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'Blackfoot Down' Combat Life Saver will not retreat
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I have reached the point where I have to destroy the downed helicopter. However, the medic will not move, despite encroaching soldiers, orders from the squad leader to form up, and my own actions trying to force him out of the way, preventing me from touching off the bomb and completing the mission. {F22651}


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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I am using completely vanilla ArmA 3 and have tried reverting the mission in several different ways.

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I came here to report this :)

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Add one more to the list. By any chance, did you two have the rest of Alpha get wiped out defending the pilot?

EDIT: I just uploaded a screenshot of the map. "James" was nowhere to be found, despite supposedly standing next to him.

Hi I had the same problem , I tried one thing , I shot the medic then healed him after that he started to move to rejoin the formation and I had radio comfim for detonating the charge. So try to wound him then heal him aand see what happens.

I tried what Cernwolf did but the bastard still won't move. at the moment i am stuck.

What I did: I didn't fight like a hero, so all my teammates were killed exept him. So then he gets the leader and he move. I don't know if it work for everyone...

Added keyword Combat Life Saver to title, so searches on that will hit on this ticket too, the term "medic" remains in description

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It happened to me once. (both mates died)

I restarted the mission, and managed to save one guy, not the team leader.
Be sure all enemies are killed too.

No problem after that

Another workaround for those stuck there: I threw a grenade close enough to wound me, went near the medic, reported that I was injured. When I actually got close enough to him, he healed me then finally moved.

Same issue here. I will try one of the many suggestions here.

Same issue here. on windows 8
Im never buying another BI product after this... :(

This can be caused by planting the explosives on the downed helicopter before the user is given the "all clear" (i.e. after the pilot dies). If the medic is still unresponsive, if the user moves to his position and requests first aid (i.e. status 5-4) the medic will sometimes become active. Once the medic has his gun up, he is good to go.

Seen this happen too but it's intermittent. It looks to me like the medic is not receiving the order to withdraw (dead team leader?).

Thanks for reporting! After much investigation, this should hopefully be fixed as of the latest dev branch update.

Still happening in main branch, looks like he's stuck in "Scan Horizon"

Note that Zipper5 said "fixed as of the latest dev branch". Please be patient and standby for upcoming stable (I suspect by tommorow or Thursday).

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