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Addon builder not binarizing rtm animation properly
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I've tried to do a custom hand animation but It seems during the last updates of the tools, Addon builder cannot be able to binarize correctly rtm.

This issue can be viewed more detailed and explained on BI forums:

Finally, I've tested an older version of Addon Builder and It works well so I've determined the problem comes on the new BI tools provided during the last 2 updates. {F24505} {F24506}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Copy and paste the rtm sample animation located on "\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\Samples_F\Test_Anims\" called "AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon.rtm" to "\WEAPON_FOLDER\data\anim\" where "WEAPON_FOLDER" is the weapon of the project you are doing.
  1. Copy and paste the model.cfg provided on Sample model ("Samples_F\Test_Character_01") to"\WEAPON_FOLDER\data\anim\"
  1. Change the handanim[] parameter to "handAnim[] = {"OFP2_ManSkeleton", "\WEAPON_FOLDER\data\Anim\AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon.rtm" }" on your cfgWeapons of the project.
  1. Pack the addon with addon builder.
  1. Check if the handanimation is displayed properly
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I have the same issue.

I had this in early itterations
I removed the model.cfg from the anim folder where the rtm was and it worked

Not a fix obviously but might show root of problem , possibly a new bone structure or the pivot model used for bulldozer could now be diff / defunct who knows only BIS as always :)

hmm then how would it binarise?

it would Binarise as normal ,
it seemed in early itterations the need for a model.cfg in the anim folder (or where the .rtm file was) was negated by a diff inhertiance by the AB .exe and config.bin so no errors were produced .

In addition i also in my namespace root i always put the model.cfg , as you see on a P :drve root ther is a model.cfg with only default skeleton and model , maybe because in my root i put the full model.cfg this allowed for the binarisation.

like i say its not a fix but there have been 4 or 5 occasions from A2 to A3 where the placing of the model.cfg in the anim folder broke the anim due to changes in the binarise.exe , the temp fix for me during these periods was to remove the model.cfg from the anim folder.

it may ork again , however given the complexity of the new development team and A3 , iwould assume this break is different , however still worth a try if the hotfix takes time.

unfortunately i no longer mess with it so cant test , i will say that permissions were 80% of the troubles with A3 development for me and especially on windows 8.1 , the rewards no longer became > than the outcome.

I would also check the roots of the tolls and see if Bis have now placed a Model.cfg as well as the config.bin /.cpp maybe they Borked this as it wont be the first time .

It is evident from the tracker alone that the guy writing the .xml and registry files is not talking to or understanding what the guy who edits the binaries is doing , the whole tools package has been running on a Silo system of development since day 1 , nobody needs to look further than the tracker to see this.

Agreed, what has been going on with the registry values can only be described as a pub crawl. Always a party with a new update.

removing all the anim_f folders from P:\a3\ has solved this issue for me. Now packs fine.

Iceman added a subscriber: Iceman.May 7 2016, 7:09 PM

this should be fixed, can you please confirm once Addon builder is updated?

I will confirm that when AB is updated

Could you please confirm the fix?

Hi sorry for the delay I was on holiday.
I've tested it right now but no success and I'm doing the same steps as before..

Also I've done what Soul_Assassin said. I've removed the anim_f folder from P:\A3\ and solved the issue for me. But this is a "temporal" fix..

Could you please upload animation you are using along with model.cfg and logs (c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\Logs\AddonBuilder.rpt). Thx

I will work with the Sample models to show us I'm using all your content and avoid issues came from addonmakers (like a not-working

or malfunctioning rtm).

  1. Copy and paste the "Test_Weapon_01" folder from sample models to P:\ folder.
  1. Create a folder inside "P:\Test_Weapon_01\Data" named "anim".
  1. Copy the "AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon.rtm" hand animation from "\Samples_F\Test_Anims" to "P:\Test_Weapon_01\Data\anim".
  1. Then go to "Samples_F\Test_Character_01" and copy the model.cfg inside this folder.
  1. Paste the model.cfg where we have created the anim folder on second step (P:\Test_Weapon_01\Data\anim).
  1. Modify the model.cfg and delete the following lines (154 to 157):

" class A3_headgear_example: ArmaMan{};
class A3_headgear_NVGslot: ArmaMan{};
class A3_character_example: ArmaMan{};
class A3_vest_example: ArmaMan{};

  1. Now in config.cpp of the weapon, change the handanim[] parameter to:

handAnim[] = {"OFP2_ManSkeleton", "\Test_Weapon_01\Data\anim\AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon.rtm"};
and save.

  1. Open your AddonBuilder and my options are:

Clear temp folder: yes
Sign output PBO file: no
Binarize: yes
And the list of files to copy directly:
Addon Source directory: "P:\Test_Weapon_01"
Destination directoy: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\@test\Addons

  1. Pack the addon and see the results in game.

However I've attached the files you request to this report.

Thx a lot for detailed report. Have a working repro so I should find the answer;)

Hi, I'm sorry, but i'm not able to reproduce it (wrong data). I've followed your steps but it's working fine for me. Could you please try to use it in your installation? Pbo is in the atachment. Maybe there is a difference. Let's see. Thx.

Yes, your pbo works fine. Are you having on your P: drive the "\A3\anims_f" folder?

That's what's causing the issue for me.. But probably addonmakers will get confused forgetting to delete that folder. Try repack the addon with the anims_f folder (which It's the "anims_f.pbo" decompressed) on your P drive.

Ok, now I have a repro. Thx. Will update you once I find out the reason for the issue.

Hi, This works well now for me. I don't know in which version this have been fixed as I haven't tested this since the last report.

Switch this status report as resolved :)

Marking as fixed. Thanks for your feedback!

vbawol added a subscriber: vbawol.EditedFeb 26 2017, 2:33 PM

Did this issue come back? I am now getting all rtm animations corrupted with current addonbuilder, while a version from Nov 2016 worked fine.

UPDATE: I renamed the P:a3/anims_f folder and it stopped corrupting our rtms. The game data was recently extracted against 1.66 files.