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Device Removed crashes introduced in 1.46 [PRIMARY TICKET]
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One and a half years I've never seen the Arma3 crash! But after updating 1.46, the game is constantly wrecked.
Windows messages: DX11 error:buffer Map failed:E_OUTOMEMORY or

When the game crashed, together with the Windows crash-messages, also comes the message from the start-panel:
"display Driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 353.06 stopped responding and has successfully recovered"

I have updated DirectX and video drivers on, also, I turned off all mods! but it doesn't help. The game repeatedly is crashed!
What happens? {F26371} {F26372} {F26373} {F26374} {F26375} {F26376}


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same here and a lot of friends to

Asus GTX 970 Strix, Driver: 353.06

I get the D3D Error -DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED as well. Started immediately after patching. Happens at the 10-15 minutes in to the game every time. MP or SP. No Mods or Modded.

They're going to want directX information .rpt logs, and crashdumps, nothing can be done without them.

Yesterday Steam was loading the update, after that I could play 20-30 min. and then the game was freezed.
After restart it was the same, 20-30 min. later freezed (without crash-message.)

Adam added a comment.Jun 9 2015, 8:01 AM


could you please upload your DX-Diag file? It would help us a lot.
You can find how to get your file here:

Thank you.

See attached files, DX-Diag file attached.
Tests show, that problems associated with DirectX doesn't exist!

Apparently my report was closed and listed as a duplicate of this one even though I don't even get an error message, just a black screen that requires me to kill the process via task manager. Should I reupload my DX-Diag and crash reports from my original report to here?

Adam added a comment.Jun 9 2015, 9:47 AM

@TDalton, even though you did not see the error screen your RPT says following:
0:39:46 DX11 error : Device removed: : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED.

However we are aware of the issue.

Thank you for your replies and feedback.

same here every 5-20 min blackscreen. it's very frustrating

Thank you Adam, at least I know I'm getting the same error as everyone else. Is there any additional information I can provide to help you?

Adam added a comment.Jun 9 2015, 12:24 PM

We are sorry you have issues with running the game. We would like to assure you that we are dedicating time to find best solution for this issue.
Our research indicates that multiple games suffer or suffered in the past from this or similar issue. We now believe issue might be in communication between game and gpu.
A portion of users were able to solve issue by applying one or more of next steps.
Please let us know if it worked for you.

  1. Update to the Latest drivers (f.e 353.06 for Nvidia)
  2. Download and install DirectX End-user runtime web installer (
  3. Lower game resolution (matching or lower than desktop resolution)
  4. Download EVGA Precision, power up the fan of your GPU, reset all custom setting in Nvidia control panel and activate VSYNC globally in Nvidia control panel and in Arma 3.
  5. Upgrade BIOS for Gigabyte motherboards
  6. Download Win32_152812.exe or Win64_152812.exe for Intel integrated graphic cards.

Some users also found this helpful, however we do not recommend it since it might be dangerous for your machine

  1. Raise your voltage via MSI Afterburner by small amount (0.01v)

I really doubt that "multiple games" crashed every 5-15 minutes. If they did, they were probably either very quickly patched or ended up dying. There is nothing wrong with anything on my machine and there was nothing wrong with the game (as far as the crashes) until the last patch. It is clear that the developers messed something up with the last patch and that is causing issues for a lot of people.

Also, it appears you have copied and pasted those "steps" from some REALLY old post as 314.07 hasn't been the latest nVidia driver since the beginning of 2013. I almost find it insulting to be told to lower my game resolution below the native resolution when there is nothing wrong with anything on my end. This is a problem caused by a change that was made by the developers and it is something that will have to be fixed by those same developers.

I can also confirm this is not an issue related to GPU load as I play the King of the Hill mod, which (due to poor coding) uses very little GPU power. I am sorry if I sound angry but suddenly a game that I put multiple hours a day into suddenly is unplayable for me and there is nothing I can personally do to fix it. Instead I have to wait for the developers to find a solution. I really don't know how this patch got through testing. Everyone I've talked to who has a nVidia graphics card is now having issues with crashing that makes the game unplayable.

Latest drivers for nvidia - 353.06, from 31.05.2015, not 314.07, at least it shows my PC.

Why player should do so many operations, especially since this may danger for the users machine.
Before 1.46 update, player no has this problems. This means that the update 1.46 has bugs.

How can the player return the version 1.44 ?

