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Mousewheel tilt not supported?
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It seems like the tilt thing you can do with your mouse wheel is not supported in Arma 3. It works fine for scrolling sideways in windows and other programs. I wanted it to act as the buttons i zero up and down my scope with, but when i press the button nothing comes up in the configure controls thingy. The tilt is when you push the mouse wheel sideways either left or right. Is it possible to make Arma recognize it?


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Also STRG + mousebutton is not supported, which realy is an issue too.

UPVOTE for more customisation.

I think the left/right tilt of the mousebutton is usually assigned as a windows functions. You can use mouse driver software to assign keystrokes to it - that probably should do the trick.

I have mapped pgup and pgdn to the mouse tilt for weapon zeroing. I have Logitech g500, using the LGS you can set up a profile for each game and have them auto load on game load, or have a profile you select manually.

i have not seen any game use scroll wheel left/right in its game mapping. I am sure it is as fireball said only a windows function.

good question i have mouse wheel tilt myself ... need check one day lol