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setObjectTextureGlobal causing "Cannot load texture" errors when used with valid mission files
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When a server is running a mission directly from a bare folder (without a PBO), and for all Steam Workshop missions, using the setObjectTextureGlobal command from the server to assign a texture from the mission files always results in a "Cannot load texture" error being displayed to all players connected to the server and anyone joining later as well.

This problem is caused by the fact that setObjectTextureGlobal is broadcasting the raw server-side MPMissions path resolving to the texture, which for example looks like "mpmissions\MyMission.Altis\textures\image.jpg". However, for clients, the MPMissions path is different from the server; in the cases described above, it often ends up being "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis".

Therefore, whenever clients receive a broadcast from setObjectTextureGlobal called from the server, the game tries to resolves textures in "mpmissions\MyMission.Altis", while they are located in "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis", which causes the "Cannot load texture" error being displayed, and the affected vehicles looking partially invisible.


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Ah OK, finally I found this topic. Sorry for asking this question recently on BI forum. Problem known since January 2015 ?

I'm pretty sure BIS are not aware of it, seeing how they've been ignoring pretty much every bug report that isn't a crash.

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I confirm this is still happening. In my case it is affecting custom insignias. On the server it works fine for host player and any AI team members. That is, it gives no error and insignias look great in-game. However, clients connecting (via Steamworkshop) receive this error "Cannot load texture steammpmission\__CUR_MP.Altis".

Example below:

  1. vop.paa is in my mission root folder.

description.ext has:

class cfgUnitInsignia
class vop

		displayName = "Vortex_of_Pain"; // Name displayed in Arsenal
		author = "Rictor_Scale"; // Author displayed in Arsenal
		texture = "vop.paa"; // Image path
		textureVehicle = ""; // Does nothing currently, reserved for future use


  1. In the player initUnit.sqf called for each player locally I have:

[_unit,"vop"] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia;