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"submunitionAmmo" projectiles spawn in amounts proportional to number of players in the game
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CfgAmmo projectiles that have "submunitionAmmo" config entires spawn projectiles defined in said "submunitionAmmo" config entry in amounts proportional to number of players in the game and apparently by their FPS.

No repro mission at the moment, just a video demonstration how number of "B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash" projectiles changes when more players join the game. and explanation of what happens:

  • Player starts shooting while alone in the server: count(playableUnits) = 1
  • Count of "B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash" reaches ≈120
  • 2nd player with low-end PC joins, count of "B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash" reaches ≈210 (90 more than with 1 player)
  • 3rd player with high-end PC joins, count of "B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash" reaches ≈460 (250 more than with 2 players)
  • Both players leave and count of "B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash" drops back to ≈120

Shooting like this on full server ends up with terrible FPS and 1000s of "B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash" projectiles at the same time. {F23859}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run attached submunitionAmmo_repro.Stratis mission in non-dedicated environment (for easier testing, affects dedicated environments too). You will need 3 players to clearly see the problem. Mission should be started with just 1 player (Host) while 2 players should wait and don't join right away.
  2. Player 1 (Host) starts the game, gets on left gunner of the helicopter
  3. Player 1 (Host) should start shooting non-stop as high as possible
  4. Observe number of B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash projectiles in hint, memorize highest number
  5. Player 2 should join, as soon as they will be in the game Player 1 (Host) should observe that number of B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash projectiles now doubled or even tripled, depending on Player 2 FPS
  6. Player 3 should join, Player 1 (Host) will observe increase in number of B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash yet again.
  7. You may experiment with FPS limiter (Shift + Numpad Minus + FPS) to observer that amount of B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash is FPS dependent
  8. Both player 2 and 3 should leave
  9. Player 1 (Host) will observe decrease in number of B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash projectiles
Additional Information

Apparently this problem was the case since the beginning as I heard reports that artillery cluster shells spawn mines and explosives proportional to number of players.

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to partly elevate the issue servers needs to use startup commandline

and in BattlEye filters either fully disabled createVehicle.txt filter or
these 2 entries needs to be added to CreateVehicle filters
to stop logging in BattlEye logs (to w/e line you have to log all)

!="B_762x51_Minigun_Tracer_splash" !="B_65x39_Minigun_Caseless_splash"

Can this be upped to urgent and a hotfix release done early next week?

dazhbog added a subscriber: dazhbog.May 7 2016, 6:32 PM

Priority acknowledged, fix is in progress.

Should be fixed in current dev branch and even in current stable branch (hotfix released).

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 6:32 PM

Confirmed, fixed in hotfix.

Another problem is that shooting minigun like that spawns way too much splash projectiles - over 150 at the time just for a single gunner, I think that splash projectiles should die off much quicker so less projectiles will be simulated for better performance.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 6:32 PM

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