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proj.dll is required by Terrain Builder but is not included in Arma 3 Tools.
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During imports of shapefiles and raster images files with coordinate systems, GDAL's OGRCreateCoordinateTransformation is called and fails. It fails due to a failure to dynamically load (via ::LoadLibrary) proj.dll.

Terrain Builder either needs to ship with proj.dll (or gdal needs to be compiled with the option to statically link it in).

These two issues are a result of the missing file:


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Steps To Reproduce

(1) Follow the steps in either:

(2) Put a build (32-bit) of proj.dll into the TerrainBuilder.exe directory.
(3) Repeat either of the above reproduction steps and note that the issues no longer occur.

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the next version of TB will be released with proj.dll(in a cases of errors we can also provide an older version proj_fw.dll). We didn't want to release TB with all extended dlls because of a two reasons: the first is about licensing stuff because many libraries cannot be simply released with the main package, and the second is about a get feedback from users which features of TB they really need and which can be silently removed ;-) TB is mainly gamemap editor so we're trying to separate it from many GIS features

We use all the features :p

If anything the ones we don't use are broken and are on FT:)

can anyone give me a feedback If it works now?

It works fine.

seems to be fixed now ;-)

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