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What happened to "special" (flying, in formation, in cargo, none)
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In the 2D editor you're able to select through "special" if the object is flying or in formation or in cargo or just plain old none.
This feature has since been removed in the eden editor and since, well I heard that you guys are removing the 2D editor that this may break a lot of things. (well personally since I have a lot of missions start off with planes or helicopters flying, which in eden just makes them fall straight into the ground instead)


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Play an old mission (one before the new mission.sqm) with some sort of helicopter or plane that is set to flying. Load up the mission in eden. Watch how they fall into the sky and then if this object was player controlled, the screen will become blurry (due to player death).

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Flying was replaced with simply placing a aircraft and using the alt key to change its altitude. The others (in formation, none), I'm not sure. There is a right click context for forcing a unit into formation, but I haven't figured it out yet. I haven't found a "none" command yet though. It should come back though if it was taken out, very useful.

Excerpt from ingame tutorial "Switching from 2D Editor":

The discontinued features are:

  • 'Special' object attribute:
    • 'Flying' is set by increasing altitude.
    • 'Formation' is available in the context menu.
    • 'In Cargo' is achieved by moving characters to vehicles directly.

Could you please attach your 2D editor mission? In my test mission, the import correctly reads FLYING state and moves the vehicle in the air.

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Hey Moricky, sorry that I didn't look through the tutorial.
I found out that this actually occurs when running the ATLAS LHD mod. Basically what actually happens is anything that is created from the mission.sqm will actually (while atlas_lhd is being created) still have simulation. Anything spawned in after will not. (maybe it could be a script in the file?) (this isn't happening with the nimitz) (could it be because the lhd is not registered in any of the lists in eden? But instead in the 2D editor?)
Also during these tests I found that these models (lhd and nimitz) would stay in the mission space (eden space?) and not leave when loading or making a new mission (cntrl + n), but i guess that's another issue. (these tests were conducted in the latest dev version) (also sorry for the late reply, been busy)

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A big problem is if you want to let a helicopter fly or hover in low heights from the beginning of a mission.

The helicopter only starts flying if you set an altitude of 19m and above.

If you set an altitude lower than 19m the helicopter will crash because its engines are off.

I think, a small field with that "flying" attribute would be great.

What if I just want to let choppers and planes fall from great heights with their engines turned off?

I wouldn't like to open a new ticket and see this one classed as "duplicated" but one sure thing:
In 2D classic editor (not eden), when you create a group and choose "none" instead of "in formation", the units regroup themselves in V standard formation!
It's weird.
Place civilians, spread on map, group them, each with "none" in special field.
They will regroup at preview!

I'd like a separate option for flying in Eden.
Right now the editor just assumes I want the engine on when I put a helicopter in the air. Sometimes I want a helicopter in the air without its engine on.
And it doesn't set it to "flying" until a certain height.

Some option in the unit like "Flying: Auto, Force On, Force Off" or something would be nice.

use setFuel 0 if you want to crash the helo.

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Can't reproduce.

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