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Add A Magazine Proxy
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A problem that has plagued the ARMA series for a while is the lack of a proxy to have different magazines display in real time on weaponry, meaning if you took the 100rnd 6.5 Magazine for the MX-SW and put it in a regular MX the magazine would still look like a 30rnd (even though I recall a version in the Alpha having this ability).

Its particularly disappointing when mod developers have plans for different types of magazines like drum mags, yet they will not look any different. I wouldn't have thought such a feature would be too hard to incorporate and mod developers could use it to great effect.


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This is a change which could make Arma much more immersive.

Isn't this possible now that the new animated grenade launchers visually represent different ammo types in 1.54?

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It should've been possible all way back since alpha. But even then, I'm sure the implementation reload isn't that much harder than a magazine proxy. Perhaps it's even harder considering they had to go make new reloads for the grenade launchers.

Let's hope this happens, then again it would also need the ability to be separately animated but hopefully if it is in the works that will already be in mind.

Hoping for this.

Hopefully it could happen "soon" and before ArmA4... :-)

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We are really sorry. This limitation is unfortunately going to stay in Arma 3 :( At least in the foreseeable future.

Thanks a lot for your understanding

oukej how about at least only a graphical different magazine? Internally you could handle it like a magazine-attachment. So modders could say if you reload that mag you will get that mag attached. That would be (hopefully) not that more difficult than adding a new modification slot and would not produce that much problems(for example some sniperrifles would just get no attached mag because you load only bullets). All in all that would allow mag Reskins for better immersion.

First of all, this issue should not be set as resolved as it has not been resolved.
Second of all this technology already exists for launchers, at least modders have been able to do it for the Arma 2 RPG-7.
It should be very much in the realm of possibility. It already exists in the game to some degree and at the very least we would like to see it as an option, even without anything special animation wise.

Good point Tinter.