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Loading Screen pops up every 10 seconds
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When I try to host a mission the loading map screen pops up for a second every 10-15 seconds. {F24981} {F24982} {F24983} {F24984} {F24985} {F24986} {F24987}


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thanks for bringing the issue to the feedback tracker. Could you please upload your newest rpt file?
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Also, does it happen all the time? Do any other clients see any abnormalities as well? Thanks for the anwsers in advance.

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When i look at my RPT file it is almost blank. Other people are having this issue. This only happens when i try to host a mission on my machine. It works in SP and on other peoples machines and servers. This is the entire RTP file. Oh yeah this was run with no mods total vanilla.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe" -cpuCount=8 -exThreads=7 -maxMem=2047 -maxVram=3071 -noBenchmark -noLogs -noPause -noSplash -world=empty-malloc=tbbmalloc

Original output filename: Arma3Retail_DX11
Exe timestamp: 2014/10/15 15:44:03
Current time: 2014/10/17 21:03:43

Type: Public
Branch: Stable
Version: 1.32.127785

Allocator: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll


Ive uploaded my own RPT file. Im having the same issue.

Your rpt is of no use cam7667, you have disabled logging.

Have had the same problem for the long time on dev branch. uploaded rpt log.
These lines repeats itself over and over in my rpt:

Item Placeholder listed twice
Item Placeholder listed twice
Item Placeholder listed twice
Item Placeholder listed twice
Item Placeholder listed twice
Item Placeholder listed twice
File description.ext, line 25: '.onLoadIntro': Missing ';' at the end of line
File description.ext, line 25: '.onLoadIntro': Missing ';' at the end of line
File description.ext, line 40: '/CfgDebriefing/End3.subtitle': Missing ';' at the end of line
File description.ext, line 49: '/CfgDebriefing/End4.subtitle': Missing ';' at the end of line
File Campaigns\United We Stand\description.ext, line 41: '/Campaign/Missions/Prologue.overviewPicture': Missing ';' at the end of line
File Campaigns\United We Stand\description.ext, line 50: '/Campaign/Missions/Operation_Piggyback.overviewPicture': Missing ';' at the end of line
File Campaigns\United We Stand\description.ext, line 60: '/Campaign/Missions/Fort_Ethos.overviewPicture': Missing ';' at the end of line
File Campaigns\United We Stand\description.ext, line 70: '/Campaign/Missions/Chokepoint.overviewPicture': Missing ';' at the end of line
File Campaigns\United We Stand\description.ext, line 81: '/Campaign/Missions/Operation_Phoenix.overviewPicture': Missing ';' at the end of line
Strange convex component322 in a3\structures_f\research\dome_big_f.p3d:geometryFire
Strange convex component327 in a3\structures_f\research\dome_big_f.p3d:geometryFire

Same issue, uploading rpt file. As an aside, this was happening on devbranch, moved back to vanilla and all was ok, now doing it on vanilla too.

thanks for posting guys. when i pull back to vanilla it still happens.

Hbody added a comment.Oct 19 2014, 9:19 PM

my .rpt ,too. with or without mods same issue. Hope would be fix nearly.

I tested it out with other players, they dont get lag when that loading screen appears.

I started getting this last night, only when I host a mission with and without addons as soon as the mission starts, its like every 10secs the screen goes to the loading screen for the mission.
Theres no lag its like you alt tab out of the game and when you come back if you were moving like running when the screen changed your character finished his run, no lag just goes to the loading screen for 1-2 seconds and then goes back to the game, then in another 10 or so secs same thing.
You simply cannot host a mission for yourself now, it happens with any mission, i tried with heavily scripted missions, and with missions with nothing but placed squads and a player.

@Iceman can you give us an update on this situation please?

I don't see anything in common from your rpts. Could you please try to reproduce it again on Stable build, without any mods and on mission Escape from Stratis? Also, could you please upload your DXDiag files (name it with your nickname, please)? Thank you a lot.

Uploaded further data as requested.

Thank you! Is it possible to provide more info? How many clients are connected? Is it via LAN/Internet? Does it happen right from the beginning? Thanks a lot for the answers.

Problem occurs immediately.

Both LAN and Internet hosting.

Tried with 0 clients and 1 client occurs with both.

Verified not occurring in single-player missions.

I completely removed my ARMA 3 install and reinstalled fresh last night (It had been installed since alpha) file verification all ok.

If any further information/tests would be useful I'm willing to try.

Still occurring in Dev-Branch too.

Hey Iceman. I'm going to record a video of the issue and upload it to YouTube. Sit tight.

On another note, I think the Priority and Severity of this issue should be changed since this is hindering our gameplay.

Apparently it has some effect at the client side too, described by my client as:

" it's like connection has been lost or lag - physics seems to keep going for a few seconds, then everything "skips" back to it's actual server position. This means vehicles and other physx objects literally float off the ground then pop back down again, while infantry just seem to skip back in time. No indication that connection is suffering (no link icon or messages)."

