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AI commander forcing player out of vehicle beacuse damaged track
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Its ridiculus, stupid, irracional, unrealistic and suicidal behavior. Please change this immidently! Ai commander allways order to disembark as highest priority when track beign damaged, even if there is only enemy infantry nearby (we - as crew are forced straigt to die from enemy small arms, even if we got functional tank!). Never seen anything like this on real battlefield or even on movies.


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AI Control / Commanding
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Spawn enemy AT team
Spawn tank - you CANNOT be commander
Try to being hit to only damage track

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This should work like this:
Create Mechanic class - Mechanic can repair track, egnine, commander turret, cannon - dont be afraid - ACE team have done this - just ask them how
Equipp every vehicle with tools kit.
Enemy sighted* - turn into combat mode* - allowcrewinimmobile
After engaging* - no enemies in sight* - turn into aware mode* - disembark ONE mechanic (driver if alive) to repair the track.
There is no way to make this more relistic. I will not edit every downloaded mission wasting time to eneter "allowcrewinimmobile", this shoul be done automaticly.

Please make it possible fast, its gamebreaking feature, specially in modded content (RHS) where most of time track being damaged by RPG fire, my whole crew dies beacuse such stupid incident.

  • - ITS ALREADY APPLIED, just modify it a bit.

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Still no response.... I cant understant it. There will be zero % chances for response if i will wait, beacuse this ticket will get on last sites and it will be forgotten, if i will remind you about it every week, will you finally fix it?

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Who voted it down?

The commander can order to his subordinates to leave the transport, but the player should choose independently when to do it! This should not happen automatically after desembark-order. Ho votes against, does not understand this problem...

Have you tried to start the discussion in the BI Forums with the AI developer?

What is his name (pseudo, login)? For now, no matter where damaged tank is standing, is it surrounded by 100 riflemans, crew is disembarking just to die, even when they have chances to continue shooting and staying alive. Person who downvoting this is so called CoD Fan and like so easy targets, isnt it?

I writed to oukej and one more guy from AI topic in BIF, no response, no reaction. Please dont let this as it is, it need tweak, same as Ai reversing behavior. For now tanks are just dummy targets.

  • Cannot defend against giuded missles (smoke doesnt working like it should)
  • Ai drivers cannot reverse if is anybody is nearby
  • PhysX engine launching our tank in random direction
  • Crew is disembarking when track is damaged and there is intensive firefight all around.

How this could happen in milsim? Please take care of this, i know your team are working on water shaders, it look brilliant, but tanks are almost unplayable now. We are waiting more than 2 years now ........

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Look up "allowCrewInImmobile".

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I know, but i will not re-edit all downloaded missions specially for this. This should be automatic.

Annoying problem: the player should not be pushed out of the damaged vehicle. The player should choose independently, when to leave the vehicle. This should work for all vehicles in the game.

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Annoying problem: the player should not be pushed out of the damaged vehicle. The player should choose independently, when to leave the vehicle. This should work for all vehicles in the game.

Not only the player, even AI's default behaviour should be to stay inside the vehicle as long as it's armed and has ammo.

@R3vo - yes exactly. I mean, this problem annoys the player in general

R3vo added a comment.Feb 6 2016, 1:09 PM

It not only annoys players, but it also makes wheeled armoured vehicles basically no threat. I can't even count how often I've disabled a Marid or Ifrit by just shooting it's tyres, to afterwards mow down the ejecting AIs.

@R3vo You think that if the vehicle loses its wheels, then the AI crew should not leave it immediately? Do I understand correctly?
If so, I agree with you completely! Thus the vehicle will be still dangerous for the enemy.

Probably the threshold for the immediate escape vehicle needs to be more critical.
For example total damage > 80-85%

If the vehicle loses the ability to move and health of this vehicle > 15%, then the AI-crew needs to stay inside for some time. It is possible to make the interval in the range of 30-150 seconds, for example. This behavior will be more realistic

Addon is made, fox not, maybe you guys could use my addon as a fix (bohemia)? Its pretty strange its still not fixed.

Its pretty strange its still not fixed

I don't see anything strange. Unfortunately BIS is in no hurry to correct the bugs, it is usual

This is a severe issue since OFP: "Auto-bailout-within-1second-and-kill-the-attacker-with-headshot"-habbit of BIS tank crews.

Together with the "a-tank always explodes at a certain damage level even caused by water/under water"-issue we see in field following on regular basis:

  • as lucky AT manpad gunner I was able to damage a tank badly
  • within the same milisecond the tank/any vehicle received a certain damage, the crew appears next to the tank, but without damage/wounding itself in many cases - I call that the best tank crews in the world, real humans act a little bit different and slower especially when lungs collapsed, skin is burned and maybe metal pieces inside the body
  • there is a delay of a few seconds before a tank/vehicle explodes once it exceeds a certain damage level- ALWAYS. But this time is used by the highly motivated crew to thank you with an precise headshot over incredible distances from the hip with a crappy AK74 with iron sights.- ALWAYS
  • Then the vehicles explodes and kills the crew that forgot to run away from the soon-exploding vehicle because those heroes rather kill enemies before saving their life.

That non-sense is persistent since OFP.

Hey BIS, somebody will solve it finally!?

No they will not

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