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Inventory/ Loadout editor
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As this feature was confirmed and not delivered and as I can't find the request here anymore I am opening a new feature request for a proper loadout editor.

Ideally this would come in the form of a preview window that we could toggle on or off in order to preview every available assets in 3d and then edit its inventory/attachments from there if required.

ie for a unit we could select our default unit and then edit every parts of it. clothes, backpack, ammo, weapons and weapon attachments.
Same for ammo and weapon crates. It would come with its default inventory but we could clear it and create a complete new one of just edit things.
If it's a weapon: edit it's attachment and then "assign" it to a unit, a group, a weapon crate or vehicle inventory.
Same for vehicle: choose the vehicle, preview it in 3d, edit the inventory, munition type if you wish etc.

I don't know how hard this would be to implement and this could also come in a simpler form.

Nevertheless, considering all the assets we have to deal with in this game, any sort of inventory editor would not be a luxury!

Copy pasting wiki references is really not the way to go for me and many other human beings playing this game. There must be an easier way to make custom loadouts when creating a mission or before starting missions.

Hope this will be addressed.

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This is a confirmed feature that will, apparently, be added post release.

There was a ticket that has been marked as resolved (and it may even be closed now) where the devs explained this.

50cal added a comment.Oct 7 2013, 10:38 PM

I really hope you are right and they are actually going to do that.

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Please developers, integrate the loadout editor into the mission editor. We all saw it in the beta livestream and you really help us out, to create variable loadouts for all units/vehicles/crates.

I am tired of using scripts.

I attached a picture of one of those editing scenes from the livestream.

yesss that equipment tab made me jump around the room!!!!

Yes, its essential. Especially because the standard loadouts are not enough to sustain a high intensity firefight. Do supression fire here, accurate fire there and you run out of magazines/UGL grenades quickly.

Koala added a comment.Dec 15 2013, 4:51 AM


I hope, we can use that loadout editor mod with the build in editor... but I more hope, BI would unlock/integrate that build in equipment editor. That would be a dream for all of the mission editing guys out there = no more learning class names for those inconvenient scripting methods.


Dear developers, please let us know, if there is hope for an equipment/loadout editor. Give us a little feedback.

We are waiting for that gem since we have discovered it in the live stream.

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We need that..

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I'm in process to make a mod that will use mysql on linux and maybe windows I'll first try to make it only as a custom loadout for people and things such as what does a person get when they are a medic in the game. I will than make a php cms so it can be more easily editable. I will than work on it to do more things if I can use java on the mod that will help me because it's easier to make it for linux and windows.

Koala added a comment.Jan 7 2014, 3:55 PM

Dear developers, please give us a feedback to that ticket.

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I'm not a programmer,but, is it that hard to get the already exist syntax such as "adduniform""addWeapon""removebackpack" into some sort of GUI stuff?
I know there is a IFF issue if I've changed the uniform in Editor, if it's the only problem with this Inventory Editor, just ignore it!

Koala added a comment.Jan 9 2014, 4:50 PM


The developers already have that loadout/equipment option in their version.

Just take a look at the attached picture or watch the recorded beta livestream:

You can clearly see the equipment button when they set up a unit.

That option is also available in VBS2.

I attached two pictures from the VBS2 Unit Editor to that topic.

Yes, I know that. At that time, many viewer requested them to show that, but developers said It's not fully done yet....and not yet now......
As for VBS....Well,there are tons of things without secrecy that VBS has while ArmA not...

This should really be in the game. Please BIS this would simplify missions like crazy!!!

Koala added a comment.Feb 16 2014, 8:33 PM

The Zeus-module is available since 15.02.2014 and gives us the possiblity to edit missions on the fly in real time.

It would be great, if they combine the Zeus-module with the editor ( and give us an Loadout/Equipment/Inventory Editor to edit the units gear on the fly (

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The ability to change loadouts in editor without having to go through the init line or writing gear scripts would certainly be nice. It's a bit disappointing that there's been no comment about it aside from the "This feature will be present in later versions/final version of the game" comment in 0001407 10 months ago.

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This should be being worked in right now... This is a no-brainer.

I can't even consider thinking about why you didn't put it in at release so that you got modders who'd never modded arma before in on day-1 without a huge amount of frustration over whether their mission was single player, co-op, isserver, ismultiplayer, is-a-huge-timesink.

Do you even feasibly comprehend how many people must've bought the game by now to mod in the "fancy new editor" with the workshop, and just dropped this like a hot rock - never to be bought again ?

This simple crap should've been in FAR before zeus. I cannot even comprehend. There'll be no dayz mod to save you this time.

Get it done and make sure it deals with co-op and MP properly.

^ chill out... we have all been waiting for this yet we are not crying about it

related to #0025737

Category changed to "Eden Editor", it will be solved there now.

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Related to #0025898

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Related to #0026145

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Yes this would be really helpful, I absolutely hate editing each individual entity with script, especially when I type one small thing wrong and it doesn't work. I'd also like to add, having the same thing for vehicles to change their paint scheme too.

Koala added a comment.Jan 19 2016, 9:04 PM

Since today you are able to directly edit the units loadout (Virtual Arsenal) in the upcoming 3D-Editor (in the development branch).

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