Same issue here since the last game update: Loading screen pops up every 10 seconds. This only happens when I'm hosting a game, for example in the MP Editor (Play - Multiplayer - New). When I start the editor directly from the main menu, the problem does not occur. I can also join and play on dedicated servers without any problems, so the issue is definitely related to local MP hosting. Since I do most of my editing for our clan in the "MP" editor, this bug is really annoying.

Clean rpt file uploaded: arma3_2014-10-20_23-45-05.rpt
Game started without any mods. Went directly to the MP Editor (Play - Multiplayer - New). Created a new mission named "test" on stratis. Placed down a single unit (player) and went to "preview". Right after mission start the issue started showing up every 10 seconds. I noticed several error messages in the .rpt file, but don't know what to make out of that.

Hello, we are still trying to reproduce the issue, but so far with no luck. Although we are already on data lock, this issue has high priority in internal systems and will be merged into Stable update as soon as it gets resolved. The problem is that we cannot even reproduce it, not speaking of fixing. Also a video would be really nice to have some evidence of what exactly is going on.

Thank you all for your info, I hope we'll move forward with this.

Another question, does it help when you create new profile?

Just tested: The issue is gone when using a new profile! After changing back to my old profile the issue returned. So this seems to be profile related.

I have tried removing the squad URL from my original profile, but that didn't do anything (issue still there when using my original profile).

same here created a new profile and we are all good. however there is a small lag blip every 10 sec where the screen would pop up. how ever that may have always been there not sure.

New profile helps. Stutter still present at the same interval but load screen has gone -vastly improved(playable but still enough to be somewhat frustrating).

Uploading video of the original issue to youtube atm, will post link when it's done.

This is an interesting news! Could you be please so kind and upload your profile (the one which is causing the problems)? You can use some file-sharing service like Dropbox. If you mark your comment as private before posting, only I and moderators will see the link. Thank you very much in advance.

The profile folder should be located in your Documents folder

Made a video of the original issue as well. Upload just finished:

Thanks for the profile in the link, but I still cannot reproduce it. Is it possible to put your entire profile folder into a rar archive and upload it? Thank you!

They are just in My Documents/ARMA3 not a separate profile folder.

In the location you initially suggested I have only MPMissionsCache, SteamMissionsCache, SteamPreviewCache, and the rpt files.

I know, my mistake, I already corrected the path in my previous comment.

Seems like you are using the standard profile that was automatically generated by the game. In that case you should upload the whole folder named "Arma 3" under "My Documents".

The folder should include some subfolders (missions, MPMissions, Saved, UserSaved), as well as the two profile files: yourname.Arma3Profile and yourname.vars.Arma3.Profile

Uploaded's big though (.zip not .rar I'm afraid.

I can confirm that even with a new profile there is a short "lag" or stutter every 10 seconds. Barely noticeable, but it wasn't there before and it appears at the exact same interval.

P.S.: My profile folder is almost 300 MB, that's why I can't help here. Upload would take several hours with my slow connection.

Thank you for the data, we are currently analyzing them. Could you please confirm that this behavior (the loading screen) was happening on profiles which were default (created by game) and rather old?

Not sure if it was default but certainly reasonably old.

My main profile (which makes the loading screen appear) is NOT the default profile that was automatically created by the game right after installation. I didn't like the game using my Windows username, so I created a new profile with my prefered ingame Nickname shortly after installation back in 2013. So the profile I'm having problems with is about one year old and was created by me using the menu buttons in the main menu of the game (Configure -> Profile -> New). Hope that helps.

Creating a new profile removed the loading screen, but the lag is still there every 14 sec. Other player notice the same lag if they are in a vehicle that I'm driving. They can also see my avatar lag when I run around.
Good ping, no desync.

Same as everyone else. Changing from my default profile from in game removes the loading screen opening every 10 seconds but there's still some minor cyclical lag.

My friend who hosts our co-op games has been getting this bug for over a month on Dev branch. It is only ever the two of us in the server. He gets the loading screen, and when that happens I experience massive desync for a few seconds. He recently went from Dev to stable and back again, which got rid of the loading screen but we both still get lag skipping every few seconds.

its better yes, but the lag blip is making thing difficult to host, as it brings down the FPS and creates desync significantly.

Don't worry, we are still trying to fix this. The issue is that we are unable to reproduce it. Have you all used community addons in the past?

yes me too, a metric ton of them.

The only mod I've used for quite a long time is VTS Weapon Resting mod. I tried out iBuild recently but it has been disabled.

I've also used (successfully) many mods, but only with this latest update has the regular flashing screen problem occurred exactly as described elsewhere. For the record I'm using a non-default profile as I don't use my steam ID as my in game Arma name.

