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Vehicles sinking in ground
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Hi, as in desription. I dont know how to reproduce, but since last update my tanks from mods and vanilla (without using mods) are randomly sinking to ground to tracks level so they cannot move. When it happen, it happen to all tanks at the time. Dont know what forcing this to activate, but it is very annoying specially when happen in mission when you have did something hard and then you are stuck. {F25360} {F25361} {F25362} {F25363} {F25364} {F25365}


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Game Physics
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Play tanks. From vanilla version this was first happen to KUMA tank (independent tank looking like leopard 2). This was random and even dont know when it happen beacuse i was using sight view. I was driving and stopped to ret of platoon join me, used time compression x4 and when my comrades wasnt showing up for minute i wanted to drive to them but it was simply impossible, tank was moving 2 km/h, just like in the deep mud. I SEE THIS IS HAPPEN SPECIALLY WHEN TANK IS STOPPED FOR LONGER TIME (1 minute) and time compress was used. try to turn out as well when stopped.

Additional Information

I selected game version "DEV" , but it start happen on 1.36 and its present on dev too. No matter that i'm using mods or not. It happen randomly

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thank you for the report. Sadly, I am unable to reproduce the problem on unmoded data. Is it possible to upload a simple repromission with steps to reproduce the problem? It would help us a lot. Thank you very much.

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I'm unable to reproduce it too, did you changed something in new DEV update? All was hapening on desert on altis and now its working good. Today steam downloaded 116mb for arma 3, did you released something?

Again its hapening again! With All in Arma Terrain Pack and RHS ESCALATION mod. But it wasnt happen never before. When it happen, all tanks are sinking like on photo and sound from left channel is disapearing. I can get back sound if i pres "esc" key and get back to game few times. I'm sure this isnt fault of mods. It hapening random, but almost always on chernarus with t-72B3

damm, vanila content too! I've just created 2 groups - opfor and blufor - 2 groups of tanks and tank battlle on desert on altis. Played few times and it occured. The most strange is that the sound and this "sinking" bug is start in same time.
I'm finishing reinstaling the game, i'll check the resoult and write back
All its working good on Altis and Stratis. Is that possible to crash game by changin in steam settings to developer build, then back to normal? I was doing so 4 times, maybe that was the fault?

Started to happen again i'm sending RPT file

Some vid's

This is starting random with vanilla islands now PLEASE HELP, this is totally ruining this game...
Note that in one video there is NO LEFT CHANNEL FOR SOUND - this is happening in game aswell while bug occuring.

Could you please verify your data and create new ingame profile?

Ill try give me some time. Thanks for response
I have no luck, it didnt helped. sending fresh RPT

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we were using these mods and after playing for 1 hour issue appeared:

  • Asdg_attachments
  • Asdg_jr
  • Cba_A3
  • sthud_a3
  • Task_force_radio
  • AGM
  • CUP
  • rhs_afrf3
  • rhs_usf3

Very big thanks.

I'am using this mods (are updated) :

  • All In Arma Terrain Pack - bug occur even on vanilla islands
  • ASR_AI3 - can play without this
  • CBA A3 - required for most of mods
  • JSRS3 DRAGON FYRE - playing without its just not playing.
  • RHS Armored Forces Russian Federation
  • RHS United States Armed Forces - playing without RHS giving no joy - i hate futurealistic, and persian-cosmo-something like csat nation

Smaller Addons (also updated)

  • AI_Dispersion - name talking for themselves
  • A3B_CMfix - fix for fire rate of flares on aircraft and choppers
  • Reduce_recoil
  • vts_weaponresting - this is something that BI forgotten to add (like all listed addons)

mas_rep_csat - replacements for csat uniforms - look more like human from the earth

This mod is totally random. BI, if you have installed RHS mod, try to play this mission (few times) :
This started ooccuring again right on it.

Please, release some fix, not whole update it need to be fixed.

RHS writed "It's all due to, and I quote a BI dev "because the changes NVIDIA done were deeper than 'expected' ... we will try fix it as soon as possible".

It's on BI end, and they will fix it soonish :) [^]

I think this is connected with this issue
PhysX is from NVidia, i have Radeon - maybe thats the fault?

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Uploaded file chernadebug.rar contains a repro mission folder as well as associated .rpt demonstrating the same PhysX error. Video is here:

Sepia colour is from flux, sorry. The game crashed just as the bug occurred. Used mods were RHS, ALiVE, and AiATP. I couldn't reproduce in vanilla.

It was hapening to me before 1.38 with vanilla KUMA tank on Altis. I was forced to reinstall the game, bu i will not do that this tame, it takes me 1 day with my internet connection speed. It was working ok before 1.38 and after reinstall, there is one map that this is not occuring from AiA TP at all
Now vanilla units have same issue on almost all islands...

100% reproductable on atached mission (vanila units, vanila islands)
Sending rpt from vanilla, while bug occured (NO MODS!) it take a little longer but happen as well
Still status "need more info"?

Reproduced successfully in vanilla using vlad_8011's mission.sqm, thanks Vlad! Uploading .rpt, video here:

Reproduces all three of this ticket's features:

Sound loss from left channel (bug first occurs): 1:12 (
Sunk tanks: 5:30 onward (
Camera shake is visible during the same period as the sunk tanks.

Tanks that were destroyed or abandoned by AI prior to the occurence of the bug are not affected. Sunk tanks seem otherwise normal and can move a bit, are accessible in inventory screen, etc.

Happens to cars too in latest dev branch.

need to be fixed.

This is happen to all vehicles. Game is unplayable since this. BI, if you read this, fix this matrix or physX issue, threat this as highest priority!

Reminder to close this ticket now that the fix is in devbranch.

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No need to be in dev branch. Last ARMA3 version is impacted. No problem in SP so far. In MP, just try to play on servers like wasteland. Plenty of vehicles are stuck into the ground.

I just had the issue in nexest stable branch on stratis, updating to dev branch

No bug present

played 2 hours on Stratis with 1.40 - nothing happen, same with DEV branch.

didn't see that anymore since 1.40

Thank God....

Happened to me in 1.68 when using "unflip" function contained in crCTI. This function is used to somehow "respawn" vehicles which stuck or flipped over. After using this action on a MBT, one or both tracks were stucking into the ground and MBT could move very slow.
Using "unflip" sometimes more until suddenly the MBT did not appear stucking into the ground.

Another appearance was after passing bridges while leaving the bridge, bridgehead was not perfectly fitting into environment.
It happend more often if resolution & detail are skaled down.

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