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Instant Death Glitch (Inside Buildings on 2nd or higher level)
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Buddy and I were looting NWAF.. Came up behind the firestation from the East (Grishino). 8 players on the server (6 not including us) I had a Mosin with a Long Range Scope, so I took up sniper watch on the tower of the Firestation, while he looted the airfield and I gave him cover...

Then it happened. "You are dead."

-My buddy did not hear any shots.
-He checked my body and ALL of my gear was in the same condition (Pristine/Worn).
-There was no blood coming out of my body.
-I was on the top level inside of the firestation when I was alive.. My body was found on the lowest section of the roof, outside of the tower.

Normally when you die to fall damage, you take item damage.. No damage to items is strange indeed, and seems to indicate that there was some other source of my demise.

This has happened to me and others before, and every time it seems to happen while inside a building on the 2nd or higher level.. The 3 times I've witnessed it happening has been: On top of the school, inside the ATC, and inside the fire station.


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Unknown. Seems to only happen on upper levels inside of buildings.

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Here are some steam screenshots of my friend looting my body and confirming the condition of my items.. you can see where my body ended up and that there's no blood, etc.

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Same here. Happend 3 out of 4 times when climbing/going up the stairs within a firestation tower i tried to reproduce .. and it worked just run up the stairs several times ... you will die ... at least for me

This happened in a red house running down stairs and ran into zombie, instant death. Was peculiar because zombie did not hit me. Went back to get stuff from body but was glitched in wall. Second time i was standing atop a tower with a friend, was not moving , running, or anything. Looked around using my head and BOOM... instant death. She was guarding my body but after a few minutes it just disappeared. I know this is Alpha, but its discouraging me from even playing until beta releases. I like to test this game and report bugs, but its hard when i keep instantly dying. Please fix soon.

I had the exact same issue happen just now. Was trying to loot a Mosin in the school at 019/046 on the 3rd level, and instantly died without any zombie or enemy near.

Yes happend to me too. 2 times in the firehousetower and one time in a building in chernarus. Pls fix this, because it's ok to die by a Zombie or a other Player but just to die without any reason is very anoying.

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Same here, running up stairs in hospital building in Electro once and also running in ground floor farm buildings in Novy Sobor twice now. No noise, zombie, enemy, under 5 other player servers, on stable 0.35 branch.
Tip: dont get attached to any character or gear!

this happened twice out the window on an apartment building and twice coming down stairs now.

Happened to me just this morning. Was standing still in militatry office building in the military base east of Vybor. I was in inventory mode, managing my ammo and suddenly died.
On the death screen, there was also written that my leg was broken. There were no players or zombies around and my character was fully healthy.

I would suggest to fix this kind of bugs first before introducing new content. Wall passing zombies, or zomby spawning/movement in general is also extremely buggy

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Yesterday and today i died two times by instant death glitsh.
First one in the middle of a room in the police station. I was in the middle position and wanna unattach the PU-Scope. Then i was glished out and was death.
Second time i was in the jain and press on a can of coke drink. He takes it and then instand death glitsh out. This happens since the last Server patch 0.43. I never had this problem before.
Both times i use items in my inventory and did not move

Happend to me yesterday at the NW Airfield in the ATC tower. Went downstairs on empty server suddenly "My Leg is in Pain" You are dead.

A Day before: NW Airfield staying in an hanger and looking at the atc. The server restarts. By rejoining in the same server. A short scream. Screen turns gray and instantanious black. Message "your leg is in Pain" and YOU ARE DEAD

Nearly happend to me again today. Again at the NW Airfield. Entered the Jailhouse and went upstairs. Standing in the room upstairs without moving, suddenly my screen turns gray for a 10th of a second. Instantanious i checked the inventory and my pants and shoes got ruined. No shots, no players.

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Yeah same thing in a random apartment building in snap of a rifle just my character yelping in pain and my leg was broken although my pants and boots were far as I know even if I happened to get shot there are separate hit boxes for all your items and my boots as well as my pants were ruined which doesn't explain a player, besides I ran out the building 2 minutes later after injecting morphine and nobody shot at me.

Happened to me too, several times these very days...
-Once in the jail building, while looting the dormitory at 1st floor.
-Once in the fire station's tower.
-Once at the top of the big building (in stairs) in the Novo's town center.
-Once at the hospital while watching at the window in the stairwell.

Each time, I had first status "My legs are broken"/"My leg is painful" and then "You are dead".

This glitch is really frustrating... Hope this will be resolved.

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happened to me just now.
Normal mode, 4 of us on a night server, just us.
I am climb the stairs of the NWAF fire station, then on the second floor I suddenly get a broken leg, out of nowhere. Heal up myself, run to the ATC, climb up, same shit, broken leg, again, then instantly died.
Buddy told me I glitched through the wall
Very frustrating

Has only ever happened to me at the ATC on NEAF. Twice in experimental in the past week (once just a few hours ago), have not tried on stable. In the military jails I randomly get broken legs.