This happened to me once I registered for a workshop mod called Armory Original+Modern [Beta] and I have deactivated this workshop mission and it went back to normal.Hope this helps

I have been silently browsing this thread for a few days and I have the same problem and what Oulabird said may have something to do with it. Maybe it has to do something with workshop addons or something? Maybe with the default profile, once you download something off the workshop it changes something that, after a recent update, was changed in the update and now is screwing something up? I don't know, just trying to put some thoughts in to try and help this get fixed quicker.

Oulabird nailed it! I have just unsubscribed from all Steam Workshop objects (several missions made by other players) and all issues are gone! No more loading screen and no more lag blip!

I don't know whether to be relieved or horrified...We have a cause but I now have to test the hundreds of missions to which I'm subscribed separately.

Can confirm also; no idea yet which mission caused it but unsubscribed to all workshop items and back in business.

Default profile also working with no workshop missions present.

I have now deleted both 'arma3' and 'arma3 other profiles' folders in my documents to let the game create fresh ones when I start up the game, but the problem still persisted.

I then completely removed arma3 from steam and did a reinstall, but the lag is still there.

So the culprit may very well be the workshop missions.
Where exactly are they stored? so I can take a backup before deleting all of them.

EDIT: Maybe everyone should copy the names of the missions before deleting so BI can look into it. Take a screen shot of steamworks scenarios list ingame.

I have the same issue. This did not happen immediately after the latest stable update but sometime between then and now. I was able to host locally and play just myself MP missions no problem. Then all of a sudden this started showing up this evening.

I tried Vanilla as well with no add ons loaded.

Okay I finally figured out what causes the problem for me.
This mission by Dixon:

As soon as i unsubscribe from that, the lag disappears. Something weired added into that one, I haven't unpbo to see whats inside, can't find the mission in the convoluted steam folder system.

ICEMAN can you please suggest to whomever is in charge of steamworks, to make all subscribed missions downloaded to a folder called e.g 'steammissions' in arma III root folder!

I can also confirm that unsubscribing from steam workshop missions gets rid of the issue.

Ditto re. the unsubscribing to (some) Steam Workshop missions to solve the problem... in my case I pinned it down to this mission by ffredyk [CZ] -

Perhaps some boffin could take a look (with the above mission by Dixon) to find out what causes the larger problem. NB The problem reoccurs if I resubscribe to this particular mission.

Thanks for chasing this up guys.

Should be easy for the devs to nail this down now that many have reported it has something to do with workshop content. Of course it isn't any single piece of content as more than 1 mission has been reported on this.

Obviously it is something Arma is doing every 10 mins likely in checking if Steam content has been updated or something like that.

Does anyone know if you unsubscribe from everything, is it then fine to re-subscribe?

Perhaps I should clarify it doesn't seem to be ALL workshop files, it just seems (?) to be selective content which triggers it. I've still got quite a few others items/missions installed but the screen/map flashing now seems to have stopped.

I didn't uninstall everything, but systematically worked backwards from my most recent installed workshop files (as the problem was a recent one for me) until the flashing bug stopped.

Good hunting Bohemia!

Yeah, I was able to unsubscribe to just 2 or 3 of the most recent ones I subscribed to and this issue disappeared. I'm not going to bother remembering or noting which ones they were. I suspect this is an issue regardless of a specific mission.

Changing my profile name seems to have worked.

Hey, thank you all for the info, the issue is now being investigated with highest priority.

Thanks Iceman. What I did was, I made an exact copy of my profile folder and changed the name of the files to something else. It worked, no loading screen or lag. So weird o.O

I also fixed this problem by renaming my profile. After the rename the game refused my attempt to change it back, but changing the name of the folder and files worked.

Any progress on this issue Iceman? I know we all have fixed our problem, but Im curious to know what caused this to happen.

This bug is back. Since at least Friday 9th October.

Still there - hosted MP has been unplayable in dev branch for three weeks.

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Could you please provide more info? Are you subscribed to any steam workshop missions and if yes, which ones?

I tried to reproduce the issue to no avail.

Thank you.

I have this problem too, but loading screen pops up only while I selecting map and mission.
It behaves like refreshing page after subscribing on mission on workshop. It reset mission selection to "<<New - Editor>>". It's very quick, so I start editor instead of mission when trying to press "Play" button.
My friend don't see loading screen at all. He thought that it just selected mission cursor goes to top.
We are both use devbranch.

Also I think that this issue related to

Ok. Screnn appears only when you have workshop missions. It reset selected mission in list only when workshop mission was selected.
I have unsubscribed all missions and loading screen has gone.
After that I subscribe 2 missions:
They are not appeared in missions list. But loading screen pops up twice with interval about 5-10 seconds.
So, it seems, it's trying to update mission list after download, but fails. Maybe bacause I haven't some addons?

This bug is back in dev branch.