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Item Duplication Using Vehicle Inventories
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You are able to duplicate any item that is capable of fitting into a your uniform or vest using the inventory of a vehicle. Once the item has been duplicated the game does have some knowledge of it being a duplicate because you cannot place the duplicated item into one of your player's containers if the original or another duplicated item is present already. This can be seen in the linked video, as well as not being able to throw the duplicated grenade. However, duplicated magazines are still usable and using script commands such as "weapons player" and "magazines player" include the duplicated item, so if a mission has persistence, a quick "soft log" will result in the duplicated items behaving as normal items.

I have unfortunately not been able to test this in multiplayer but will attempt to tonight and see if another player is able to pick up the duplicated item.

Modded content that doesn't restrict what items can be placed into vests allow for this to be used on primary weapons as well.

This was tested on both 1.52 and 1.54.133353 (RC Branch).


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place the item you wish to duplicate into one of your player's containers.
  2. Enter the vehicle and open your inventory.
  3. Drag the item you wish to duplicate to one of your other player containers and close the inventory (doesn't matter if you hit esc key or press the X on the inventory menu.
  4. Open the inventory again and drag the item you wish to duplicate to the vehicle's inventory, close the inventory and exit the vehicle.
  5. The item should now be in the vehicle's inventory and in the player container you dragged it to.

Video displaying this exploit with a pistol and grenade:

Additional Information

Let me know if there is any further information I can provide.


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