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[Feature request] Fast Roping
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Add fast roping from a helo.


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Prospekt plz leave this form. THere is not room for people like you. You either upvote a post because you want it and like the idea or you downvote it because you don't like the idea. you're not gona rate somthing because you dont like the way it has been asked.

I have a number of things to say on this topic as I'm somewhat of a subject matter expert. (US Marine helicopter crewchief)

@SnIpEr.IT, fastroping has nothing to do with CQB. It's a method of insertion when it either isn't possible or feasible to land.
@rogerx, as far as your suggestions how to implement, I'd say you have the order a little mixed up. Here are my suggestions (modifications of yours):
Ropes will deploy when,

  1. The PILOT activates the "deploy fast ropes" option (via mouse menu). [only available when at airspeeds below 5 mph and altitude between 25-50 feet]
  2. The passengers activate the "fast rope" option (via mouse menu). [only after the pilot has deployed the fast ropes] Ropes will remain until there are no players on the rope. Then the pilot will receive a "Rope Undeploy" option replacing the "Deploy Fast Ropes" menu option. But to reduce menu clutter, the option may only be present once the conditions above are met?

DEVS, I would also suggest adding in SPIE Rigging along with this. And keep in mind that fast roping isn't done one person at a time. Fast roping is unique to the aircraft. Little birds typically fast rope simultaneously from each side of the helicopter. The CH-47, CH-46 and CH-53 typically fast rope from the "hell hole" and the ramp simultaneously. You want to minimize your time spent hovering over enemy held territory as you are in a VERY vulnerable position.
Those are some decent examples.

if this is accepted I have made a ticket asking for a fast rope waypoint!

Dennis. I would love to upvote your comment.. Haha thats exactly what alteast i want. Just like ace but. I have to disagree with the Only pilot thingy since AI is way to dumb. Unless tyl3r99's idea gets implemented using WP for making AI fastrope.

and if my WP idea was do-able on rooftops :P

already upvoted your ticket tyl3r99. I really hope this makes it into the game.
@Raoul1234, in MP I would only want the pilot deploying the ropes as he is certain where he wants the DZ/LZ to be and only he (or the crew of the heli) know if those certain parameters that I listed above are being met. If (tyl3r99's ticket for the fastrope WP) gets implemented then you'll get your wish about the AI deploying them.

I don't want to use the ACE fast rope its so complicated...

if you were able to place a helicopter and then add waypoint (fast-rope)
add people to cargo and observe then it would be awesome.

with ACE Id imagine its script test, script, test, script, test.

yhea yhea i know i know. SO do i. Its just im comparing it with ace one bc its the only working one. THe only issue we had with ace was the pilot is the only one that can deploy the rope and ofcourse with AI it brings problems. No way of scripting that.

exactly why bis should make this :)

rogerx added a comment.Jul 8 2013, 9:11 PM

Awesome feedback and corrections DennisModem. ;-)

A note. Network lag seems to be a factor with the availability of menu items such as the simple "Get Out" menu item only displayed at less than approx. 5m above water. This prompt item is sometimes there and sometimes not there even though all conditions are met due to network lag on other remote client computers.

So having prompts depending on other pilots' menu actions might be overwhelming for most players due to network lag, but within a perfect world where everybody is on a local server, would likely be the best method to implement.

I do see the reason for having pilot or crew chief authorization in order for passengers to deploy ropes, as players would tend to deploy them whenever. However, implementing it, passenger players would then likely need to wait for up to five seconds sometimes to be able to use the fast rope option, causing the pilot to hover longer than needed.

Shrugs. Personally, not too particular as to how it gets implemented, just as long as those passengers insisting on getting dropped at forested or non-landable XYZ point have an option to deploy. ;-)

I should also note, jumping out of a helicopter within anything but calm seas at < 5m is extremely difficult, as hovering above rough seas a this height is extremely difficult. Hence, fast roping into the ocean is almost required with wind and weather effects are enabled.

Fast roping is already confirmed, just not in yet.

@rogerx I thanks for the props, I think deployment authority should remain solely with the helicopter crew. And I made a test mission doing helocast in the ocean northeast of kamino with AI being the swimmers deployed and an AI pilot using a the simple "eject.sqf" file and a few script commands. Seemed to work fine from a 3 meter hover and then to a separate waypoint to drop more troops. Wasn't very hard to set up.

Hopefully BIS doesn't let rockstar show them up with GTA: V. Looks like they have rappelling.

Well if you are gona compare GTA V with ARMA 3 you're gona have a bad time. 2 Both different games with both awsome features.

Not really what I meant. I meant to say that it's a feature in the game. Hopefully BIS decides to incorporate it. I took some video of us doing fast rope training yesterday. When I get the opportunity to edit it, I'll upload it and post a link here.

