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Flashlight is too weak
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The flashlight is too weak.


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It actually is pretty weak. Gun lights are suposed to be high lumen lights wich means that they can send beams quite a bit further than they do currently.
A 180 lumen flashlight can send a beam 100m no problem. Military "tactical" lights are rated at 220 lumen and up, the light is blinding. Though some may possibly have multiple settings...

The point is that it's very realistic to increase the light output but it's more a matter of gameplay balance wether or not to do so.

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Not only is the light to weak, but a much bigger problem is that flaslights of other AI/players are only visible up to 15 meters. If you are a bit further away then the light is no longer rendered and it looks like they have the flashlight off.

I am creating a mission atm where I have AI walking around with flashlights, but you can't see them using it from longer distance so you can not spot the AI by watching moving flashlights, which is really a bummer.

Edit: after observing the active flashlight on AI rifles some more I notice now that I can see them from 50/60 meters away, but the thing is that they turn the flashlight off a lot of times instead of leaving it on permanetly. Not sure what is up with the flashlight, but I hope a dev will check it out for himself. Right now AI still are hard to spot when you are scouting and the AI have their flashlight on, you should be albe to see it from a couple of hundred meters away.

And last note, the flashlight is currently a yellow light, it (preferably) should be a white light (like a car light).

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B00tsy, that's an AI problem unless you tested it on MP.

And yes, there has been tickets about the same thing, a simple tweak can fix them but BIS never do it. Lights should be stronger.

Voted up. The most rubbish light on my desk right now is an old 60 lumen Surefire G2 incandescent and it has better throw than the weaponlights in A3.

I fully agree about this , A3 light is like my old toy flashlight which is ridiculous ...

The flashlight looks like it is emitting light from an old lightbulb, 2035 they should haver discovered led lights or xenon light etc. Also for the fun of it, spawn a small 'camping light' on the map, you can see it from a mile away and it is brighter then streetlights etc.

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talking about streetlights, its the game actually relased? they haven't fixed many bugs, incluiding the indestructable streetlamps

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I can destroy streetlights.

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yeah, but i mean the globe-shaped ones, they are still indestructible, just like they were on the beta......... and on the alpha......

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They're about as indestructable as the Cyber-Demon in Doom.

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counting john romero or not?

Stay on topic gentlemen.

I want to revise my earlier comments: After playing a mission for a while now with flashlights they are visible from longer ranges when its dark enough. Only thing is that the AI does not leave it on permanently. the light sometimes flickers or is off completely and then on again for an amount of seconds. The lighty is definitely to weak though (compared to a small campinglight or a carlight that is way brighter).

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Car lights are also weak, in the game they are up to 30 m when in real life high new XENON lights i think can go up than 100 meters and more.

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The flashlights should indeed be more powerful. People keep saying that using flashlights on the battlefield is dangerous since it gives away your position etc. I understand that but sometimes when you have no NVG and its pitch black, youre gonna love to have that trusty old flashlight with you.

It would be good to be able to adjust the power of the light like a lot of flashlights these days allow you to do. So you could be a bit more covert with a dim light sometimes, and when you feel more safe you could go full power on that SOB and light up the whole damn island, ok maybe not that much ;).
Also on car headlights to have atleast two modes of low beam and full beam like IRL. Also on MRAPS and offroads if they happen to have any extra lights like fog lamps it would be cool to control those individually aswell. Propably the least important thing right now but just had to put this out there.

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Coltti, are you crazy? BIS wont do that, it would require effort, wich they have to use just to polish their newest things (like zeus and DayZ)

The topic of this bug needs to be written to include all man made light sources during night time as being weak.

A LED flash light is an extremely bright light source and I can adequately see people or objects as far as 200 to 500 feet down the road from the light provided by a very small LED flashlight! Within the 3D game, we're only able to see a very limited 25-50 feet with those 3D flashlights!

The vehicle lights only seem to be simulating low beams, but even then I would say they are just as weak as flashlights.

This maybe related to Bug #8082, "Night time (darkness) visual problem with [DEV] build..." and this problem with skies not being dark enough was seemingly recently resolved. My guess is, this man-made lighting is going to be the next item on the agenda.

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Duplicate of #9319

The brightness of the flashlights are getting really close to the real thing. Flashlights are currently about as powerful the incadescent models.

LED flashlights are far more brighter than the current setting. I'm guessing about 30% brighter. For example, I should be able to a clearly distinguish an object such as a helicopter about greater than 100-200 feet away if I'm not mistaken.

Look at the ground, it's pitch black on a moonless night, which is pretty realistic.

Dupe of #9319.