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Physx based rope object
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We could use a Physx based rope object for use in scripting and modding things like vehicles being tied down, towing, lifting, IED, chains, rappelling, The Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) system, Detonating cord, crane, Fulton surface-to-air recovery system, winches, better parachute simulation, air to air refueling, and a million other uses.


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The Physx based rope object would either be setup with mods or with scripts.
Scripting commands for this object would include: length, width, weight, elasticity, breaking strength, multiple locations on the rope, break the rope, fix the rope, and a few other commands.

Variable length soft links (Like ropes, 2 point linkages for vehicle to vehicle towing, cargo slinging, attaching backpacks to paratroopers)
Variable length hard links (Like tow-bars, same as ropes but a solid connection instead of soft)

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ropeX it was called in Alpha, then removed later. It should come with a bunch of rope handling commands, none of which have been added yet.

oh yea. please?

i'll further with a future-request that the 'rope' texture be selectable (hiddenTexture? not my realm...). possible examples - hemp rope, wirerope, knotted bedsheets (prison break?), fishing line :)

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RopeX I think was used at TkoH and works nice!

RopeX Wasn't used in TOH, I do hope though unlike TOH it is multiplayer compatible this time without using external scripts!

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Pretty, pretty please - with rope scented sprinkles on the top!

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Yes, multiplayer compatible, please!!!

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i hope this gets added soon it will make alot of modding possibilities.

The elastic "soft" version has obviously been implemented with the latest DLC but the ridged (fixed length with no elastic quality) one has not and is definitely required for ground vehicles! Please add it so we can finally create articulated vehicles!

As far as fast roping is concerned the RAV Lifter mod has fully functional ropes and animation. Fast roping used to work reasonably well but apparently the recent DLC has broken it and Raven appears to not be supporting or developing it anymore. So this feature is for me a must have. We just need to push this as a priority. If you agree vote. Upvoted +1000

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