REal life or in game?

Too lazy to edit prior to upload = more time to test beta. :-)

Wooo looks good mate, they would be silly not to implement this, also would look awesome with units from your outfit and our British forces

Hazer added a subscriber: Hazer.May 7 2016, 8:07 PM
Hazer added a comment.Jul 27 2013, 8:00 PM

Love to see that request - especially since community wanted this for years now. Why hasn't there been any effort to realize fast-roping at all? Modders tried to fulfill this issue to a certain extent but never reached a satisfying state.

Come on Bohemia, statement pls!

Peter added a subscriber: Peter.May 7 2016, 8:07 PM
Peter added a comment.Jul 27 2013, 8:09 PM

Fastrope was implemented in TOH and thats means that they have the core of that. No pro guys, it will be implemented for sure. Be patient!

Heres another Idea. How about they Implement Keys for fast-roping Like opening doors... When the Pilot/Crew Cheif Deploys the Ropes a symbol of a Rope Appears (Like that of the Opening Door) and all you need to do is press space to fast rope. It will allow for more Fluid Infiltration.

Agree with the general. Once the flight crew Says its ok to deploy ropes and ropers, then players get the option to exit the aircraft.

One vote here to make the onscreen rope emblem resemble a stripper pole. ;-)

Oges03 added a subscriber: Oges03.May 7 2016, 8:07 PM

The mod for this in ARMA II was so popular, I'm not sure why it wasn't a given in this version from the start. Need this and vehicle airlift capability

Agreed! Mods and Devs, any word on when this will be implemented?

@Oges03 I'm with you! Fastrope & Airlift is really an awesome aspect of the strategic points in the game and a MUST have in an military simulator!

Mykhail added a subscriber: Mykhail.May 7 2016, 8:07 PM

On Stratis, there were many heavily forested areas where tactical drops were necessary. Humorously on Altis, Altis is not heavily forested allowing easy landings. Ropes are still useful though for roof top deployments, etc. And Altis doesn't have many, if any, coastal areas for operations for ocean insertions.

Using the EPD server which currently has ropes implemented, people can deploy via ropes, but not board the helicopter via ropes. Ropes are also currently invisible from third person view. Sometimes on auto-hover or standstill, the middle mouse button menu does not have a "Deploy Ropes" option, or the option disappears. (ie. Triggers may glitch.) Also; the Lift (Lift Chopper), Release (Lift Chopper), Deploy Ropes middle mouse button menu options tend to be jumbled amongst other lesser priority menu options, confusing the pilot and causing unnecessary scrolling to acquire clicking the menu item. All of the fore mentioned may or may not be related to this specific feature request and solely intended as feedback on current implementation within Beta!

I find it extremely useful when piloting and lifting an ammo crate or vehicle, to deploy ropes while dropping a lifted item; allowing passengers to deploy more quickly in case a SAM locks on or other incident occurs. However there's always somebody remaining on board not knowing about deploying by rope, and the person requires landing to exit.

Maybe Altis needs more heavily forested areas and areas for ocean insertions, for utilizing ropes & underwater assets?

Albeit, the scenery does look quite awesome while flying helicopters!

This Feature has already been scripted and used within Missions...

Its about getting it in vanille version so that you can use it on every server there is not just through mods etc.

It would be nice to just hop on with normal vanille with a lot of friends or an clan and just use fastroping. So not the whole group of friends or youre clan needs to download all the same mod.. waste of time if it could be created in vanille and would be nicer :-)

From what I've experienced, there people can only deploy and not board helicopters via ropes.

Cool feature +1

You shouldn't be able to board the helicopter via fast rope. It's only used for insertion. SPIE Rigging may be what you are thinking of. Even then you still will not re-board the aircraft until you land.

+1 seems very realistic and useful

Metal69 added a subscriber: Metal69.May 7 2016, 8:07 PM

+1 would be awesome!!!

I thought the same too but landing is just as fast. There is no need for it unless you are in the woods and or to land on a building possibly. There are hardly any woods on Altis

I have seen mod for this. I like it!

I still say Atlis needs more forested terrain for fast roping, or for rope extractions to be utilized more frequently. Stratis was a good example, providing heavily forested areas along Kamino Bay, and surrounded by ocean making rope insertions desirable.

I think Atlis has less foresting due to forests causing frame rate issues?

