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Rain still needs a touch(list)
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Okay so the rain in the latest DEV build looks great, it's just miss some very basic things.

-Terrain, vegetation, uniforms, vehicles and structures should become more shiny and wet looking. As it is now it's only a little bit more dim than when not raining. But of course only after some time has passed by with rain, or that the mission starts with heavy rain. Caustics(reflected light rays) turned on would result in light rays being reflected in a wet road.

-Tiny splashes where the rain land, both on ground and structures, vehicles etc.

-Sounds that indicate that you are stepping in water, mud etc.

-Reduced hearing for AI, because a storm makes quite a lot of noise(affects player already).

-Wind needs to make more drastic change in direction of the raindrops than it does now already, and gusts as well.

-Slippery surfaces, variation in how slippery it is. Example: Runways for planes are build to lead water away therefore they are not extra slippery when wet, off-road is madness in civilian vehicles, roads vary dependent on the amount of water on them and the angle.

-Also some kind of effect on windshields and vehicle surfaces would fit in, but a bit extreme for a game like Arma III... maybe in the 4th

-There seems to be an issue when changing aperture and during night if you face a big explosion, the rain becomes black and blocks your visibility... look da pics.

-Currently when time is paused raindrops are horizontal, it's not the big deal but should be fixable.

-Aaaand wet stuff weights more.

-Probably a lot more {F22635} {F22636}


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Suggestions and ideas, however turn up the rain in the DEV-build and toy around with it and you see what i mean.

About the black rain bug(TESTED ON VERY HIGH SETTINGS(lightning is ultra), DEV.)

  1. Go to editor make sure it rains and preview
  2. Pause, open camera.
  3. Now change the aperture up and down 'till the rain bugs.
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Would add a lot to the graphics and gameplay during a rainy day/night in Arma III. TESTED ON VERY HIGH SETTINGS(lightning is ultra), DEV.

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some of them are easily fixable, but wet stuff dont weight more, its just the weight of the water on it, if you have hair, it will take part of the water and that's why it usually weights more, i dont think the same happends with military equipment

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Rain also fades too quickly. In the leaked version you could see the rain on the other side of the house/windows even if you standed outside and watched the inside windows. Shame that I wasn't fast enough to record how it was then.

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Indeed it does, was standing inside a chapel and looking out the door there was no rain. @Dr Death you're right wet stuff weights the same and military equipment are rain-rejecting(?, but i'm sure if you jump in the sea even military clothing wont be a 100% dry.

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the rain fading too quickly is definitely a huge issue as it makes the rain have a very low sense of depth.
Also, splashs on the ground is almost a must, and I can't see a big difficulty in implementing it.
The effect of gusts on raindrops would be awesome and add a lot of immersion to the world indeed.

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In reality most military clothing is no more water resistant than your favourite pair of cargo pants, you do get issued waterproofs and a decent smock/combat jacket maybe even an overhead poncho, but in a good rain storm or if your out in the rain too long your going to get "piss rapped" ie soaked through, which can make things a little heavier and fatigue you quicker.

You can get bergan covers for backpacks to prevent them getting too wet, but any squaddie worth his salt will waterproof his kit inside his pouches anyway, many ppl use canoe bags or even plastic zip lock bags.

So yea wet weather should increase your load weight, but not by a massive amount.

Any way to make the rain look like in DayZ SA ;) ?

You know something is wrong when their most important game saga is worse than an run-out-of-the-mill marketing game for money.

Meanwhile in Dayz SA >

Rain drops on objects - this would be very nice on vehicles too

we need this in arma 3 for the immersion !

beacause at this time the game is more like directx 9 game

Wet stuff weights more...
Thats why backpacks in reality are rain proof.

well, DayZ SA rain droplets looks awful, but yeah, supposedly DayZ is using a modified ArmA 2 engine, while this is a brand new engine.... it doesn't show.

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I'd like water on windshields in vehicles as well, including aircraft.