I logged off today at the top of the scaffolding inside the large hangar at the eastern entrance of Stary Sobor. When I logged back in, I was on the ground floor. I was lucky, no death or damage whatsoever.

Confirmed MULTIPLE times... Firestation, ATC tower, school... No shots, no noises, no warning, just pops up with death screen "You are dead." Really hope this gets voted up as this happens almost every day to me.

Yeah confirmed. This "Rapid Vertical Movement" stuff is real bad. Voted Up. Until this is fixed I'm using the buddy system...It's Alpha but still it's frustrating to die to things like this when the game is getting farther along.

Also happened to me, was upstairs in a house in Balota. I just opened my inventory and boom "You are dead"

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This is fall damage because the server is still having issues resolving the .45 advanced geometry.

In .45 there was a bug that teleported you back to the last piece of complex geometry you made contact with. They fixed the teleporting, but the server still reports you there. You can tell because when you die, your body goes back to that spot, and the items in your pants are always ruined, a sign that you took fall damage. Also many times items you drop while alive go back to the last wall you touch as well.

Here is a video example.

Just had my leg break at the bunk beds in green mountain.

As you enter the room on the second floor of the military building, there's a single bunk bed on the right hand side. I walked in the room and knelt beside the bunk bed to collect a clip from the lower bunk when my leg broke.

Luckily I had a two morphine on me. One was ruined and the other let me walk out. Boots and pants ruined all the gear in them ruined.

I also had my leg break previously when I was on the second floor walkway of an industrial barn. When I bandaged my character fell through the floor.

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Just happened to me in Electro on top of the school house (or whatever) across from the Police station.

No one else was on the server, and I just logged on.

I believe this may have happend to me, but in a med center, which as you know, is off the ground because the floor is steps up. There was a floor zombie, but I had just left a room and insta-dead but most of my items were ruined. It could've been an one hit from zombie, but most likely not because we didn't even know it was there til after the fact and there was no sound. I just died.

Same here:

First time I died with "My leg is in pain", "I think my leg is broken" and "You are dead" when I was running fast uphill northwest of Berezino. No gunshots and no glitching, just instant dead.

Second time was when running over the nwaf between the landing strips, no other players on the server, i checked really every 10 seconds. Again, no shots, just while running fast I'm dead, leg broken.

Third time was in the storage barn at the nwaf, again no other player on the server and protected by walls, I logged in within the storage barn, started running fast and instantly died after two meters.

Fourth time I logged in in a bush nw of Berezino. I didn't move one bit, just turned around, looked at my rear and turned around again to the front. And died there in the bush. No other player at the server.


It happens at different locations, mostly while running fast, sometimes while standing still, but almost every time the height of the land is the same, so I'm definitivly sure, it has nothing to do with lagging and the server glitching me to a position, where I could fall down. Also, I never got shot, there were no other players on the server, no zombies near me nor other reasons that could have broken my leg.

I have no problems with running in buildings on upper floors. Never died up there, never got ruined items or broken legs.

In jail building, just now:

  "My leg is in extreme pain".
  Pants and all items ruined.

The only thing i could do was to crawl to a ladder, climb up and fall to my death to be able to respawn...

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I have had this happen to me on top of the yellow construction crane. I was crouching in a corner, zoomed in with a scope, and pretty much aiming through the railing. I did not move at all when I died.

Just happened to me right now in a little Factory tower, second floor as OP said, was on Experimental DE-05 as of writing

xD man this game is buggy + noone has even acknowledged this thread :)

I´ve died by climbing a ladder and using a hacksaw to make the sawn-off shotgun.

Still occurring in .48 Stable. This usually happens to me on Fire Station stairs, but about 20 minutes ago on an extremely low pop server, Aloha is for Tourists. With 8 players and no lag, I died going up to the third floor of the Generic Office building in Electro, across from the Police Station.

"My leg is broken."
Then, "You are dead."

Had this issue twices on a lattice bridge in Novo near the silo´s. Broke legs and died. (today on exp 0.49)

Also twice on the Building sites one times near labrantino and other times somewhere on the east coast (not Berenzino)(Patch 0.48)

Also today again in Novo upsatirs in the industrial area twice on the same spot: 0.49

Happened to me too today. I was crouched still in a catwalk inside the lumber mill in Berezino, in a covered position so it's highly unlikely a sniper shot me. Suddenly the screen went black without a noise and got the "My leg is broken." and "You are dead." messages.

Very annoying.

Just while we're in alpha, it should be good to have a message informing you how you died. This would help debug a lot.

Can confirm that this is also happening to me. This sort of bug really makes people moan a lot about hacking, so it would be nice as other before me have requested, to be able to see what killed you.

Another victim here, once on top of the police station both legs became broken; another time in an apartment building just got the 'you are dead' message and found my body on the ground OUTSIDE of the apartment with only pants with damage taken indicating a fall.

