -.-

and not respawn in sight -.-!!!

nerobp , thats not really the issue here.

e xil, I agree that zombie wallglitching is by far the most annoying "bug",first thing the devs should resolve, but that is not the issue here either.

Do we want groups of old speed zombies surrounding us or fast solitary superdetection zombies chasing us? Or have it both ways?
In experimental I ran into a group of zombies standing just around the corner, that was cool. I would like to see more of these kind of surprises in zombie behaviour.

e_xil added a comment.Apr 28 2014, 2:36 PM

dex.. yes i would also like to have this kind of "realistic" zombie flair.. but i think this will take much time

but in my opinion, the release where the zombs were slow and dumb and werent respawning was absolutely no challange, now the zombs are a little challange, and when youre lucky there are 5-7 zombs running behind you

i think the zombs should also be fast, but supr-detective .. idk ..its ok.. why should they be weaker? as long the servers dont can produce 5000 zombs on the entire map.. there is no reason to have something against STRONG zombs

e_xil added a comment.Apr 28 2014, 2:38 PM

i want
ragdoll, damagestructures and flying arms and brains
50.000 zombs on a map... jiiihah!!!

ok and animals ^^

now we're talking!!

vote for this:

"make it possible for players to play as zombies"

now we can have numbers of zombies chasing you without toomuch lag.

Today I have seen this also.

There was a zombie behind me and he was incredible fast.
He was faster than me.

e_xil added a comment.May 2 2014, 3:40 PM


and i know a little development, this should not be a problem to get this feature into the game!

like more tents on countrysides!!

The zombies are indeed too fast, what we need is MASSIVE hoards of SLOW weak zombies! have a block in town totally riddled with them and you actually need to plan tactics to get around them or lure them out of the way, at the moment all we see is 2 - 3 extremely strong usain bolt athlete zombies with binocular vision that can see you from a mile away and chase you forever, its not fun. having to clean out hoards of weak zombies will be much more fun. Take this Arma 3 Dayz mod for example, Massive slow moving hoards (yes the video is all glitched out but it gives you the idea)

Zombies are too fast because players are too fast. Their relative speed is fine though (being as fast as survivors). Slow zombies would be bad/boring as you could just run from them all day long.

e_xil added a comment.Oct 6 2014, 2:30 PM

now the zomb-system is ok.. still need enhancement but OK..

Maybe they are not too fast, maybe it's you're too fat?

e_xil added a comment.Oct 7 2014, 5:42 PM

ragedrew - what you have said? im not fat, but i hate it when people bully against fat people - come to balota airfield on 1st person mode(hardcore) at 2200 today and we will "discuss" it out


andy added a comment.Oct 9 2014, 11:58 AM

Hi survivors,
rest assured that we are actively looking into Zombie balance, however, patience and in some cases even a tiny bit of forgiveness might be needed before we reach the ideal state.
Thank you for your feedback!

Some variation would be appreciated. Variable Diversification in a range of stats. Even some new ones. Typical result showing as some zombies being notably faster or slower than others. Why not? Occassionally you'll get a 'paragon' that can outrun you, knock you dead with one swipe, and others that are practically paralysed, or have no arms and little offensive capability.

Perhaps zombies could, to some extent, have their own hunger and thirst levels? For example, a zombie which has recently just fed (killed a player) could be significantly boosted in stats.

Leading to potential super-zombie.

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Variety of types of zombies is always best.

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Zeds in DayZ are not undead they're infected living people. The infection makes those people superhuman much like an ice addict on that drug. People at least need to distinguish between DayZ "Infected" and the Walking Dead "Zombies" which are obviously not the same.

More along the lines of "28 DayS Later". I don't how many times this has been stated yet people still aren't clear on it.

no down vote this , we all want stronger and deadlier zombies. This is a zombie game not a cod series game. Any upgrade to the zombies is always welcome. Don't hear these children.

He also relies his opinion to walking dead zombies when in dayz zombies are still infected living people who are able to run perfectly

add shit tons of zombies plz. the way to make them scary is to make them by the shit ton.

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zombies need to be something to be scared of, not just annoying mobs that reveal your position

Zombies were never the things to be scared of, it's always has and always will be about the players.

@Geez maybe close this ticket because it's obsolete?

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