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Tracked vehicles get stuck on field stone walls
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Altis map has many small stone walls which separate agriculture fields. Tracked vehicles cannot avoid them and constantly stuck on them when they go over them. See image attached. {F22666} {F22667} {F22668} {F22669} {F22670}


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Order your AI tracked vehicles to follow you and run between stone walls. If vehicle drives over tall stone wall it will stuck on it most of the time. Play attached simple mission.

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Build 1.05.112057 still has this bug. New images attached.

Not only that, but the tracks get damaged far too easily. There needs to be a middle ground here, since AI can't drive worth a crap. Either fix the AI so they don't run into every stone wall they see, or please fix how the tracks get damaged. Or how about taking 90% of the little stone walls out? They are everywhere.

I'm all for realism, but it gets tiring to watch the AI ruin vehicles that I've no control over.

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Those tiny stone walls are one of the reasons I don´t like tank gameplay on altis. There is actually only one way to get rid of the problems those walls are causing.

Simulate the ~ 60 tons of the armored vehicles correctly. No damn 500 years old stone wall would stop a tank, especially if its not even a meter high.
On the other side, tracks getting damaged eventually, is realisic. Especially if you run over those walls with 60 km/h... but you should at least able to do so.

I suggest not to reduce the amount of walls on Altis, because this would make Infantry fights on those wide open fields impossible/harder.

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Oh please for the love of all things holey fix this infuriating bug! Surely it's just a matter of fixing the geo or roadway LOD? It really is a game killer when you're armour is rolling across Altis in heated combat, only to get permanently stuck on a ~30cm high rock wall!

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Chops, maybe you could check how's the situation now? Since 1.12 it should be much more difficult to get stuck with armored vehicles; not the best solution possible without deep changes in PhysX implementation, but at least one doesn't have to be that careful.

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Hello zGuba,

Thank you for such a prompt reply. My previous post was made after playing in 1.12 and I'm afraid the same problem persists in 1.14.

I have uploaded a screenshot.

I'm unsure what you mean by "deep changes in PhysX implementation" to get a tank to drive over a 30cm-high wall. I'm not a game developer, but having dabbled with modelling, wouldn't a roadway LOD fix this?

As a player, this bug currently renders huge parts of Altis unusable to tracked vehicles.

Kind regards


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The behavior is better now, thanks Guba! Now it's time to tackle the other issues.

I can only partly agree with Pops!

It surely got better, but they still get stuck too often on rocks / stone walls. A definite fix of this bug really is needed, as it has the potential to pretty much mess up every mission with tanks going offroad (which is what they were built for too).

(Version 1.22)

Hello everyone, you should increase the mass of the tank as someone has already said, where are the 70 tons?! The tank Weapon 3 are undersized, they should be larger, for example:

  Length 7.6 m or 9.04 m hull only with gun forward
Width 3.72 m
Height 2.66 m
Weight 63 tonnes (I & II) or 65 t (III & IV)
I also tried with the walls and still crashes, less than before, but I tried to crush a car without success because it was dragged with tank.
Meanwhile, great job BI continue!

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