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Glitching into everything because of the rotation point.
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Player-controlled characters often get stuck in walls due to the position of the rotation axis (slightly below the head rather than at the feet).
This results in characters getting stuck in walls or other objects when turning in confined spaces such as rooms. Clearing rooms (transitioning from having the wall on one side to having it at one's back) becomes difficult and very glitchy. {F24228} {F24229}


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Place a playable/player character in the editor.
2.Place yourself near a building (preferably with interiour).
3.Place yourself as closest as possible to the wall while having it on one of your sides.
4.Slowly rotate your character until the wall is at your back without moving away from it.

  1. Note half the body/legs sticking into the wall.
Additional Information

Included are pictures of the common (and sometimes game-breaking) clipping issues.

The video is a comparison between the current rotation axis (head when with rifle) and the old one (feet when with pistol).

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Ironically, here's the changelog post that started it all. [^]
"Assigned new style collision envelopes to movement with rifle. This should fix several issues with clipping, sticking and walking through walls. Also improves character handling, as the rotation axis is now moved under characters head, instead of it's feet. Pistol envelopes remain old-style for comparison, but will shortly follow."

Up voted. I can't tell you how many balconies I've fallen from because of the rotation axis. I've seen clipping issues get worse, not better, because of this design choice.

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R3vo added a comment.Sep 3 2014, 5:17 PM

BIS, either fix the balconies or change that absolutely stupid position for the rotation axis.

The problem isn't in the balconies. You can also clip through small fences. The rotation axis isn't the cause of just clipping issues, either.

It's also responsible for a lot of the fumbling involved with breaching rooms and buildings. You can't do sharp turns because that means jamming yourself in the doorway.

It feels very unnatural to point your body according to your gun and not the other way around.

Thank you for the attention and upvotes, guys. Hopefully it'll be worked out.

R3vo added a comment.Sep 3 2014, 7:56 PM

Yeah you're right. I want to emphasise again, how important it is to change the position of the rotation axis.

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When trying to walk around ammo boxes you get pushed on top of them even if stacked 3 or 4 deep, if you walk backwards you can scale large boulders.

Well I guess we do have a climb function after all.

danczer added a subscriber: danczer.May 7 2016, 6:53 PM

Most common when i jamming in the doorway or fall down from the balcony! If is this easy to fix, please schedule it!


Yes falling is a quite huge issue.

Could we get some feedback from dev about this issue? Will be investigated or is unable to fix because of some limitations?
I experiencing this issue every day and it's a real pain in the ass.

My mates and i got wounded or killed countless times because of clipping issues like this.

Is there any mod which change the rotation position like in the video linked in the description? This issue piss me off day by day.

After some test i found out that isn't the rotation axis the problem. The glitching happen, because there is no collision detection during the turn. You can turn your body into object.

As soon as you press the move button the collision detection happen and put the character out of the glitched position.

As i see the easy fix would be calling the collision detection method during the turn.

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+1. Regardless of whether this causes any actual clipping issues or not, it looks absolutely jarring and ruins the atmosphere of the game a bit just by virtue of looking so goddamn unnatural.

I'm sure there was a reason this was implemented in the first place but it ain't working: PLEASE do something about this issue.

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How is this acceptable? People are still dying in ArmA 3 due to this issue and afaik this bug is getting close to hitting the 2-years-still-not-fixed mark.

Maybe it's have a very deep roots and not an easy fix. Btw I wonder why it isn't assigned at least.

I thought that maybe they fix it in the Marksmen DLC, but they didn't. :(

This issue has a very huge affect on the gameplay. It should be fixed asap. There is multiple way to reproduce it. Please!

Thank you guys for the info and the amazing support!

Iceman addressed the same issue in a different, coincidentally unrelated ticket (oops! That's my bad!).

Go thank that lovable grump! :)

What the heck.

This was announced fixed in dev branch 1,5 months ago. Why wasn't this introduced in the 1.48 update!?

Nife added a comment.Jul 17 2015, 8:03 PM

I don't even know what to expect from BI anymore, sure a lot of the things in the latest update were pretty neat and I'm sure we're all glad they still work on the game so hard, but for crying out loud, this is a pretty irritating issue that's ALREADY SOLVED.

Now we have to wait another month or so for a new chance at they remembering this is even a thing.

They didn't include this in 1.48. It's not in the update notes.

Yes, exactly. Yet it was fixed 1,5 months ago and it has been in the dev branch way before 1.48 was released...I don't even know BIS anymore..

Copy-pasting from the main one.

Can't reopen the issue but can confirm.
As of 28.07.2015 (date, not version), the problem persists and is NOT FIXED.

Yeah this isn't fixed in 1.48

I recall it being in dev branch it still in dev branch or have they removed it from there too?

Can a moderator or so re-open this issue? clearly it's not resolved.

It was in Dev branch changelog like 2 months ago, but it wasn't included in 1.48. I asked some people that are on dev built and they said its not fixed there either. I cannot currently get into dev built so can't confirm it myself...

It is now finally resolved in dev-branch. Here's hoping for 1.50.

Verified fixed...let's hope for 1.50

oukej added a comment.Aug 17 2015, 4:44 PM

We are really sorry to disappoint you - it won't stay in for the 1.50 patch, but we're still on it, we'll put it back in the dev branch after the release and 1.52 should hopefully finally include as good solution as we can do it within the current limitations. long as it gets fixed one day.

oukej: The tweak that was in the dev branch earlier is a final fix or will you try other solutions as well? What is the scope? Change the whole method and fix it forever or tweak the current solution until it's satisfying?

oukej added a comment.Sep 7 2015, 11:16 AM

I'm terribly sorry, but we won't deliver it in 1.52. 1.52 will still contain the offset rotation axis.

The current state on Dev Branch is centered rotation axis in all situations. This won't be implemented in 1.52 and after that we'll be aiming for a kind of a hybrid between offset and centered rot. axis, hopefully getting as much out of our current animation and collision system as we can. In the end it will still be a tradeoff.

Although we'd really like, fixing this completely goes beyond Arma 3's animation system possibilities.

I dont remember this in arma 2, how it was solved there?

I'm curious as to why the change was made at all. From what I've seen the centered rotation axis is preferable in a majority of cases. My biggest issue with the current stable branch implementation is rotating on stairways and entering a falling state. That never happened with the centered one, did it?

It's happen with centered too, but less often. I think if they decide to fix it, they should really fix it and not just tweak here and there. Moving the rotation axis is tweaking.

o.o time to download the dev branch.

Much better. Back in the point where we were before the rotation point change. Some glitching can still happen through staircase rails and balcony but it's at least much better again and not happening that often and no weird falling animation all of a sudden. Finally!

Hope the fix it somehow. I died now 4 times because i tried to use the weapon bipods of my sniper at a window/tower/...

Pressed c glitched and died terrible because i dropped 1,5 meters.

Really fix it or get rid of fall damage.

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I still manage to somehow walk through walls while using my bipod/such.

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