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Sunglasses do not affect sunglare effect at all
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Today I noticed while playing that wearing sunglasses/shades does not affect the blinding effect of the sun whatsoever, considering that the game takes place in a warm environment and that you will often operate during dawn and twilight it is indeed very annoying to not have this feature in the game already.


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1.Set time to dawn or dusk(optional)
2.Get sunglasses
3.Stare at the sun
4.Notice that the sunglare is still the same as without sunglasses.

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I don't think there's any desire by the developers to change this.

We don't know that, maybe it's not been thought of. Upvoted because it gives a purpose to the goggles slot beyond looks

there is a mod that changes that...its on armaholic somewhere

@HKFlash, one of the purposes of the feedback tracker is to tell the develepers what the players desire, Bohemia Interactive is luckily listening to suggestions by their customers after all.

the glasses should tone the view in first place...until now it makes no sence having glasses on at all. secondly it should affect the sunglare. vote up :)

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I think this is a cool proposal!