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Confirmed that this has happened to me several times in 0.49 stable. The tell-tale sign is ruined pants and boots, broken legs, and no gunshots or players anywhere nearby. Usually the first "fall" doesn't kill me, but usually what happens is it thinks I fall many times over a very short period, and sometimes it's enough to outright kill me, other times it just breaks my legs and ruins my pants and boots.

Is there any word from the devs that they are actively working on a solution to this bug, or are they only aware of it without knowing how to fix it? I really want to know when it comes to this one in particular, as it ranks #1 on my list of bugs that completely ruin gameplay, because there is absolutely no way to avoid it other than never going on the second floor of buildings.

This happened to me on top of factory:

When I got to the same place again after respawn there were only a few items on the ground.
No body to be found anywhere.

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Happened to me too in airfield's tower... just when I got mountain backpack :/

I understand that this is alpha version but if this problem has been since start of this year - I must ask what are developers doing? do they have better things to do than this? hope not, because if there are some bigger problems inside the game than this death glitch then I am really really worried about this game...

Just became a victim on an empty server in the stable branch (.49) at the factory scaffolding on the coast of elektro. Walking across the top when suddenly a "you are dead" screen with legs broken & severe pain messages.

-> "OW" My leg is extremely painful.
-> I think my leg is broken.

Uhmm, yu w0t m8?

-> You are dead.

I think my char just had a heart attack while walking down the stairs and felt his heart pumpin in his leg.
Kappa, respawn time.


Yes, it also happened to me so many times(firestations, prisons, etc) but sometimes I just had the leg broken and did not die. It mostly happened when I was standing still, looting. (no, I didn't get shot)

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Please, fix this damn bug, im so sick of breaking my legs or dying from it, i've lost count on how many times this has happened.

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Here is a very informative video showing what I believe is causing the bug:

andy added a comment.Oct 23 2014, 3:43 PM

Hey everyone,
we are aware of the problem, but it is a tricky one and the eventual fix might take some time to come - please be patient!
We have investigated this again recently and might have identified the cause. The issue is now scheduled for a fix.

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Hi Andy, this is a real game breaker. Killed by a player, ok no problem. Killed by a hacker? Really stupid but ok. Killed by this glitch just feels really bad. Please fix!

Hi, happened to me 3 times (1 at NWAF, 2 in the South), only in firestation towers, only on 2nd or 3rd level. Last time yesterday, in Chernogorsk firestation, 3rd floor, when reached the top of the stairs.
I didn't die, instead all 3 times I got hit by an invisible ghost that ruined my shoes and my pants, and some objects inside took damage.
Only yesterday, it also made "My feet hurt" / "are sore", managed to cure it after morphine and painkillers.

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I've had it a lot in red houses on the second floor, the TEC-building and several times at the open factory buildings like the one at polana factory or east cherno.

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Confirm in Firehose in the tower :)

Yes, walking on top of a building towards the edge and then 1-2 sec *lag* causes you to still walk over the edge to your death is just too much.

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It happened again to me. I was collecting a few minutes at a building, while climbing one floor my legs were broken, and I got the message "you are dead" with no reason.

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Confirmed :P

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Still confirmed for 0.51. Died recently in Stary Sobor. I inside big hall, up there with 4 other friends. I was walking towards an edge and stopping (locally), but seemingly I 'rubberbanded' down to the ground. I didn't see it, just the 'You are dead' screen. My friends just saw me vanishing and found my body down on ground outside the hall.

Confirmed for 0.52 still. Was in ATC at NWAF, broke legs and then randomly died. No gun shots or anything

Confirmed. Doors and ladders are a big trouble spot for me. It's hard to climb DOWN a ladder from a ledge without your survivors just jumping off and dying, and doors can sometimes hit and kill you, like in the mod.

Geometry is very glitchy. Proning around rocks can kill you. (I assume you're taking damage from colliding with the rock, and proning across it makes the game think you're taking fall damage from shifting around on it.)

last time i had this bug, is long time ago (couple months) but we will see, you never know what comes next in dayz ;)

just be careful in multi story buildings when having desync/rubberbanding issues (eg. when you just joined a server), this seems to cause this issue for me.

Just happened to me too.

I just got in the server and was on first floor of haybarn. Quite possible that I had a desync and fell off. Funny thing is, I didn't run so as not to alert zombies, but snuck in crouched mode.

Would like to add that this similar situation happened to me on the 3rd floor of a building in Berezino. crouching on the third floor the screen went black and the words "You are Dead" appeared.

There was several gun fights going on around me at the time so I made sure to wait 5 minutes before clicking "respawn" so I could hear a player come up to my body and loot it. That never happened so my assumption is I fell out of the building or through the floor to my death.

I will be more than happy to record gameplay and to reattempt this. I have no problem losing gear in this manner if we can get this fixed.

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How's this coming along? It's pretty much become a "Normal" occurrence for most players.

Last update to this was OCT. Time for a review of the issue I think.

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didn't happen to us for e very long time now.. just forgot this until I read your post^^