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Please add option to disable volumetric clouds (use A2 clouds then)
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Hi, the problem is verry anoying, its transforming clouds - if i move camera - the clouds are transforming on their edges, and above player cloud coverage is diferent than on horizon - this was reported times ago and wasnt fixed - OK, it must be hard (or impossible), but please add option just like in Take On Helicopters to DISABLE VOLUMETRIC CLOUDS. Game would use same clouds as Arma 2 then, and it would safe some patience and FPS by the way.


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old Arma 2 clouds were completely removed afaik,
so this isn't as simple as you think

The PiP rendering still uses the A2 clouds, and I know the A2 clouds were supported in Alpha.

If this is not so simple then sorry, but i was not mistaken, saying that would be 100% better solution than "alive clouds".

Many fatures from ALPHA should back like A2 clouds and Lens Flares... Please get it back.....

Please, at least give us option to complete diable this clouds, they look terrible.... and it still gives some error in rpt files about "simulweather".

Guys this is not funny. I just downloaded "Ghost" Update (no information about changelog) and nothing from reported bugs are fixed so far. First of all radio commands are bugged (some part of sentense are not spoken, and some of reports are not showing on HUD), Clouds - just terrible...... is this so hard to fix most ugly part of the game? Tracks damage and crew disembarking - off course same bug repeated again. PhysX - totally zero change (no files were updated). Is this some kind of Joke? I played just one presentation (tanks) and i dont want to play it no more. mission starts with tank stuck with wrong place after the order (move to next waypoint). Ugliness, on bugs, bugs on errors, this is how Arma 3 look like (2 years after release).

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Sad but true...

Its your opinion.ok. Show one game thats so complex? Can you?

What i mean is they are working. There are things that are currently more important. They are tweaking the personal equipment or fixing the hopefully last map glitched they rework the soundengine so its more realistic and the long wished Eden. The complete AI thing is updated quite often. More on dev branch. E.g. AI seeing through trees , AI driving skills, AI weapon usage. Arma 3 is the most complex game i know and its normal that there are problems. For that we , the community, have the Feedbacktracker to show problems to the devs. Read other big tickets they always write "No Ticket is forgotten" they are no robots they are humans like you and me so let them do what they can. Have patience and enjoy the dev build with full CUP mod.

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I was part of TrueSky team, we have fixed issue months ago. Why Arma developers didnt putted fixed version? GTA is complex game as well, there are planes, cars, boats, AI, and its even more complex. I know changelogs, i know they are working but, they could done this year ago, instead of making dlc's. This is why we are so frustrated.

The AI in arma 2 was the most complex AI on the market and it got improved much more than any GTA or BF AI. But thats not the point. Maybe they put it in the Expansion update. They will change the water render maybe they put it in there to not make too much big updates?
This are clouds when im shooting i mostly look on vehicles or troops but not the clouds. I have never felt it disturbing or anything

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... until you use chopper or jet. Its terrible looking, and fix is very easy - just update engine.

Like i said what could be is that its fixed with the tanoa expansion. There are some similar fixes.

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Like TutSi said, just update the TrueSky plugin and the issue should be gone.

I already posted a small reply of one of the developers of TrueSky:

They got manage to fix the wobbling clouds.

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Any Update? Plugin is ready... we are ready.... game is ready.... just apply it please.