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TankX simulation vehicles unable to move in water
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Vehicles using TankX simulation can float but there's no way to make them move in water.
It is impossible to create amphibious tracked vehicles right now.
Even by taking properties from the boat sample models they just sit there in the water unable to move.


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The ubercool physx engine is broken and nobody shows up.
Kind of disappointing.

But there are amphibious tanks in the game. Are they broken at the moment or can't you get your own tank working with those configs?

I don't know what you mean by tank, by tank i mean ANY tracked vehicle that use "TankX" simulation (the game doesn't make distinction in tracked transport and battle tanks), be it an APC like the bradley (example) or the Abrams.
I used the same parameters of the boat for the floating and moving on water, but there is just no way to make it move.
If you move from land to water you maintain some momentum and it slows down to 0 like you weren't accelerating, if you spawn in water it just sits there.
You get all the animations like smoke coming out of the exhausts or water particles behind like a boat but it just stays there as if nothing was going on.

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maybe because you need to set the vehicle to amphibious?

Maybe you should read everything i wrote before commenting?

How much longer do we have to wait?


Let's hope that some BI engineer takes a look into this engine issue soon.

Still unsolved in latest stable.

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Hey, I don't know the first thing about modding but
"I used the same parameters of the boat for the floating and moving on water, but there is just no way to make it move."

Did you check how BI did it for the Gorgon IFV? Either way I upvoted the ticket.

TRACKED and WHEELED vehicles are two very different things.
My LAV, which is wheeled, works flawlessly in water, my BMP doesn't.
I already tried every possible solution and there is just no way to make it work.
It gets into water, it stays afloat, but it doesnt move and doesn't respond to commands.
This has been reported by anyone i know who tried to get them to work in water, if it's tracked it doesn't work.

STILL BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This would be great because the bmp, and aav could actually do there jobs.

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I hope this gets looked at some point.

Still broken as of 1.36 Stable.
Will we ever have the pleasure of seeing tracked vehicles fixed?

This ticket was opened back in July, and still we have no answer.

Yeah this is quite a misser. We also wonder why there has been 0 response.

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What the hell is this BIS? No ponds, no amphibious vehicles. Do you wait to add this feature in some sort of SPLENDID DLC?

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yep, still nothing.

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Without this, we cant have any bmp-1, bmp-2, AAV with ability to swim, they can't move in the water

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Come on, BIS. If you're going to force the modders to finish your game, at least give them what they need to do it.

Edit: Glad to see BIS cares more about windmills than core mechanics.

In the last Dev blog they said the Physx libraries would be updated with patch 1.38, so there's hope this might be fixed soon. :)
Let's hope they don't break everything else in turn. :D

Even if they break half the things but fix tracked physX i`ll be happy

Yes, I have same opinion as Alpha234, i hope they teach tank crew to drive backward :)

The light at the end of the tunnel, just wish they had communicated a little beforehand.

Looks like i might be wrong.
The problem is still present in 1.38 Release Candidate.

The problem is being looked into apparently, despite developers' silence in here:

This might really be the light at the end of the tunnel. :)

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+1 voted. keep up the good work chairborne!

bump, it would be cool if this could get fixed

Others report this as still broken, i haven't gotten around myself to do any tests lately but i suspect it's still an issue.

Still broken, Upvoted!

I would assume they would have to create a whole new class for this issue. TankX and ShipX i don't think can be merged. Therefore, they would probably have to create something like, AmphibX specifically for tracked Amphibious vehicles.

Up Voted+

Arma 2 only had "Tracked" simulation, there was no distinction between amphibious and non amphibious. I don't see why that should change.
Just like wheeled amphibs use "wheeledX" simulation like any other car.

BI, it need to be inplemented in game, why its still new? You are mad, when someone create duplicate of ticket, but if it exist you even dont touch it. Please review it, and report to devs.

+1 lost my amphibious tank on multiplayer wasteland (that damn thing was expensive XD)

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Agreed, I would love to do some good old amphibious assaults in Arma 3. It was my favorite in Arma 2.

It would be great, i hope BIS will fix/add this. But WTF, why this is still "new" since 2014-07-23?

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You need to create new ticket. BIS don't read old tickets how much votes it gather.

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Quite sad that a year on and it's still considered "New"

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Missing status or dev'v comments don't mean we are not aware of the issue, request or bug or we haven't read what you write. We read everything :)

You may find some answers in here:

I'd also like to ask you to use our Forums ( for discussions.
Please avoid posting any comments on Feedback Tracker that do not contain relevant information, add details or are not useful for identification or solution of a given issue. Such comments neither help us deal with the issues nor make the process any faster.
Try to keep it strictly technical and to the point ;)

Thanks a lot for your continuous support and working with us on improving the game!

Oukey - if its readed it should have status "reviewed", dont you think? How we, reporters can know you have readed this? Can you tell us, is this physX worked on for tracked amphibious?

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How is that even (not)working? I understand it might be complicated to fix an issue like that, but it seems to be a quite basic feature.

Myself, I have never made any vehicle for A3, but I tried to reproduce using different vehicles from other mods.

RHS:USAF has M113 which is tracked and also can move in water. I'm not sure if that's external work-around, or if they got it to work somehow, but I thought it might be a valuable input.
I noticed it sometimes bugs out though and just stops, only being able to float, unable to move, but it doesn't sound like the issue described.

Unless RHS has some weird custom script (which i assume they don't since last week they posted on their facebook about how this ticket was still unresolved), they have the same problems anybody else does.

The vehicle moves in water only because of inertia and the speed you gained while moving on the ground, you can't turn, stop, accellerate, or anything.

People, dont you think its going to easy way by BIS? They didnt create tracked aphibious, so they think they dont need to amphibious physx. Problem is, it is part of simulation and cannot be missed in production. Lets be straight; Mods like VTN and RHS are making this game real simulation, not futurealistic science-fiction shooter, somehow named "simulation" , BIS really should care about those teams, and make their work easier, specially when they work for free. If this is not enough reason - for god sake they won MANW content, so they should get some more interest from you. Please make it work.
This is list of tracked amphibious used (or which may be used from modern warfare in mods):

  • BMP-1
  • BMP-2
  • BMP-3
  • M113
  • PTS-M
  • AAV-P7

And how you imagine situation, if thos basic water desant vehicles, will not be able to make their basic task?

Well they aren't the only ones with an interest in this getting resvoled.
It's something that affects the whole community of modders and content creators.
Personally, i dropped a couple of project at the early stages because of this issue.

So it really need to be fixed, many moders wait for your help BIS, dont let them down.

"They didnt create tracked aphibious, so they think they dont need to amphibious physx."

@Fighting Power: On their Twitter the devs have said that a fix is planned, though probably because they are planning tracked amphibious vehicles for the Expansion DLC. No idea why this ticket hasn't been updated beyond "reviewed" to reflect that it's been internally assigned.

Well its good, and its strange. Its good they are planing another DLC with 2 (?) unworthy vehicles but with tracked amphibious simulation ( finally modders and players will get what they want), and its strange that ticked it in this status for so long.

BTW - i dont have twitter, can you show the link to this article?

It wasn't an article, it was just a reply to a message i wrote them (and which apparently i can't get to find right now).

Och, so it will be fixed with Tanoa ? I dont know that i understand well.... sun was too strong :) If so, we need to wait till 2016 ?! Jeez....... what a speed....

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Today appeared in dev branch, please test it.

Still broken, currently working ONLY in arma3diag.exe and dev branch (of course).