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"150Rnd_762x51_Box" (legacy class for "150Rnd_762x54_Box") can not be loaded into Zafir
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In the current dev-branch Zafir boxes were rechambered to 7.62x54 ("150Rnd_762x54_Box"). The old class ("150Rnd_762x51_Box") serves as a legacy class and should add boxes functionally identical to the new box. However they can not be used to reload the Zafir.


Legacy ID
Steps To Reproduce

Spawn as CSAT AR.
Use player addMagazine "150Rnd_762x51_Box" (make sure you've got enough room).
Try loading it into the Zafir.

Additional Information

Might apply to other rechambered weapons too.

Server admins can use this code snippet as a workaround, run through either the debug console or packed in a simple addon:

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Any news on this? This is going to affect a lot of mission using custom/script tailored gear.

Is this why since the marksman update i can no longer load my 7.62 zafier or my rahiem 7.62 but can reload all others? because in King Of The Hill i cannot use these two guns anymore because of this. It says 0 mags and one guy said that even if you have a mag in your backpack it wont load.

I'd assume so. I guess your KotH version does still add the "150Rnd_762x51_Box" by script and not "150Rnd_762x54_Box".

I've experienced this as well.

I'm so glad someone has reported this..... since updating my ARMA 3 with the latest update; i can't re-load the Zafir!! I couldn't figure out why but now i know I'm not alone. Please fix this as this is the gun i use in all of my kits so at the moment I've stopped playing!

Agreed.... needs fixing quickly!

Also; if you place a Zafir using Zeus, it will let me fire the rounds in the magazine that is in but cannot be re-loaded.

If you fix this issue.... i will purchase the Full DLC set! :-D

In 1.42 (+ DLC Marskmen), you need to:

  • in arsenal, just remove then add zafir magazines and save your equipment,
  • in virtual ammo boxes, it's a little bit tricky, you need to remove Zafir and mags, add zafir, working mags are highlighted in left windows, double click to add magazines, quit, reload, enter VAS , save your equipment.

As far as king of the hill goes the issue has been resolved most likely by updating the ammo, i have my zafier back :D

what does that mean?
all Modders used the old classnames in their config.cpp have to patch their mods?
or will this be fixed with next update?
INFO Please!

Whats wrong with the DEV-Team?
First Rule is: "Never touch a defined class name!"

Only exception is : the defined class name is wrong...
Its programming style. If you say all classes are bulletcount_calibre_Casing and you say Zafir has 7.62x54 but the mags are 7.62x51 you need to change.