Atlis also has more accessible land, requiring less ocean insertions. Albeit these issues are probably best discussed under a separate thread, titled more appropriately. Also to note, map makers always situating their operating areas within largely accessible cities and other largely accessible areas is probably another factor, providing many hours of boring repeated scenarios! ;-)

TOH had fast roping:
We can dream arma will one day! :)

LoRo added a subscriber: LoRo.May 7 2016, 8:07 PM

I forgot about the Coast Guard using roping for extractions, too.

jedd added a subscriber: jedd.May 7 2016, 8:07 PM
jedd added a comment.Dec 11 2013, 3:44 AM

Definitely possible. Killzone Kid did a proof of concept here:

LOL. Now that's the tallest stripper pole I've ever seen!!!

izaiak added a subscriber: izaiak.May 7 2016, 8:07 PM

Fast roping with rope using physX

Ltluis added a subscriber: Ltluis.May 7 2016, 8:07 PM

Vote Up!!! We need this

They should totally add this. Even though they have scripts for it, its way too confusing and hard to implement. If they make one it would be so easy to use.

Devs/mods, could we get an update on this?

Tell me if I'm wrong but was it not in the features that fast-rope would be in the game already ???

This ticket here is for a Physx based rope:
We cannot have fast roping without a proper rope. Then scripts, mods and the developers could make a proper fast rope.

Mods please change the category from "Other" to "Feature Request".

izaiak added a comment.Jan 6 2014, 2:41 AM

it is funny to see that developer are working on physX rope but not on adding fast roping on their game.

Hope they will wake up and add few stuff like this one real needed for the game and would be 10x better if it is done by developers rather than users.

rogerx added a comment.Jan 6 2014, 5:09 AM

Fast roping within the *1776* servers is already possible. However, PhsyX and rope graphics are currently missing.

So fast roping is currently possible, just missing graphics & PhsyX. Also, people cannot be extracted by deployed rope rigging, which is previously mentioned within this Bug/Feature. (You see the rope extractions being commonly performed by US Coastguard; As well as within other Army related Movies. ;-)

@izaiak So you expect fast roping to be added without rope?

izaiak added a comment.Jan 6 2014, 5:47 PM

I was waiting a question like this.

No of course but I don't understand why they are working on rope and not on fast rope in the same time.
You tell me : it is normal because they have to do the rope first.

I agree.

But if they work on fast rope with physX that mean they will create the rope. So they can only tell us " we are working to integrate the fast rope".

At the moment it give me the feeling that developers works on their game not for players but for other developers. This is the kind of stuff which should be add by themselves not by the community because the community do it since arma ( maybe since operation flashpoint ?).

This is the kind of stuff which increase the immersion. And make this kind of stuff into the game without mods will bring more people on arma and make less script working on the server for big or role play team.

T-Bone added a subscriber: T-Bone.May 7 2016, 8:07 PM

I think with PhysX it's very possible!

Now that sling loading is confirmed, rope physics are in the works (I heard BI even got a 3rd party to help them with it), all we need now is a confirmation from BI that they'll implement this.

You can scroll and see a feature there to rope down or something like this

I think you still need to use a custom module/script to enable this feature?

Well you know, adding a module is done with three clicks of a mouse in the editor.
It's a sacrifice i'm willing to make if i get a fully functional fastroping in game. :)

@rogerx, it possible to do like wheel/brakes/engine/auto-rotation features...
And how said Chairborne — if module/script — why not... But it's another thing which allow you controling access to the feature. )

If BIS want stay away from heavy scripting, better realize it like features which i listed above.
Same thing with door opening. Some vechicles have doors, but you need add script in your mission and call it from .sqf, what i think looks really weird...

For example, helicopter has controlled engine, wheels, brakes, auto-rotation, lights etc... But haven't doors... WHY? Same with fast-roping.

What only looks ilogically here is the lack of these features.

P.S. Why not to take this feature from TKOH and add physX?

Maxyzzz940: I didn't understand the question, but yes all those actions are possible within the current menu.

With all these scripts, there should be an official repository, using something like GIT, and a script utility to enable/disable script/feature for server administrators to pull and enable/disable scripts without manual fuss. (ie. Something like Gentoo's Layman which pulls official and personal repositories, using CVS/SVN/GIT.) And, scripts should be published with standard version numbers, unlike within the Windows world. Whether by date or version. (ie. script-20141221 or script-1.12)

Since Take on has this capability it is clear that BIS is planning to include this feature in a DLC. How this will work who knows? The RAV Lifter mod has fully functional ropes and animation. Fast roping used to work reasonably well but apparently the recent DLC has broken it and Raven appears to not be supporting or developing it anymore. So this feature is for me a must have. We just need to push this as a feature - if u agree vote. Upvoted +1000

rogerx added a comment.Jan 7 2015, 5:41 PM

Fast roping would be more required if the terrain were more cluttered with trees. The terrain cannot be more populated with trees due to likely frame rates? And as such, this feature/bug is probably depending on the frame rate issue.

Wish they'd publish bug dependencies or what is holding up the integration of feature!

Count your blessings. At least the feature is scriptable!!!

We make architectural CG videos.