Adam added a comment.Jun 9 2015, 12:31 PM

We are aware of the issue although we have trouble reproducing it. Every bit of information you can provide (What kind of mission were you playing / How long did the game run etc.), will help us significantly in identifying the issue and if possible fixing it.

same problem for me and other friends.
Some players and me post on Bohemia forum :

I play Stratis Westland.
Random crash after 5/10/15 minute
No crash for the moment in Poney helicopter( one hour fly).

Me and my friend as this problem at exactly the same time(same server).
Screen block, no error message , Cpu and internet work like if i played.
All computer block, i must kill arma3 process.
This time i must reboot the computer because my desktop and icon disappear.

Video Driver up to date
No problem before this update.

I offer you my simple repro-mission - RODOPOLI_TestMission.Altis.
See attached files.
Before update 1.46 many times I played this mission, I testing the behavior of the AI in this mission. Never had a crash. Never!
And now, after 1.46 update, when I play this mission the crash is always!(I played 4-5 times)
BIS, in the this mission, move to the destination point, when the battle begins, after a some time (1-10 min) the game always first stops and after a few seconds crashed with Windows messages: DX11 error:buffer Map failed:E_OUTOMEMORY or D3D Error -DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED.

Jawsh added a subscriber: Jawsh.May 8 2016, 12:11 PM
Jawsh added a comment.Jun 9 2015, 2:07 PM

A friend and I have also been experiencing this issue. I'll link to our .RPT and DxDiag files.

My DxDiag -
My 1st .RPT -
My 2nd .RPT -
Friend's DxDiag -
Friend's .RPT -

"What kind of mission were you playing?" - King of the Hill version 9 by Sa-Matra and BobbyDigital.

"How long did the game run?" - About 32 minutes before the first crash and around 12 minutes before the second crash.

No client-side or server-side mods were running on my client. My game version is 1.46.131127.

Please let me know if there are any addition files or information you wish for me to provide.

Edit:,mpFU46X#0 - Error message after using Windows Task Manager to end the Arma 3 process after it crashed.,mpFU46X#1 - The Arma launcher after the second crash.

When I opened my minimized Google Chrome window it was entirely purple. Closing and reopening it fixed the issue. /Edit

I thought my friends werew all crazy when they said they keep crashing. I wasnt having any issue. I was even streaming on twitch. Then all of a sudden 10-of the 15 in our grp all crashed at the same time. I didnt. Then about 2.5 hours into gaming boom game locks up and had to do a hard reboot. after that every 30 mins or so it would lock up again.

When the game crashed, together with the Windows crash-messages, also comes the message from the start-panel:

"display Driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 353.06 stopped responding and has successfully recovered"

same problem for me and other friends.

I play King of the Hill V9.
Random crash after 5-25 minute

Gamedisplay freeze, Gamesound still there.
Must kill with Taskmanager.
Same Error message as Jawsh.

Video Driver up to date
No problem before this update.
Intel 4810MQ
GTX880M Treiber 353.06

Sorry for bad english
Hobe you will find a solution soon. regards Rene

BIS, please, if this possible, until you find the error in the 1.46 update, to roll back the game to the version 1.44. We cant to play in A3

I agree Mickyman, if they can't find the error, they need to roll the update back. Most of the people I've talked to that have nVidia cards are having crashing since the last patch. That probably a majority of the Arma 3 players who now cannot play at all.

I agree also.

@Adam: I tried the list you suggested. Still my Arma crashed as before.

same problem for me and other friend

King of the Hill V9. Random crash after 5-25 minute

Video Driver up to date
No problem before this update.

Geforce GTX 960
i5-4690 @3.50ghz
16gb ram
1920x1080, 60Hz, same in game
Driver 353.06 -> is latest
Win 8.1 64 bit
DX latest (didnt update,said already OK)

Same issue over here. I play koth for 10-30min aaand crash... -.- FIX IT QUICK GUYS!
CPU i7-4790K @5.2GHz
GPU Inno3D GTX 980
Mainboard ASUS Maximus VII HERO
PSU Corsair AX860
Storage 1x 250GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD, 1x 512GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD, 2x 1TB WD Green



EDcase added a subscriber: EDcase.May 8 2016, 12:11 PM

Crash for me in 'Insurgency'


Screen goes black. No error message.

No crashes before update.

slayer added a subscriber: slayer.May 8 2016, 12:11 PM

all time this damned crash! make your stupid upfukingdate NORMAL!

Can confirm this too, already happened in 1.44 for me

Adam, I've done all your suggestions and am still experiencing the same issue. Didn't start till 1.46 patch for me.

As a note the DX diag I put up before is pre-bios update. on F14 now.

