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Zeus "Remote Control" Module: Loss of Unit Control and Friendly Fire Issues
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Please read the reproduction steps, this is hard to paraphrase.

Reproducibility says "always" but it will occasionally not happen. Try repeating it a few times if it does not occur the first.

At the end of the reproduction steps, you -may- no longer have control of certain movement aspects of the Zeus interface upon reentering it, WILL NOT be capable of controlling any other unit with the "Remote Control" module, and if you previously placed a unit and entered the Zeus interface from it, you will also be fired upon by your own faction.


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Steps To Reproduce

Here are the reproduction steps:

  1. On the 2d Editor, place a standard Zeus setup. Gamemaster mode, Zeus Gamemaster module, Editing Costs, etc.
  1. Place a "Player" unit, a rifleman will suffice.
  1. Preview your mission.
  1. Enter Zeus mode.
  1. Place down a squad of the same side as your player unit out of sight of your player unit, or you will be killed during the repro steps.
  1. (OPTIONAL): Place down one unit of another side somewhere where they won't be shot. This step is only here to show that you lose control of ALL units after this repro, not just units on your side.
  1. Remote control one of the members of the squad you've previously placed.
  1. Fire upon your squad, but leave at least one other member of the squad alive. Let that member kill you by friendly fire.
  1. (BUG 1) At this point you should be kicked back to the Zeus interface. You MAY not be able to unfocus the camera from the dead unit, but you should still be able to zoom out.
  1. (BUG 2) Attempt to use the "Remote Control" module on any other member of the squad or any other units from any side that you've placed on the map (NOT the player unit). Observe that you no longer have control of any of these units aside from being able to enter the sights of the unit. If you used the OPTIONAL step 6, try taking control of a unit from the other side; you should not have control of it either.
  1. (BUG 3) Leave the squad that decided it wanted to kill each other on the map, and exit the Zeus interface and go back to your player. You will have lost a majority of the movement control from this unit, although you can still fire and aim down the sights. Opening and closing your inventory will "deadlock" this unit completely, however.
  1. (BUG 4) Open your map from the player unit, and alt-click a location near the squad that's on the same side as you. Notice that they'll begin firing on your player unit as well, despite the fact that this unit was not involved in the friendly fire incident.
  1. End Repro
Additional Information

This could potentially mess with missions that involve a Zeus taking control of some sort of "double crossing" soldier for roleplay reasons, not to mention that it completely breaks the Remote Control module. This also could cause serious issues if accidental friendly fire incidents occur via massive explosions or something.


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  1. Camera is longer locked on the unit after you return back to the interface.
  2. Controlling another unit after the previous one was killed should give you now full control, not just the view.
  3. Shooting friendlies no longer affects player's rating.

Should be available in tomorrow's build.

This issue is not resolved as the ticket states. While the camera is no longer locked on the unit after being killed by a friendly soldier (which does fix that issue), unit control for the original player unit and all future remote controlled units is still lost after firing upon friendly units.

Again, this does not happen 100% of the time, something more like 70-80% of the time, so it may seem like you corrected the issue when it was not actually corrected.

So, breakdown:

Camera bug resolved: Yes

Unit Control Loss with Remote Control after FF incidents resolved: No

Unit Control Loss on original player unit after remote controlling a placed unit and firing upon friendlies resolved: No

AI Firing upon Player Unit after Remote Controlled unit kills friendlies resolved: Yes

So 2 parts of this issue are fixed, but the major one (Remote Control module failure) is still present and needs to be resolved.


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To reproduce stucked controls, just kill your own player (Zeus) unit with a remote controlled AI unit.

It doesn't matter, if you use a respawn area or not, you won't be able to control any units.

To reproduce stucked controls, just kill your own player (Zeus) unit with a remote controlled AI unit.

It doesn't matter, if you use a respawn area or not, you won't be able to control any units.

It can happen regardless of killing the zeus player.

Respawning does not fix the controls, and the controls of the Zeus player themselves are locked when this particular bug shows its angry face.

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This issue is still present.

This does not appear to be directly caused by Zeus, as using the remoteControl or switchPlayer scripting command not in a zeus context has a chance of causing the exact same issue - all controls are broken, and using switchPlayer or remoteControl to another unit does not fix it either. Only rejoining the server fixes it.

It does not seem to be locality related, as when controlling a unit that is not local animations still play, you may be able to move the units head or change vision mode, and trying to move will result in an animation playing but no movement occuring. This issue is different as it is like no input is being read at all.

Running scripting commands on 'broken' players to systemChat their locality shows them to be local to the correct machine, and transferring the locality has no effect.

This issue is also much more likely to occur when there is lots of AI about and client/server fps is low. Due to the difficulty of reproducing this bug I can't tell if it is caused by client or server issues.

I have been able 100% reproduce the remoteControl issue, but getting it to happen with selectPlayer eludes me. I've never seen it myself, so perhaps the person reporting it to me was wrong.
The scripts are all in the init.sqf.

Simply load the attached mission and test both of the actions added via init.sqf. Works in SP and MP.

Some stuff I couldn't reproduce:
When on a dedicated server with lots of mods and stuff going on, the selectPlayer 'fix' at the end of the first example action doesn't always work.
On a dedicated server, a RC'd unit dying does not always seem to trigger the required "objNull remoteControl _deadUnit" that the second example action does.

Both cases have the exact same symptoms of the controls being completely locked up, I can only assume it is the same issue.

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Tested on retail build 2.06.148470 the issue seems resolved, closing the ticket for now.
Let us know if you still have the issue.