I have received the crash error before the game's splash screen even loads. I think it was 1.4 seconds into launching ARMA3 from the launcher. It is the same error message everyone is reporting "DX11 error : Device removed: : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED" and "DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG".

This crash is easily reproduced for me as it occurs about every 5 minutes (sometimes more, sometimes a lot less) and started with the 1.46 patch.

I've also witnessed this bug effecting several players at once on a KOTH server where they were all there in front of me and then poof, 6-7 players disconnected at the same time. I have also crashed with 2 of my buddies at the exact same time in a KOTH match. In fact, all of my friends that play ARMA3 (6 that I've talked to) are experiencing the exact same thing and we have all given up.

Here is one of my most recent rpt files

Roll it back or hotfix it yesterday.

I get this same exact error with the same exact processes as everyone else.

nVidia tried an old and the current driver, both crashed on King Of The Hill repeatedly.

Multiple CML (Clan Magnus Legio) players experiencing similar issues on the Hostile Takeover servers.

It has made the game unplayable...


dru1d added a subscriber: dru1d.May 8 2016, 12:11 PM
dru1d added a comment.Jun 10 2015, 2:50 AM

I have experienced the issue since latest update.
Old drivers for nVidia did not work.
Updated drivers did not work.
I've tried multiple "fixes" and suggestions, and have had no luck. Hoping my information comes in handy.



Adam added a comment.Jun 10 2015, 8:57 AM

Hello again, we have managed to reproduce the Device Removed crash on @Mickeymens mission.

If you want you can roll back to previous version using code: Arma3Legacy144 in Arma 3 Betas Settings. Simply right click Arma in your steam library, select properties and selecting Betas tab and insert the code there.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to work on this issue.

Unfortunately Adam, if we individually roll back, we will be unable to play on any multiplayer servers. If this bug cannot fix fixed soon (like yesterday) then maybe rolling everyone back to 1.44 needs to be considered until you can fix the issue. I'm already on my 3rd day of being unable to play the game I love.

"we have managed to reproduce the Device Removed crash on @Mickeymens mission"

I'm glad my mission was useful for you, we are patiently waiting for the fixes

grinja added a subscriber: grinja.May 8 2016, 12:11 PM

Always crash after being revived on King Of the Hill, hope that helps.
1.44 servers are empty so all downgrade or fix.
Hope you can fix this until E3... ;)

Same problem here, crashes in King of the Hill after about 5 - 15 minutes.
Also tried the tips from up there, but none of them could fix it in any ways.
A rollback would probably be a quick solution.

GTX 970 Driver 353.06

windows updated, i think DX is updated too because manual update says that downloaded files are not applicable, dxdiag shows DX 11.
Now it crashes randomly in about 10-15 mins.
gpu nvidia gtx460 (1.44 worked without any crash)
cpu i7, 16GB ram

arma3launcher.exe doesn't from steam or cmd or explorer, no errors in console. can start arma3.exe from folder and restart with battleye.

i saw explosion FX updated (maybe on other fx), are you using some edge DX11 feature?

Lex added a subscriber: Lex.May 8 2016, 12:11 PM
Lex added a comment.Jun 11 2015, 2:05 AM

Such mistake and at me. In two hours of game, 6-8 cases of a mistake on version 1.46. In different situations and actions. Tried DEV the version, in the editor in 10 minutes the screen stood, did hot reset, PS did not answer any actions.
What sense to swing 1.44, servers 1.44 are not present. Many thanks for the offer and behind a curve 1.46.
How it could be passed? It occurs even in a simple scene, in the editor.
Before make correction and release, check it, let's more time to it happen.

TTc30 added a subscriber: TTc30.May 8 2016, 12:11 PM
TTc30 added a comment.Jun 11 2015, 2:38 AM

My friend can play Stratis fine and smooth, but once he loads in Altis it plays fine for 10 seconds and then begins to increasingly lag and eventually freeze. He can then close it with the task manager. Lowering graphics only seem to delay the inevitable. I on the other hand are still playing arma, he uses nVidia I use an AMD card, we're now trying to switch the video cards around out of curiousity

could have to do something with the errors. other pll in other games have the same problem.

i dont have any problems , so i can play missions for hours, i did just read that, and maybe it helps.


Adam added a comment.Jun 11 2015, 7:53 AM

Hotfix was released!

Please see for more info. If you encounter this issue again. Let me know!

Thank you.

Lex added a comment.Jun 11 2015, 9:54 PM

Thanks! Today, after Hotfix: 1.46, any crash! Thanks!!!

I haven't crashed since yesterday's hotfix. thank you.

whole day without crash :) gj tnx

No any crash, already several days, thanks for healing

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